Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 562 - The Baby’s Health
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 562 - The Baby’s Health
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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“Did I interrupt anything?” The young kid touched his head and looked at the sky innocently. Actually, it wasn’t his fault. ‘They were too imprudent. Yes, that’s it. Such unwholesomeness is not good for a kid!’

Bai Ye signaled for him to go over. The young kid reckoned that Bai Ye would not kill him considering that he wasn’t a nobody. Hence, he went over to him, feeling uneasy and excited at the same time.

Dressed in white, Beauty Su was seated under the Paulownia tree, with the posture of a fairy’s. His beauty was astonishing and heart-stirring. There was a faint blush on his fair face, as if his skin was exceptionally thin that even a little redness could be seen.

The young kid greeted Beauty Su weakly. He was as calm as usual. “You’re back?”

“Yes. What are you doing?” the young kid asked with a smile. His expression was pure and innocent, as though he was asking just because he was curious.

If they were not familiar with the young kid, Su Man and Bai Ye would probably be fooled by his disguise.

Bai Ye smiled gently, looking as elegant as ever. He stared at the young kid lovingly and said, “His clothes were dirty because of the grass and mud, so I cleaned them for him.”

‘Is it?’ The young kid’s dark gaze shifted from Bai Ye to Su Man, and then from Su Man to Bai Ye again. They looked suspicious to him. Did they look like they were doing something… pure?

Everyone knew that Su Man was a perfectionist, so how could he ever tolerate dirt on his clothes?

There was a hint of threat in Bai Ye’s gentle gaze. He didn’t dare to doubt them. The young kid tilted his head cutely and jumped into Su Man’s arms. “Beauty Su, since when did you fall in love with our Bai Ye?” he asked joyfully.

The corners of Bai Ye’s eyes twitched. ‘What a brat. Why is he rubbing his nose into something he shouldn’t have? Can’t he tell that Beauty Su is already pissed off? I would definitely get some scolding even before he becomes my boyfriend.’

Beauty Su glanced at the young kid nonchalantly and then gazed at the flowers in the garden. “Which eye did you use to tell that I’ve fallen in love with him?” he asked calmly.

Bai Ye’s smile had a hint of disappointment.

The young kid blinked cutely, leaned over Su Man’s ear, and whispered something. Su Man raised his eyebrows and sneered without replying to him. The young kid chucked and his pure cheeks looked evil and cunning like a fox.

He wagged his white and long foxtail, looking extremely cute.

Bai Ye grabbed the young kid by his collar and picked him up regardless of Su Man’s presence. He was above board and asked, “What did you tell him?”

“It’s a secret. I’m not telling you.” The young kid smiled mysteriously but couldn’t help praising Bai Ye. As expected, he was in love with Su Man, and he had found a way to get along with him.

Beauty Su had always been very alienated, unapproachable, and pure, as if he was oblivious to the affairs of the world. Ordinary people dared not be too presumptuous in front of him, laugh loudly, or show their true selves in front of him. Everyone obeyed him.

Some women, even if they liked Su Man and wanted to be closer to him, were afraid to show their true selves. They were always ladylike and dared not even have big movements. In fact, that didn’t mean love. If they couldn’t even show their true self in front of the one they loved, it was not love. Even if their feelings were real, they wouldn’t know how to get along with him, and Beauty Su wouldn’t treat them well too.

Bai Ye was unexpectedly bright. He liked to keep things simple and it was not uncomfortable for him at all.

“Tell me, and I’ll grant you a wish.” Bai Ye tried to coax him into telling him. He raised his eyebrows and had a cunning look.

Beauty Su snorted coldly. “Can’t I promise what you promised him too? What a joke!”

The young kid looked at Beauty Su, and then glanced at Bai Ye. He was wise enough to shut up as he couldn’t afford to offend either side…

“Beauty Su, this is between me and my baby,” Bai Ye said with a smile.

Su Man snorted.

Bai Ye teased. “Say it. I’ll reward you if you do!”

Su Man snorted again, and the young kid struggled out of Bai Ye’s arms. He jumped behind Su Man and said with a smile, “Bai Ye, I’m the future leader of the Secrecy Bureau. I’ll only tell you when Beauty Su becomes your boyfriend.”

Bai Ye despised the young kid. “You betrayer!”

“We knew each other before you did,” Su Man said coldly.

The young kid nodded. “You can’t say that. We’ll still be a family in the end anyway.”

Su Man glanced at him coldly. ‘This brat.’ Bai Ye grinned from ear to ear. He immediately understood what they were saying and laughed like a cat who stole the fish. The young kid felt unfair. Why was Beauty Su staring at him? He didn’t say anything.

