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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 568 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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The little princess looked at the young kid innocently while sucking on her fingers. Her brother’s roar made her feel very aggrieved. Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya were in a state of horror. They dared not treat her as a baby. Her behavior was exactly like a young girl who had gone through many vicissitudes of life, and it seemed like she was just putting on a pure front to deceive the world.

Cheng Anya looked at her daughter calmly and asked helplessly, “Hailan, who are you in your previous life? Do you remember everything? Are you older than Mommy? I will be very stressed out if you keep acting like this.”

Third Young Master Ye looked at Ye Hailan with the same expression, saying that he would be stressed out as well. The young kid imitated their expression, while Little Hailan yawned cutely. “Well, baby is a little sleepy.”

Everybody was stunned into silence.

Little Hailan didn’t inherit anything from the Ye family except for the ability to change the subject.

The young kid pulled Bai Ye and said, “Bai Ye, let’s go to Beauty Su. I heard that Your Highness Seven is very pretty. Let’s go and have a look. She is definitely not prettier than my mommy and sister.”

“Why would you want to go if you say she is not pretty?” Bai Ye smiled faintly.

The young kid said, “It’s because I know you are too shy to go over. I am giving you an out. How ungrateful of you! Bai Ye, this is not right.”

Everybody was stunned into silence.

In Su Man’s courtyard.

Dana made two cups of tea and sent them to the round table under the tree. Opposite Su Man was a beautiful young girl who had fair skin, a pair of deep brown eyes, a sharp nose, and red lips. Brown curly hair and a beautiful pink silk ribbon—she had both the mysterious oriental and defined western features, which made her look young, lovely, and gentle.

Her watery eyes conveyed tenderness and love, and they were very attractive. She was the dream lover of all men in Riyadh, but the only man she wanted to marry was Su Man.

Unfortunately, it was an unrequited love.

“Yashan, do you have any urgent matters for me?”

Princess Yashan nodded. “I heard that your guest gave birth to a baby a few days ago. Is everything fine?”

Su Man nodded. “It’s all good. The family is still living in Dongyuan.”

Princess Yashan chuckled softly. “I have known you for more than ten years, but I haven’t seen any of your friends. Those who can live in your house for more than half a year must be really good friends of yours. I envy you.”

As a princess, she never had friends. Most of the people who approached her had a dubious purpose, and they were only interested in getting advantages. She had long been disappointed in friendships.

Only Su Man was different.

Su Man smiled. He pursed his lips lightly and his gorgeous face seemed to be covered with a layer of light under the sun. It was a blurry kind of beauty. The wind was warm in the afternoon. In the courtyard, all the flowers had bloomed. The lotus flowers in the pond competed for splendor, although it was not the season for flowers to bloom yet. But since that day, the flowers had never wilted. There was a light fragrance in the warm air, including the fragrance of lotus and the fragrance of other flowers.

Princess Yashan’s gaze was a little blue. She couldn’t help looking at the flower bed. She wanted to speak but held her words back. Finally, she decided on a topic and said, “How did the lotus flowers blossom? I remember the blooming season is in July and August. I’ve never seen such beautiful lotuses before.”

“It’s a little special this year,” Su Man said. He didn’t know how to tell her about Hailan, nor explain how the lotuses bloomed. He could only say that things were a little special that year. He was a person who had little patience, but he was exceptionally patient with Princess Yashan. He knew that she had something to say to him, but she was just not ready to talk about it.

The more Su Man was like this, the more nervous Princess Yashan was. Her fair and tender fingers were squeezed so hard that she almost tore her dress.

She picked up the jade cup and drank a cup of floral tea. She complimented the tea and Su Man responded to her casually. Sitting under the tree, the man and woman were shrouded by the afternoon sun. They looked so compatible and perfect together, and the two of them made a beautiful scene. However, the harmony between them was ruined by the man’s sense of alienation.

“Su Man, am I pretty?” Princess Yashan asked suddenly. Her fair and tender cheeks were flushed. It was difficult for a reserved and gentle woman like her who had been educated in court etiquette since she was a child to ask such questions.

Su Man didn’t answer immediately. Princess Yashan’s face turned even redder. She looked down with some uneasiness and expectation. Then, Su Man said softly, “Very beautiful!”

No men or women would deny the fact that Princess Yashan was beautiful and lovely. She was indeed the dream lover of all men, but not him.

To him, her beauty was only for appreciation. Moreover, few people could match his level of beauty. He was already apathetic to this superficial description.

