Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 54 - Rose Tear 2
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 54 - Rose Tear 2
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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People indulged themselves in the feast as they toasted each other. The whole banquet was extremely luxurious.

The vintage palace-styled banquet hall was splendid and magnificent. There were oil paintings by great masters from all over the world, and any random inconspicuous vases were, in fact, invaluable antiques.

It illuminated the ambiance of the banquet to be extremely luxurious.

“Isn’t that Anya?” Somewhere in the banquet, Wang Rui and Chen Yingying watched as Ye Chen and Cheng Anya walked toward Old Master Yang.

Old Master Yang was the big boss in the industry and had a lot of connections. His birthday party was a banquet for the upper-class society elites to gather. Wang Rui was originally not invited, but he still managed to get an invitation card through some connections as he wanted to look for investment opportunities.

He was so coveted that he kept drooling when he saw Cheng Anya as she was beautiful and elegant. She was so pretty. He did not expect that the poor and pedantic girl from seven years ago would be so stunningly beautiful once she dressed up.

Chen Yingying was so jealous that her face was contorted. The poor girl that she was jealous of and sneered at had unexpectedly worn ONR’s limited edition evening gown, something that even one with an abundance of wealth might not be able to afford. Moreover, the Rose Tear on her chest made all the ladies in the room jealous.

The reason why Yun Ruoxi’s face was pale was also because of the Rose Tear. This necklace was MBS’ most treasured piece of jewelry. Ye Chen treated it like his life as it was the only necklace that Ye Chen designed in his entire life.

After Rose Tear became a global phenomenon, MBS introduced many necklaces with the same design which looked similar at first glance. However, it was obvious that the design was not as sophisticated and unique as that of Rose Tear’s and the cutting technique was vastly different. Ye Chen did some changes on the details before launching it on the market. Even the name was different as he used a symbol to separate the words, indicating the difference.

This necklace was sold well globally, became the favorite of many socialites, and established MBS’ status in the international jewelry industry. However, everyone knew that there was only one real Rose Tear necklace in the world.

On MBS fiftieth anniversary’s commemoration party, Yun Ruoxi begged Ye Chen to let her wear Rose Tear for a night as she was his girlfriend. However, Ye Chen was reluctant and his attitude changed on the spot.

Ever since then, Yun Ruoxi never dared to mention that she wanted to wear the Rose Tear.

There were many taboos on this man: the Ye family’s resentment, the bloody case that happened more than ten years ago, his mother, and this necklace. No matter how close they were, he never allowed anyone to talk about his taboo.

Why was Cheng Anya so special?

Yun Ruoxi was so jealous that her eyes were red. Her jealousy was so crazy that she wanted to cut through Cheng Anya’s smiling face with a knife.



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