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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 564 - Baby Hailan
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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From the long labor pains to the moment when the water broke, she was tortured for several hours. Third Young Master Ye was so anxious that he proposed for Anya to have a Cesarean section operation. However, Bai Ye and Su Man both agreed that she wasn’t in a dangerous state that needed it, and it was natural for women to feel pain when they were giving birth. Since Cheng Anya insisted on giving birth naturally as well, Third Young Master Ye stopped worrying eventually and comforted Cheng Anya while wiping her sweat off. It was almost dawn when she was pushed into the delivery room.

Third Young Master Ye walked back and forth anxiously outside the delivery room, while Ning Ning, who didn’t sleep a wink the previous night, sat aside. He wasn’t sleepy yet, and his big eyes were as dark as ink. He asked Third Young Master Ye, “Daddy, was Mommy in pain like this when she gave birth to me?”

“I heard that giving birth is painful.”

“Poor Mommy.” The young kid pouted his red lips and looked in the direction of the delivery room anxiously. The pain would increase after a while, but Cheng Anya didn’t yell like other pregnant women did and endured the pain. Knowing how his mother was like, he knew that she was in extreme pain.

‘The world is big but Mommy is the greatest’ was definitely the right name he had picked for his internet identity.

Third Young Master Ye patted his head and the two of them waited outside anxiously. Because the baby was special and Su Man was the owner of the hospital, both Su Man and Bai Ye stayed in the delivery room with the obstetrician in case of emergencies.

Although they had run tests and checked that everything was okay, nobody knew if any serious illness would arise in the end and hit everyone by surprise.

Third Young Master Ye felt as if there was a cat scratching in his heart. He was uncomfortable, but he couldn’t reach his heart to stop the scratching. He looked tensed up, cold, and fierce, like how he usually looked. His eyes were fixed on the delivery room.


‘Please stay safe. Stay safe…’

“Daddy, don’t worry too much. It’ll be fine with both Su Man and Bai Ye on standby,” Ning Ning said. He couldn’t bear to see how stiff and irascible he was. He wasn’t too nervous or scared and had only felt sorry for his mommy until he saw how his daddy behaved. He started to become a little frightened, as if he was standing on the edge of a cliff.

The childish-but-steady voice calmed Third Young Master Ye down, and his heart stopped beating crazily. He hugged Ning Ning and waited for his wife and daughter, who were in the delivery room.

The delivery only took an hour. Third Young Master Ye and Ning Ning heard the baby’s cries as the first ray of sunlight lighted the sky at dawn.

“She’s born… Your little sister is out.” Third Young Master Ye stood up excitedly, and Ning Ning was relieved. He looked at his father with a smile and shook his head. Suddenly, he saw something and pointed at the sky. “Daddy, look.”

A huge lotus flower had appeared in the gray and white sky, which was extremely magnificent. A ray of golden light lit up the white lotus, reflecting the shadow inside. The shadow looked as if the silhouette of a slender girl dressed in white, holding a lotus wand in her hand. The wand was inlaid with a blood-red lotus-like gem. The movement of the woman was graceful, but her face couldn’t be seen clearly. It was as if she was covered by a layer of hazy cloud.

The golden light had gotten brighter and warmer. Gradually, the white lotus reddened, and the woman looked as if she had arrived on the lotus-like a goddess. She waved the wand and thousands of lotus flowers bloomed in the sky.

Riyadh’s sky, which had always been colorless, now had a magnificent view.

Bai Ye and Su Man came out of the room and saw it too. Upon seeing it, even Su Man, who had always been calm, was shocked.

The sky was beautiful. It was the kind of beauty that would only appear in dreams or paintings. It had become a world of lotus.

Countless rays of light shot down from the sky and lit up the earth. A few rays of light also penetrated into the long corridor of the hospital, lighting up the dull atmosphere in the hospital. Everybody felt that they had been surrounded by a layer of holy light.

As if their minds and bodies were cleansed.

The figure of the woman suddenly turned into four rays of white light, shooting in different directions.

The scene didn’t last long. In a blink of an eye, the wonderful sight disappeared. The people who saw it marveled at the beautiful Riyadh sky, but those who didn’t manage to witness it could not believe it. They thought that it was only a myth that people had passed down from the past.

“What is this?” Bai Ye was shocked. He had never seen such a mythical scene before.

“What day is it today?” Su Man suddenly asked. Ning Ning told him the date, and Su Man frowned. ‘There is nothing special today, why is this happening?’

Third Young Master Ye came back to his senses from the shock and asked anxiously, “What about Anya? Is she okay?”

Bai Ye smiled. “Congratulations. Both the mother and daughter are very safe. The little princess is lovely.”

Third Young Master Ye was relieved. Thank goodness!

