Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 494 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 494 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Wei turned around quickly and saw Eleven’s back turn red. Her eyes reddened at what she saw…

Eleven’s back became completely red, and Ye Wei could not tell where Eleven had been hit. Eleven’s hand that was about to hit Mo Ye stopped as though it was a freeze-frame. She was not lightly wounded.

Mo Ye and Mo Jue did not expect Ding Ke to fire, and Eleven’s heart was about to hit Mo Ye’s heart. After Eleven was hit, she paused for a few seconds. Mo Ye paused too, his eyes wide open. Eleven coldly smiled and retracted her fists before punching him in the chest viciously. As she was shot, she punched much gentler. Mo Ye was stunned for a moment and did not respond. While he was not grievously wounded by Eleven’s punch, he looked at Eleven in shock.

Eleven staggered back and was about to fall on Mo Ye. Mo Ye reached out to catch her, but Eleven dodged aside stubbornly as she supported herself against the wall and steadied herself.

Ye Wei suddenly turned around and twisted Ding Ke’s wrist hard enough to break it. She threw his gun away, and the gun fell amongst the men who were wounded.

“You scoundrel!” Ye Wei scolded as Ding Ke did not make the slightest noise despite his arm being in immense pain. He deserved it, and Ye Wei could not be blamed for it. He did not want to fire at Eleven, but could not sit by and watch Eleven about to injure a Mo Ye who was unable to avoid it.

Mo Jue’s face became glum as Mo Ye bitterly laughed. “Second Master, quickly subdue her or you’ll never have a chance again,” Claire suddenly said.

Ye Wei suddenly turned around and Mo Jue looked at her in the eye. As he suddenly went for Eleven’s shoulder, Ye Wei swept a gun from her feet and suddenly pointed it at Mo Jue. “Stop!” She coldly ordered.

Mo Jue paused and had a terrible look on his face. Ye Wei coldly raised her gun out of reflex. If she did not witness this scene, so be it. With the scene unfolding before her eyes, she could not sit by unfazed.

“Wei Wei, are you pointing a gun at me because of somebody you do not know?” Mo Jue flatly asked as he looked at her maliciously and insidiously. He was not enraged at Ye Wei pointing a gun at him as it was not the first time.

He was really enraged at how he was never first in her heart, perhaps never second. Eleven, even Ye Chen, and many others came before him.

Since it was so before she lost her memory, Mo Jue felt even more malicious and insidious, and angry as it was still so despite her losing her memory. He wished he could destroy everybody Ye Wei cared about.

“I know her,” Ye Wei flatly said as she looked at Mo Jue steely. “Yes I cannot recall who she is, but Mo Jue, I trust my feelings more than you. I must have known her before, and…”

“We were once extremely close,” she looked at Eleven.

Eleven broke into a smile. As she had lost too much blood, her lips even more pale as emotions flashed through her eyes as she called for Wei Wei in her heart countless times. Her dead heart, as though filled with fresh blood, came to life.

As she heard this, she knew that her death today was worth it.

“Wei Wei…”

Ye Wei smiled gorgeously like how she used to. Although she had lost her memory, all that she conveyed was nothing short of implicitly comprehending those around her.

In countless dangers and near-death experiences before, they braved it all.

As Mo Jue heard Ye Wei’s words, his face became even more solemn. Ye Wei could feel it too, and slowly said, “Let her go!”

“Wei Wei, I do not believe that you will shoot me,” Just as Mo Jue spoke, he doggedly clawed at Eleven’s shoulders. Ye Wei clenched her teeth and wanted to pull the trigger. She instead threw the gun and leapt before Eleven.

She did not act against Mo Jue but looked at him stubbornly. Mo Jue’s hand stopped before her. “Mo Jue, please do not test me with such words. You will regret it someday,” Ye Wei said.

Whatever the woman and man’s past were, regardless of whether Mo Jue had lied to her or her relationship with Eleven, she would not allow them to get hurt.

If either of them dying would only resolve the stalemate, she would rather be the one.

She was extremely flustered at Mo Jue testing her.

