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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 567 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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‘Do I need to consult Third Young Master Ye again?’ Bai Ye was troubled. It seemed that whenever he had encountered problems in love, the first person that came to his mind was Third Young Master Ye. It couldn’t be helped as Third Young Master Ye was the only one who could stay loyal despite having many temptations around him. This was not something ordinary people could achieve. Although the method he had taught him was a little overbearing, it had worked after all.

If it wasn’t for the young kid, he would have kissed Beauty Su successfully.

Bai Ye was torn…

“Bai Ye, what are you thinking about? Ning Ning is asking if you want to go with him.” Anya couldn’t help but ask when she saw that Bai Ye was distracted by his own thoughts. Right after she asked, both the father and son looked at her with disdain.

Miss Cheng was usually observant, but this time, she failed to see that Bai Ye was trying hard to find an excuse to stay. ‘Did she give half of her intelligence to the little princess?’

‘That’s really… great!’ Third Young Master Ye thought. After all, it was quite annoying to deal with the black-bellied Miss Cheng to the point that he wanted to tear her up into pieces sometimes.

Miss Cheng soon noticed the disdainful gazes and began to reflect. She had been focusing on Hailan and failed to see that Bai Ye was in a daze. She deserved to be despised.

They looked in the direction of Beauty Su, and he was calmer than anyone else. His face was expressionless as always, as if he was not involved in the scandal, just a bystander.

This was not something ordinary people could do.

The young kid winked cunningly and teased Bai Ye. “Bai Ye, isn’t the research regarding Eleven not finished yet? Why don’t you stay in Riyadh and continue the study of Eleven’s virus with Su Man? She has been missing for half a year, and we don’t know how she’s doing. It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

A faint smile flashed past Bai Ye’s gentle eyes, but he was feeling extremely thrilled. ‘Young kid, you are so considerate.’ That was exactly what he had planned to do. He was embarrassed to mention it himself and the young kid gave him an out at the right time.

However, Beauty Su said calmly, “The research of Eleven’s virus has not made any progress so far, and it is a waste of effort to stay.”

Cheng Anya and Third Young Master Ye looked at each other and proceeded to stand aside to enjoy the drama with Hailan. The young kid bit his fingers like Little Hailan and looked at Beauty Su with a confused look. ‘Beauty Su, oh, Beauty Su. I know you are too shy to ask Bai Ye to stay, but why aren’t you grasping the chance that I created for you?’

He felt very troubled.

‘Even if it is the truth, nobody will know if Bai Ye and you keep mum about it. What if Bai Ye misunderstands and thinks that you are chasing him out?’

Bai Ye’s gaze remained gentle. He wasn’t angry at all. Instead, he agreed with Beauty Su. “True, it’s really a waste of effort. We all meet bottlenecks, and a bit of cooling down is needed.”

Beauty Su was very calm. He seemed not to be bothered by Bai Ye’s decision to leave or stay, as if it had nothing to do with him.

Third Young Master Ye despised the both of them. They were obviously in love with each other, but none of them were willing to take the step out because of their own pride. They enjoyed keeping their relationship ambiguous, while the others were anxious about them.

Perhaps love was really a thing that could only be seen clearly by bystanders, while those involved were baffled. No matter how smart or how straightforward one was, he would become unwise and blind in love.

In fact, Beauty Su’s sexual orientation was not a secret. If he liked a guy, it should be him who expresses his love first. But the problem was, unless the earth collapsed, it would be hard to hear Su Man’s confession.

As for Bai Ye, a straight man like him was turned gay just like that. Just imagine how much stress he was under. Moreover, the pride and dignity of his had also held him back.

After all, Beauty Su’s attitude was really elusive. If he was Bai Ye, he wouldn’t be able to confess his feelings easily either. In the worst-case scenario, if he was rejected, it would be hard for him to meet Su Man in the future again, other than being embarrassed.

‘I’m afraid that’s what Bai Ye is torn by.’

Beauty Su was really too imperious and arrogant, like a king.

Third Young Master Ye decided to be an onlooker and watch how things go. Both of them were famous figures who led a wise life. In their hearts, they already knew what to do. Because he had a happy family now, Third Young Master Ye couldn’t wait to sit down and watch the drama unfold.


“Then, will you go back to London with me?” the young kid asked him in a painfully confused and joking tone while still biting on his finger. Bai Ye really felt like grabbing the young kid and spanking his little butt.

‘This brat betrayed me before I could call him out. He’s asking for it.’

Bai Ye had dealt with all kinds of intelligent people and his way of tackling them was worth pondering over. He smiled without saying anything and pretended to be deep in thought. The young kid despised him. Su Man became quieter than usual.

Little Hailan, who was in Cheng Anya’s arms, suddenly said, “Brother is bad.”