The little princess of Ye family was born with some innate deficiencies as she was born prematurely. The young kid looked at his sister curiously outside the incubator. Her snow-white skin, small body, gray hair, pretty nose, cherry mouth, and pinkish face looked particularly lovely.

“Hello, sister. I’m your brother.” The young kid was very happy. He waved and said hello to the little princess. She hadn’t opened her eyes and was sleeping soundly.

The young kid didn’t mind and continued talking to the little princess with excitement.

“Hey sister, among all the babies here, you are the cutest.” The young kid took a glance at the rest of the babies. ‘Hmmph. Indeed, my sister is the prettiest, cutest, and the most angelic baby here.’

“A family of narcissists.” Bai Ye, who was behind him, smiled and approached him. To be honest, although the little princess was still a baby, she looked really cute and lovable.

“That’s because we have the looks to be narcissistic,” the young kid said proudly. He wanted to carry his sister. “Bai Ye, when can my sister come out of the incubator?”

“In a few days. We have to do a detailed examination. If there is no problem, she will be able to leave the hospital with your mommy.”


Third Young Master Ye went to see Cheng Anya in the ward first before going to the little princess. He was happier than anyone else. He had everything men wish to have: two children, a smart and virtuous wife, a happy family, wealth, and status.

That was the second time that he had felt the greatness of being a father. The first time was when Ning Ning called him daddy. That feeling of joy was so immense that he felt like he was holding the whole world in his hands. At that moment, he just wanted to live for his precious children.

“Daddy, it seems like our previous worries were superfluous. Look at how lovely my sister is.”

Third Young Master Ye was so excited that he couldn’t say anything. He just nodded and looked at the little princess with a foolish smile. Bai Ye shook his head. He had to admit that that man was really god’s chosen one. God had given him the best of everything.

Feeling amazed, Dana called Su Man to tell him that all the lotus flowers in his backyard had bloomed overnight.

Su Man was shocked.

It was three or four months before the blooming season of the lotus flowers. Those lotus plants were all transplanted and it was not easy for them to bloom due to the bad climate. Last year, only a few of them bloomed.

Dana said that she had never seen such things happening.

The lotus flowers in the pond were blooming in a spectacular way.

Su Man told Bai Ye about it and both of them went back home immediately. Indeed, the pink, white, and red lotus flowers in the pond had bloomed beautifully.

“Is this auspicious?” Bai Ye raised his eyebrows.

Su Man was confused and he was reminded of the weird phenomenon that they had seen in the morning. His heart jolted. ‘Perhaps that baby… is special?’

“What are you thinking?” Bai Ye asked as Su Man seemed to be in deep thought. Su Man shook his head and didn’t say anything.

On the third day, the examination report of the little princess did not show any abnormality except for some congenital deficiencies, which were not serious. She was allowed to be out of the incubator after Bai Ye had discussed it with the doctor in the hospital.

The little princess opened her eyes. She had a pair of pure eyes that were dark and intelligent. They looked like Cheng Anya’s eyes, but purer than hers.

Her smile was very sweet. She would giggle whenever Ning Ning teased her, unlike other babies who would cry and make a fuss. She was a quiet and obedient baby who played with anyone that accompanied her and slept whenever she was tired.

Cheng Anya said that she had never seen such a clever and lovely child.

Ning Ning asked, “Mommy, wasn’t I lovely as a child?”

“You cried when you were hungry, and you wouldn’t stop crying in the night. Look how lovely your sister is. She doesn’t cry at all,” Cheng Anya said with a smile. Fortunately, they had checked the baby’s voice and hearing, which were normal. Otherwise, she would be worried that something might be wrong with her daughter. It was rare for her to encounter such babies.

It was as if she didn’t see herself as a baby.

“Girls have to be quiet and gentle. It’s right for her to not cry too much. Boys cry more to prove that he is strong.” The young kid made a conclusion calmly, while Cheng Anya despised him.


‘Look at Ning Ning’s build. Is that considered strong?’

‘Is it?’

‘He looks exactly like a spoiled rich kid.’

Third Young Master Ye was a ‘daughter slave’ who was more than happy to spoil his daughter. He ran all over the street just to buy her a bunch of toys. Cheng Anya wanted to hide herself. They weren’t going to live in Riyadh for long. Why would he buy so many toys for?

‘That guy is crazy.’

Third Young Master Ye couldn’t help but hold his daughter and enjoy the sweet smile of the little princess in his arms. He said, “Anya, she smiles just like you, but her smile is genuine, unlike yours.”

Cheng Anya, “…”

‘F***, what’s that saying again? When the child is born, husbands will throw their wives across the wall. Third Young Master Ye is a typical example.’

“But both are pretty.” Third Young Master Ye knew how to maintain his poise despite being excited.

Cheng Anya’s face twitched.

“Daddy, can I carry my sister too? You’ve been hugging her all morning. I want to carry her too.”


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