Princess Yashan’s eyes brightened and asked again, “You don’t hate me, do you?”

Su Man nodded. “No.”

Princess Yashan was also an old friend of his.

The redness on her face became more obvious. After a long time of hesitation, she mustered up her courage. “How about I marry you?”

Su Man was a little stunned. Marry him? She asked to marry him, in the tone of a friend instead of an order of the princess. Su Man had always known that Princess Yashan liked him, but she did not know about his sexual orientation. It was not a thing that he felt ashamed of. It was just that both of them had a tacit understanding to not talk about this as friends. It had always been like that in their relationship.

‘Why did she cross the line today?’

Su Man was puzzled.

“What’s the matter?” Su Man asked in a gentle voice. If there wasn’t an emergency, she would not make such a request. She was way too reserved and shy. Her cheeks were so red that it looked like blood would flow out of it. How much courage would she need to gather to make such a request?

The young kid, who was eavesdropping on them through the wall, whispered, “Bai Ye, how great would it be if you were as bold as that pretty lady? Men should really learn from women. She’s brave.”

Bai Ye knocked the young kid’s head. “Be quiet. Don’t make any noise.”

He narrowed his eyes and looked at the two of them from a distance. It was rare to see Su Man behave so gently, not to mention that it was because of a woman. He was a little… unhappy.

Princess Yashan’s brown eyes teared up, but she held back. Perseverance could be seen on her beautiful face. “My father asked me to marry Charles, the second prince of Country R. I don’t want to. Su Man, please help me.”

The relationship between Country R and Saudi Arabia had always been friendly, and marriage was a way for both sides to maintain their relationship. Princess Yashan was well-known and liked by Prince Charles, and he had proposed the marriage this time.

The king of Saudi Arabia had considered it for a long time and asked for Princess Yashan’s opinion on it. He doted on her and wanted to make decisions based on her wishes. However, his actual intention was to hope that Princess Yashan would take the overall situation into consideration while making her choice.

Everyone in the royal family knew that she liked Su Man. It was almost an open secret. But, she couldn’t tell Su Man’s heart. The king didn’t object to her marrying Su Man, but the point was that Su Man had to agree.

“Yashan, I can’t help you,” Su Man said calmly. He was extremely firm and straightforward in rejecting her.

Princess Yashan didn’t expect that he would reject her so mercilessly. She was so embarrassed that she bit her lip sadly and held back the tears in her eyes. “Su Man, why? Is it because of what the royal family had done to the Su family? Have you been rejecting me all these years because of that?”

Su Man said in a deep voice, “No.”

He was an indifferent man, and what had happened in the past didn’t matter to him at all. Princess Yashan regained hope and asked eagerly, “Then, why? Tell me. What’s wrong with me? I will change.”

“No, you’re fine. There’s no need for you to change,” Su Man said calmly. “You are beautiful, generous, considerate, strong, firm, and gentle. Good girls like you are rare. If you had asked me for help in the past, I would have agreed. But now, I can’t.”

“Why?” Princess Yashan’s tears rolled down her cheeks. She felt that crying was inappropriate and wiped away her tears with a handkerchief immediately. Feeling dejected, she asked, “Why?”

“Yashan, I don’t love you,” Su Man said. “Even if I agreed to your request, we would also be a fake couple who wouldn’t interfere with each other’s lives. It wouldn’t be like what you think, and everything would still be the same.”

It was rare for Su Man to say so much at a time. Everything he said was the main point of what he wanted to convey.

Princess Yashan was greatly disappointed, and she was full of agony. “I really don’t want to marry Charles. I hate it. Are princesses born to sacrifice for marriage? I can’t even marry someone I like. Do I have no choice?”

“No, you do,” Su Man said lightly. “You can choose to not marry. The royal family has four princesses. You are not the only choice.”

“But…” She wanted to marry him. She wanted to marry Su Man. Even if it meant that they would maintain a superficial relationship, she was willing to marry him. She would be satisfied as long as she could chat with him and be around him all her life.

Couldn’t he satisfy such a simple wish of hers?

Su Man frowned slightly. He did not like to see her sad. Princess Yashan restrained herself from showing too much sadness and asked, “Su Man, do you have someone you like?”

“Why do you ask?”

“If there is no one you like, why are you so determined on not marrying me?” Princess Yashan asked persistently.

“Yashan, if you marry me, you won’t be happy. Why are you forcing it?” Su Man’s voice was calm.

“Really. Do you have someone in mind?”

Su Man remained silent.

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