But she had to admit why she did not understand why she did not want to harm him, and why was he so insecure to the point he had to test her to figure out where he stood in her heart. Did he have to put his life on the line?

“Let her go!” Ye Wei repeated and coughed as she was slightly unstable. Ye Wei supported herself with a reverse grip and her heart ached at how she touched bony fingers.

“Wei Wei…” Eleven sounded a little hoarse and trembling.

Ye Wei thought she was afraid and gently said, “It’s ok. I’m around.”

As Eleven had seen everything, she was not afraid of anything. She coolly looked at Mo Ye who was grievously wounded after fighting for such a long time. While the anger in her heart had eased, her hatred did not.

As Mo Ye saw her coldly look at him, he propped his body up and did not say a word. “Even if I let her go, she may not be willing to.” Mo Jue flatly said.

Eleven coldly laughed. “You let me go? You’ve the means to back that up? I’m the one who’s letting you go, so do not be of the opinion that a bullet will stop me. Even if I die, HE dies with me.”

As she coldly pointed at Mo Ye, Ye Wei’s heart jolted. Was somebody’s death a must?

“Wei Wei, you heard it. It’s not us sparing her, but her NOT sparing us,” Mo Jue flatly said. Several cars could be heard from outside.

Mo Jue curled his lips into a smile. “You will not win a fight against four. Given how strong you are, you are already worn down. How much longer can you hold out?”

Twenty-over armed men in black carried guns pointed at Eleven and Ye Wei surrounded the place. Some of them carried sniper rifles and had a better place…

The atmosphere became tense again.

Ye Wei’s face slightly changed. If Eleven were not shot, she would still be confident of how things unfolded. As she felt Eleven’s back, Eleven seemed to have lost a lot of blood.

Her hands were wet.

As Ye Wei looked at Mo Jue with squinted eyes, her heart sank. “You called for them?”

“Wei Wei, stop being foolish. Although this island is inhabited by islanders, it is also the very island that my brother and I hand out on. Security on the island is watertight, if not… People would have long located. Do you think that there are just twenty-over people on this land? Nobody who drew blood on this island walked out alive,” Mo Jue said extremely coldly.

As Ye Wei felt Eleven’s breath weaken, she panicked and coldly laughed. “To mobilize these many men against a single woman, you brothers are really over the top. Whoever said she won’t be walking out alive?”

As she finished speaking, she suddenly let go of Eleven and locked Mo Ye in a chokehold. She even took out Big Boss Mo’s pistol from his back. “How about this?”

Eleven, seeming to know what Ye Wei would do once she let go of her, immediately supported herself against the wall and stabilized herself so that Mo Jue would not take a leaf off Ye Wei. Eleven, who was extremely aggressive and utterly hated Mo Ye earlier, spared no expenses attacking Mo Ye. If it weren’t for Mo Ye’s incredible hardiness and exceptional resilience, he would have long collapsed. Mo Ye propped himself against the wall and tried to regain his strength.

As Ye Wei took a glance at him, she had an idea – if it was about matching fire with fire, Ye Wei was nowhere near Mo Ye and Mo Jue. In terms of cunningness and speed-chess, Ye Wei was second but nobody would claim to be top.

She would choose the situation that was the most advantageous to her.

With Big Boss Mo present, she was not afraid of Mo Jue going rogue.

“Wei Wei!” Mo Jue barked as he was about to step forward. Eleven backed away to Ye Wei’s side. Ye Wei looked at Eleven’s back and knew Eleven could not be delayed any further. “Let her go!”

Eleven suddenly grabbed Mo Ye’s collar and stared at him with her bloodthirsty eyes. “Mo Ye, to think you would end up like this.”

Mo Ye remained silent and looked at her perplexedly. Eleven suddenly asked, “If the person who saved you wasn’t her, would you have used me as a precursor to her cure?”

She did not know why she asked this question. There are times people just do not understand themselves, and they, like her, could only mock themselves.

Mo Ye was slightly taken aback. What if Meng Lianling had not saved him back then…

“No Ifs!” Mo Ye flatly replied. “What-if questions do not exist in my lexicon.”

Eleven coldly smiled and did not pursue the question.

She would not be this silly again.

