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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 563 - Making Love
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Watching the young kid leave elegantly, Bai Ye smiled and shook his head. “Why did you scare him?”

In fact, the baby in Cheng Anya’s womb was very healthy. There was no problem at all. How could it be born ugly? If it was really born ugly, it must be due to genetic mutation and not the virus.

“I’m happy!” Beauty Su said calmly. He looked at Bai Ye coldly and went into the room nonchalantly with contempt, leaving him his beautiful back view.

Bai Ye touched his nose. ‘Happy? He is happy to have frightened Ning Ning?’

‘How can it be? Su Man loves Ning Ning the most. He would do anything Ning Ning asked him to do. I’m afraid that only Ning Ning would dare to make fun of him and not be thrown out by him. He’s happy?’

‘Did the sun rise from the west today?’

‘This is too weird.’

Bai Ye was anxious, but he didn’t know why. He stood under the tree for a while but still couldn’t figure out why. Suddenly, a fascinating, fragrant smell drifted into his nose. He was reminded of the moment that he had almost touched Su Man’s soft lips. ‘What a wonderful feeling…’

It was true that it wasn’t the wine that intoxicated but the drinker who got himself drunk. He was indeed a little intoxicated.

It suddenly became clear. Was Su Man blaming the young kid for his reckless actions, which inadvertently ruined his plan? The corners of Bai Ye’s eyes twitched. If that was true, it could only mean that it wasn’t one-sided. Su Man liked him too! Bai Ye was overjoyed and suddenly felt that the weather in Riyadh was great. It was sunny, and the flowers were blooming. That flower that he had been waiting for had finally bloomed.

There was nothing more gratifying than that.

But on second thought, he might have flattered himself. Beauty Su had not shown any kind of affection to him. All along, it was him who had shown his love and wooed him enthusiastically.

It was said to be difficult for males to woo females, but easy for females to woo males. However, it was extremely hard for a male to chase after another male. It was as if there were mountains in between them for them to conquer. He struggled really hard, so he went to ask Third Young Master Ye for advice. After all, he, who had no experience, needed to take advice from someone who was experienced.

With a disdainful gaze, Third Young Master Ye taught him several moves. Although some of them were shameless, they were still very effective. At least, he almost got to kiss him in just two moves.

Moreover, it happened when Beauty Su was on guard. He had obviously stepped forward, but the young kid ruined the moment. Oh, how resented he was. That third wheeler had picked the right timing to appear.

Otherwise, he would have kissed Beauty Su and seen his reaction. If he was angry, he would change his tactic to woo him. But if he wasn’t, he would go all the way, like what Third Young Master Ye had taught him.

Who knew? He had absolutely no idea what he was thinking.

Bai Ye was extremely regretful!

He was not sure of Beauty Su’s mind. It was very difficult to guess as well. ‘What did Su Man mean? Is what I am thinking true?’ Bai Ye pondered under the tree.

Even such an intelligent and wise person like him would become a fool when in love. He didn’t know how to deal with it.

Or, should he go in and ask Su Man what he meant?

Would he be chased out by him?

Bai Ye pictured the scene of him getting chased out, and he took a few steps and paused. He really liked Su Man a lot, but he didn’t wish to scare him with his impatience. He dared not be too aggressive, learning from the past experiences of Ye Wei.

Su Man was feeling calm in the house. He looked at the handsome figure outside the house through the three-layer chiffon curtain and shook his head gently. ‘This fool, even Ning Ning could tell.’ If he didn’t like him, Bai Ye would not be able to get close to him at all. However, he had confused himself.

Actually, there was no fun if they were honest about everything. Sometimes, it might be better to keep some things in your heart!

He enjoyed that feeling.

‘This man is interesting!’

The young kid hopped all the way back to share this big secret with Cheng Anya, and Third Young Master Ye looked down at him, as if he was a fool. “No need for you to tell me. I’ve known about it for a long time.”

“Daddy, you are really mean. Why didn’t you tell me about this earlier?” The pure and tender eyes of the young kid were full of complaints.

Third Young Master Ye smiled insidiously. Without attempting to hide his twisted mind, he said, “Because you stick to my wife every day?”

“She is my mommy!”

“She is my wife. Husbands are more important than sons!”

“She is closer to her son than her husband!” The young kid insisted on his own opinion, clenched his fist, and looked down on Third Young Master Ye. “I’m forever a part of Mommy while you are not related to her at all. When you get old, I’ll have to take care of you. Mommy, what do you think? Are you closer to the son? When you are old, he will be even older. You can’t count on him, but you can count on your son. Right?”

The young kid said that in a very serious tone, which made Cheng Anya laugh, while Third Young Master Ye threw a cushion at him.