“Hi, Bai Ye. When did you fall in love with Beauty Su?”

“You are too young to know anything. Shut up.” Bai Ye knocked on his head to warn him, but he smiled faintly. He didn’t know when he had fallen in love with Beauty Su…

He was reluctant to leave Riyadh this time. When he left the last time, he was reluctant to leave too. Perhaps, he had fallen in love with him the last time, or it might be this time. He wasn’t sure.

It was only when he realized his love for him that it didn’t matter to him whether he was a man or a woman.

The only important thing was that he liked him.

In fact, it was untrue when people say that Beauty Su was unapproachable, cool, oblivious to everything, and didn’t understand human emotions. He was the only one who knew how interesting he was. It was the first time that he had such strong desires to be with someone.

He didn’t intend to ignore it, or maybe he did at first because he was a man. But now, he was not struggling anymore and was calm to accept the fact.

When he was on the island before, an instructor he respected once said that if he meets someone in the future whom he would be worried, happy, or sad for, he should hold onto that person firmly.

It’s possible that one would only meet such a person once in their entire life. It’s a once in a lifetime’s fate. If one missed it, they would regret it forever.

He had once regretted it, so he had to educate them not to leave such regret in their lives.

He was the most humane instructor on the island. He was very strict, but not violent. The children liked him very much as he was kindhearted, and his words were thought-provoking. Although Bai Ye was young, he remembered those words very clearly.

What hadn’t he experienced after all these years of extensive travel? He had met all kinds of beauty, but not one could make him feel as relaxed as to how Su Man would.

He didn’t want to let go of him because of other trivial matters.

The young kid laid on Su Man’s back and laughed. Bai Ye was jealous. ‘Why is the young kid allowed to touch him brazenly? Su Man would usually poison the one who touches him.’

‘What is this obvious difference in treatment?’

“But to be honest, it’s very eye-catching and beautiful when you two stand together.” The young kid teased. “Haha, my auntie might break Bai Ye into pieces.”

Su Man smiled. Ye Wei…

“Wei Wei is now happily attached to Mo Jue. Why would she care about us? Anybody who snatches Mo Jue from her would be dead meat. She has no feelings towards Beauty Su anymore,” Bai Ye said calmly.

It seemed that what he said was true. The young kid was speechless.

Su Man asked calmly, “Are the Top Terrorist Organization and the Mafia at peace now?”

“These months have been peaceful for the time being. There is no news from Big Boss Mo, and Eleven will come back soon. The Mafia is still under the control of Mo Jue, with auntie as his assistant.” The young kid laughed.

Bai Ye said, “Jason complained to me a few days ago about how Ye Wei and Eleven never cared about our organization. We’ve talked to them about it many times but they refused to listen to us and ran around. Now, she’s ready to fight him for Mo Jue. F***, brothers really aren’t as important as husbands. I’ve finally seen her true colors.”

‘It’s a cruel world. I can’t help it.’

The young kid was speechless. ‘He’s full of… resentment.’ Jason must be grumpy because Eleven was still not back yet.

“Eleven has gone for too long. She’s running out of tranquilizers,” Su Man said calmly.

“The old witch is an expert. She will definitely check Eleven’s body when Eleven goes back. I hope she can do something then,” Bai Ye said. Then, he asked, “How is your mommy today?”

“She’s okay. She hadn’t been feeling uncomfortable,” the young kid said. “I almost fought with Daddy today regarding my sister’s name.”

“What were the suggestions?”

The young kid told him the name he suggested, and Bai Ye said, “Let your father pick his own daughter’s name. You will get to pick your daughter’s.”

The young kid gave him a disdainful look and said calmly, “Bai Ye, you are becoming like my daddy after asking him tips to woo Beauty Su. What you said was exactly what he had told me!”

Bai Ye kept quiet!

Beauty Su glanced at him coldly. ‘He asked Third Young Master Ye for advice? Hmmph, no wonder…’

‘His latest moves are getting more shameless!’

He wondered why he had behaved differently. It turned out that he was influenced by someone else.

“What can I do for you?” Su Man asked the young kid. It suddenly hit him. “Mommy and I were talking about it today. Will my sister look strange?”

“I know what you are worried about. You can rest assured. The baby is very healthy at present. She will not be short of arms and legs,” Su Man said calmly. “As for her looks… I can’t tell. We’ll know when the child is born.”

The young kid was stunned. “No way. How could you not tell?”

“I’m not mighty.”

The young kid shrugged his shoulders.

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