“You will pay that price for your arrogance,” Eleven coldly said as she suddenly grabbed Ye Wei’s hand and wanted to pull the trigger.

Mo Jue and Ye Wei’s faces changed at once. “What are you doing!?” Ye Wei barked at her to stop.

Mo Ye was worried as to whether Eleven would really kill Mo Ye.

“I want to kill him,” Eleven punctuated her words. “If I have to perish with him, so be it.”

“What does not matter to you matters to me,” Ye Wei looked at her hands and then at her eyes. “You must stay alive. Until I recall who you are, I will… never settle for less.”

“Wei Wei…”

“I do not know who you are, but I’ve fallen out with him. If you die, I’ll never understand why and hate you for it,” Ye Wei mused. While that was not what she truly felt, it was a part of how she really felt.

She knew what Mo Jue meant to her. Given how Ye Wei was one who never hesitated, she indeed loved him. If she did not care about him, she would have fired and injured his shoulder so that he could not strike out at Eleven.

She did not fire and rather she was wounded. It was just her unwillingness to sacrifice his shoulder.

As for Eleven, she could not recall but knew that it was extremely important. If Eleven killed Mo Ye, she would undoubtedly perish right here. Given this many people, she would never be able to escape… She did not want Eleven to die!

“Live on!” Ye Wei smiled and said, “Staying alive is more important than everything else. If you die, the people who care for you and love you will be extremely hurt and unwilling to let you go. If you want to hate him and get your revenge against him, there are many ways aplenty.”

As Eleven gritted her teeth, tears welled up in her even redder eyes.

“Wei Wei…”

“If you do not get it, I can teach you. He can hurt you for the want of anybody, and you destroy what he treasures the most. Wouldn’t that feel better?” She could see the crux of the issue through these short statements.

“Ye Wei!” Mo Ye barked albeit slightly hoarsely, without losing the dignity of before.

“Shut up!”Ye Wei sounded even more harsh than him. “I’m begging somebody to spare your sorry f***ing life, so just be grateful and appreciative!”

To Big Boss Mo who once called the shots, Ye Wei’s words utterly shattered his dignity. When did Big Boss Mo have to beg for somebody to spare his life?

Ye Wei deliberately said it to utterly humiliate him. When it comes to how vicious one’s tongue could get, nobody could outrival Ye Wei.

Eleven coldly harrumphed and slowly released her hand. She looked at Ye Wei and said, “Ok, Wei Wei, I’ll wait for you to recall everything. When that happens…”

She looked at Mo Jue and said something especially meaningful. “Know what’s best for yourself!”

She said that to both Ye Wei and Mo Jue.

Those that understood it naturally understood it.

As she walked out of the door, the men in black looked at Mo Ye and Mo Jue and had no idea what to do. Ye Wei whistled and said, “This is a Maghreb Lion, and it packs a serious punch! Big Boss Mo, you sure know your stuff.”

“Gorgeous Mo Jue, you know that I do not like him. You and him are different people, and his death is none of my business. You’re free to hate on me if I kill him, so do what you deem fit.”

Mo Jue gritted his teeth in anger. Do what you deem fit? My f***ing ass! Did he even have a choice?

“Let her go!” Mo Jue flatly barked.

Ye Wei recalled for a moment. This road leads to the beach…

“Gorgeous Mo Jue, have a yacht stop by the southern coast,” Ye Wei ordered. Mo Jue, having no choice, had to comply by calling somebody to park a yacht along the southern shore.

“Follow the road to reach the shore.”

Eleven nodded.

Mo Ye was somewhat unwilling, but he could only see Eleven’s silhouette disappear. At that moment, a car could be heard.

“Let my brother go!” Mo Jue flatly said. “She has already left.”

“What are you so panicky about? I’m not a fool, and wouldn’t you have a whale of a time chasing her if I let you go now?” Ye Wei laughed. “Big Boss Mo, I didn’t expect you to have such a style. It’s pretty sexy.”

Men with good looks were eye candy, and were still eye candy despite being walloped into this shape.

She suddenly recalled that Meng Lianling was by the beach…

Did they know each other?

If she did, then…

Oh no, Eleven!

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