Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 557 - Certainly Gone-Case
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 557 - Certainly Gone-Case
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Wei accompanied Mo Jue in the study room for a moment before returning to her room. She had managed to tame Second Master’s temper. Mo Jue’s Knights of the Apocalypse heaved a sigh of relief and would be able to report their responsibilities as usual.

Everybody could not help but emote at how badass Ye Wei was at taming raging beasts. She managed to utterly tame this raging beast and transformed it from a monstrosity brimming with murderous intent into a spirited and refreshing gentle kitty. Everybody could not help but wonder if they had had a tryst or two in that short time together.

When Mo Jue saw Ye Wei gyrate her hips, he had a seeming gentleness in his gaze. These people had vivid imaginations and would have never hesitated to make fun of Mo Jue if he weren’t too tempestuous.

It took one to keep another in check. Ye Wei was clearly present to keep Mo Jue in check.

This statement was absolutely spot-on.

Little did they expect that the typically weird and cryptic Mo Jue would fall in love with a carefree and casual woman and not be able to do anything about her.

“What are you all in a daze about? Keep the discussion going!” Mo Jue said. He looked at everyone before calmly looking down at the documents as though nothing happened.

Everybody hurriedly sat down and continued discussing the affairs of the Mafia. “How is elder brother?” Mo Jue gently asked.

“He’s still under observation and is not out of danger,” Birmingham said.

Everybody had a solemn look on their faces. Mo Jue coldly harrumphed. “Those good-for-nothings who draw so much pay but can’t do jack. If they can’t cure him, I’ll freaking waste them!”

Mo Jue sounded vicious. Everybody present paid their respects to the experts, and nobody would ever doubt that Mo Jue was just joking. If something ever happened, he would waste them if nobody tried stopping him.

The doctors were not omnipotent, though.

Everybody smartly decided to skirt the topic.

Everybody knew that saying one word too many would risk triggering Second Boss Mo, and they would be unable to bear the consequences of their transgressions.

Ye Wei returned to her room to sleep. As she felt a little warm, she took a shower and nestled under her sheets after changing into her sleeping robe. She picked up some random magazine and flipped it, trying to knock herself out. Once the fatigue set in, Ye Wei threw the magazine aside and fell asleep.

The magazine, which introduced artifacts in Italian, was stuffy and boring to the point Ye Wei used it to help knock herself out.

The temperature of the room was perfect, neither too cold nor too hot. Ye Wei, who was under the sheets, fell asleep not long after. She revealed her perfectly pale arms outside. Along with her sweet smile, it made her look like an angel.

She slept until she woke up in the evening from the heat.

She, in her daze, felt a heat come up on her. She kicked the blanket on her away as it was simply too hot. Her pale face flushed and she felt thirsty. She could feel a fire ravaging her insides.

“Mo Jue…”

Ye Wei was feeling so warm to the point she could not take it and continually rubbed herself against the sheets to minimize the discomfort.

When Mo Jue reached the door, he heard some unusual sounds. They sounded gentle and had the uniquely inviting tone that women had. His heart was stirred and he felt his heart sank.

He quickly raced toward the bedroom and saw something he had never expected.

Mo Jue, in utter disbelief, looked on at the Ye Wei he was familiar and unfamiliar with. That lass was actually…

“Mo Jue… Uhhh…”

When Mo Jue heard it, he became hot-blooded and recalled Ye Wei’s dreams. He felt his body become aroused, blood rushing towards some part of his lower body.

His lips felt parched, and he could not help but swallow his saliva. His purple eyes were covered in a slight desire. He loosened his collar before sitting at the corner of the bed and saw her red lips open and close. It was so alluring that he could not resist savoring them.

“Mo Jue…”

He hugged her. What was going on with her?

Mo Jue realized something was amiss with her, and he knew that telling her to stop was impossible.

“Wei Wei…” Mo Jue kissed her lips. She was finally his, and he was the only person who could get her to reveal her alluring self. He was the only person who could enjoy that sentimental and gentle her.

He ran his hands across Ye Wei and pleased her. Ye Wei, in her daze, had no idea where she was. She only felt tired.

Did she do Mo Jue?

She could settle the score with him tomorrow. That was Ye Wei’s thoughts before she fell asleep. Mo Jue hugged his beloved woman in utter satisfaction. He could not help but break into a huge smile of pleasure. Wei Wei…

Wei Wei… His Wei Wei…

She was tired, and there were tears around the corners of her eyes. Mo Jue could not help but kiss away the tears on her eyelashes and run his fingers across her tender cheeks without stopping.

This was something he wanted for a long time: his beloved woman sleeping by his side, and he could no nothing else but watch her and take countless cold showers in the night. While Ye Wei had helped him relieve himself, nothing could rival the real McCoy.

Mo Jue, until he slept, did not recall the lie he had spun. He, like an utterly pleased wolf, had an extremely satisfied smile on his face.

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