The young kid shook his head and said mischievously, “Look at how violent Daddy is. Mommy, you can’t really rely on him anymore.”

Third Young Master Ye was calm and gentle. “Son, say it again and I’ll throw you down from the second floor.”

The young kid stuck out his tongue. Cheng Anya shielded her son and her expression darkened. “Throw who down?”

Third Young Master Ye was frustrated.


He really had no say at home. His wife and children could bully him all they want.

‘So inhumane.’

The young kid chuckled by the side of the bed. He laughed so badly that his little body curled up, and Third Young Master Ye couldn’t help but beat him. ‘This brat is so arrogant recently. He keeps trying to test my patience. He deserves a spanking!’

The family fooled around until Dana invited them down for dinner. Third Young Master Ye then took Cheng Anya and the young kid downstairs to have dinner. Su Man and Bai Ye were already there.

Cheng Anya had been pregnant for more than six months, only a few days to seven months. Her belly was a little smaller than that of the ordinary pregnant women. Other than encountering several dangerous situations in the third or fourth month, her situation had basically stabilized.

There was still some occasionally bleeding and fever during the fifth month, and Third Young Master Ye was so scared that he wanted to give up the child and save Anya. However, Anya persisted until the sixth month, and the child was safe and sound in her womb since then.

Bai Ye once said that the child had a strong will to live. Otherwise, Anya would already have had a miscarriage.

As usual, Bai Ye would feel her pulse every day to ensure her health. It was no exception before they had dinner. Third Young Master Ye needed to be reassured of Anya’s health before he could stop worrying about her.

Ning Ning whispered something to Beauty Su. One laughed like a fox, while the other was calm and expressionless.

Their family had been living at Beauty Su’s for almost half a year and they had a harmonious relationship. Although Su Man was cold-blooded by nature, he wasn’t hostile to them.

The atmosphere at the dinner was very good as the lovely Ning Ning was present. He was constantly looking at Bai Ye and Su Man while laughing at them. Third Young Master Ye couldn’t bear to see his son’s creepy-but-cute look and kicked him on the leg. Ning Ning then refrained himself.

After dinner, they went back to rest in their respective rooms. The young kid went back to his room as well to ‘hug’ his laptop.

Cheng Anya took her pajamas and wanted to take a bath. Third Young Master Ye raised his eyebrows and teased her. “Do you need help?”

His gaze was filled with lust, and he asked with an expression that of a hungry wolf who was eager to pounce on her. He looked at her as if he was very willing to ‘please’ her.

Cheng Anya was speechless and choked. ‘Third Young Master Ye, can your mind be filled with less dirty stuff? If he were really to help, this bath would take at least an hour. What a pervert!’

“I suggest you take a cold shower next door. Thank you for your cooperation!” Cheng Anya smiled and went into the bathroom with her pajamas in her arms. She locked the door and scolded Third Young Master Ye, the hungry wolf, in her heart.

Third Young Master Ye looked at her back view and imagined the beautiful scene of his wife’s bathing. His mind was filled with lust and it went to his smart brain as well.

In a flash, he felt his blood boiling, and that all his blood was rushing towards one part of his body at the same time.

Third Young Master Ye smiled and looked at the bathroom door. “Little Anya, the bathroom is very slippery. Open the door. Let me go in and help you.”

He had to satisfy his cravings even if he couldn’t do it!

Cheng Anya couldn’t help but roll her eyes. “Turn back, go straight, and rinse some cold water. You are really a beast, aren’t you? Why are you asking to make love every night?”

Third Young Master Ye leaned against the wall and exclaimed. “Little Anya, you are mistreating me. My willy hasn’t said hello to your fanny for a long time.”

Cheng Anya, “…”

‘F***, Ye Chen, you perverted bastard!’

Talking about willies and fannies again. She couldn’t stand him any longer. His tone that expressed his dissatisfaction was so annoying that she wanted to slap him.

Because of the pregnancy, he could not touch her in the first three months. In the third and fourth months, her situation was very unstable. Only until the fifth and sixth month was she stabilized.

Hence, Third Young Master Ye had a chance to get lucky. However, Cheng Anya was worried about the child. She only agreed to do it when he was too obsessed but warned him to be gentle every time. When he was getting into it, he wouldn’t care about anything, which made her shy and annoyed at the same time.

Third Young Master Ye also told her in a very serious manner that he had asked Bai Ye and Su Man about it, and they said that it was okay for him to be aggressive. She was so embarrassed that she had to make a detour every time she saw Su Man or Bai Ye.

It was embarrassing to have a husband like him!

Feeling ashamed, Miss Cheng covered her face.

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