Third Young Master Ye gave her a thumbs-up. “Little princess, you are so smart.”

‘The little princess is too considerate. I have to dote on her more in the future.’ Bai Ye thought.

The little princess nodded proudly, while the young kid educated her with a serious face. “Many guys will try to woo you in the future since you are pretty. How will I be able to teach them a lesson if I were good?”

Everybody, “…”

Everybody was amazed by the young kid’s thinking and how far-sighted he was. Little Hailan giggled in joy and reached out to her brother for a hug. It was obvious that she loved the young kid very much.

The little princess’ excessive love for her brother was something that gave Cheng Anya mixed feelings.

Just as the group chatted happily, Dana rushed over. She hurriedly reported, “Master, Your Highness Seven is here.”

Everybody was shocked. Your Highness Seven was the beloved seventh princess in the royal family of Riyadh. Her full name was Yashan Clovasine Dehavilan, and she was nineteen years old, gorgeous and talented. She traveled to seven countries in Europe within a year and was highly praised. At that time, between the royal princess and the prince, the princess had a higher prestige among the civilians.

Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya had heard that Princess Seven liked Su Man when they first lived in Riyadh. It was a well-known thing in the whole country. Whenever she was free, she would make an appointment with Su Man to have tea and chat. However, she had stopped going to Su Man’s house for a period of time as firstly, she was busy with her studies. Secondly, the situation in the Middle East was chaotic, and the royal family was worried. The princess had to take care of political affairs. Thirdly, Su Man rejected her once politely as he was afraid that Third Young Master Ye and his family would be inconvenienced.

This time, she came without telling him.

“I see. Everyone, excuse me!” Su Man got up and left politely.

Dana’s voice could be heard from far. “Master, the princess didn’t bring anyone with her. She came alone.”

Beauty Su’s voice could be heard faintly as well. “Did she mention the purpose of her visit?”

He sounded slightly worried.

Gradually, they could not hear them anymore. The young kid looked down from the window, turned to look at Su Man, and teased him. “Bai Ye, your love rival is here.”

Bai Ye replied calmly, “She is not even a man. Can she be considered as a rival?”

The family of four went silent at the same time.

‘Fine. The way you think is powerful.’

Even Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya knew about his affairs, not to mention the young kid. Bai Ye was cool about it too. Although he was not embarrassed at all, he couldn’t help but gaze out of the window.

A part of his calm posture was fake.

The young kid passed Little Hailan over to Third Young Master Ye and approached Bai Ye. With a smile, he asked, “Bai Ye, what do you like about Beauty Su?”

Bai Ye glanced at him. “Children shouldn’t be gossipy. Be careful of not getting a wife in the future.”

“I already have a wife. Don’t worry about it,” the young kid said nonchalantly. Nuo Nuo would always be his wife. The atmosphere would always turn a little gloomy whenever this topic was mentioned, but ever since he went to London with the Xu family, everybody felt that he had become more relaxed. Even if that was a pretense, he had hidden his sadness well in his heart. He had hidden his feelings deep so that his family would not worry about him.

“You can’t be too nosy even if you have a wife.” Bai Ye had actually wanted to say something along the lines of he might get abandoned by his wife if he was too nosy. However, he felt that it was inappropriate and stopped himself in time.

“Just tell me.”

“What do you see in Xu Nuo then?” Bai Ye questioned.

“Nuo Nuo has many merits.” The young kid pulled his finger to count how many strong points his wife had. After a while, he said, “I shall be the only one who knows how good Nuo Nuo is.”

“You can’t keep count, right?” Bai Ye stared at him. Indeed, in other people’s eyes, Xu Nuo only had a few merits.

“It’s because you don’t know how to appreciate her.” The young kid helped defend Nuo Nuo.

“I’ll give your words back to you.” Bai Ye made him speechless with his own words, while Little Hailan giggled.

“Fine, don’t say it. You’d better grab Beauty Su tightly before he is taken away by the beautiful princess. She has things that you don’t have.” The young kid pretended to be philosophical. “Don’t wait until you lose it then regret it.”

“You are so vulgar. Where did you learn these vulgar sentences?”

“I used to watch the eight o’clock campy drama with Mommy. They said this so many times that it was hard for me to not remember it.” The young kid sighed helplessly. “There’s one more. Missing out may be the most beautiful regret. That’s a real campy and ironic sentence. Missing out is a pity. How can it be the most beautiful? Their lines have no logic at all.”

Little Hailan smiled and said, “It’s because you have missed out, so other people could meet each other. Because other people have missed out, you could own the things you have currently.”

All of them looked at the little princess with horror on their faces.

The young kid whined. “Sister, please, you are still a baby. Can you say things that only a baby would say? My weak heart can’t stand it…”

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