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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 570 - An Extremely Hilarious Family
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Su Man, unwilling to believe that he was kissed by Bai Ye again, opened his eyes wide. Bai Ye had unintentionally kissed him the first time their lips touched and broke away, but his warm lips left him with a special feeling. While Bai Ye deliberately kissed him the second time, he did not dare to kiss too deeply and broke off after a moment of contact. He could clearly feel his heart stir.

This time… Su Man’s mind was blank and all his faculties of thought were blocked.

He felt the hand on his waist grab him forcefully and tightly. The warm chest, along with the scent that mingled with the gentle fragrance of menthol, lingered around his nose and messed about even more with his heart.

Seeing that he did not resist, Bai Ye became even more brazen and hugged Beauty Su even more tightly and tried to inch his teeth apart and went for his tongue. Su Man was taken aback and tried to push him away in a panic. Before he could call Bai Ye out on his presumptuousness, Bai Ye kissed him even harder and went as far as to suck on Su Man’s tongue. He ran his tongue across each inch of Su Man’s skin brazenly and wantonly, wanting to enjoy this moment for as long as he could.

Su Man panicked and he felt his mind utterly blackout. An innumerable panic flashed across his black eyes and helplessness swamped him. He, in his panic, grabbed Bai Ye’s sleeves with such force he sank his nails into Bai Ye’s arms.

Bai Ye could feel his body gently shuddering. His heart thumped crazily as though it was about to leap out of his mouth and into Beauty Su’s hands so that he could hold it gently and treasure it.

He could not describe this indescribable feeling. This sensation charmed him and led him astray.

Su Man looked above to see the sunny blue sky blossom with the fragrance of flowers. He could feel his heart brimming with something.

He somehow regained his strength and suddenly pushed Bai Ye away. Beauty Su’s face was flushed and his pitch-black eyes seemed rather obscure and were extremely charming. His pinkish lips turned red from the kissing and his breathing was a tad scrambled. He could feel his hair by the side of his face and he seemed slightly helter-skelter. He was in a slight panic, and even… irate.

Slight anger arose from him and toward Bai Ye.

Bai Ye stood still and had a calm look on his face. He did not even slightly regret kissing Su Man as it felt magical. Apart from Ye Wei kissing him out of a prank years ago, the feeling of him kissing Su Man was without precedent.

He could not let go of him and utterly missed him. Romantic feelings, which were nothing short of utterly charming, left few to wonder why there were so many people obsessed with love and how decadence and hedonism were commonplace.

The decadence and hedonism since time immemorial left people amused.

“I wanted to tell you how I felt but felt that my lips would be a much more intimate means of expressing my feelings for you.” Bai Ye calmly answered a slightly flustered Beauty Su.

Speaking was one of the basic things that the lips and tongue could do. He suddenly realized that kissing was the core function of the lips and tongue. It was extremely enjoyable, and he had to be the object of his kissing.

As it was the first time that someone had treated him that way, Su Man felt his ears turn slightly red. “Shut up!” He bellowed in slight frustration.

This idiot was once hard to get but was now all gushy. Third Young Master Ye was surely enough of a guru to not only tease women but men too. Or, was it because Bai Ye was much more malleable by nature?

Su Man coldly harrumphed. What kind of nonsense was on his mind?

Bai Ye obediently kept quiet as he looked at Su Man’s reddened face in pride. It was afraid he was the first person to make Beauty Su blush. Hearsay had it that even a naked Ye Wei was unable to leave him blushing.

While he wondered how things would have turned out if he had stripped, Bai Ye calmly pondered about the final move that Third Young Master Ye imparted to him. He had to seal the deal at the best possible time under the best of circumstances.

“Su Man, what do you think? I believe that I am sufficiently clear.” Bai Ye looked at him with certainty and an insistent look that did not allow him to shirk the question.

Su Man’s face was somewhat calm, and his wildly thumping heart started to calm down. “You fancy me?” he calmly asked.

Bai Ye paused and smiled gently. “I was of the opinion that ‘mutual interest’ would be a more apt way to describe us.”

‘Hmmph! He sure wants to get the upper hand on this!’ Su Man secretly thought to himself. He slightly tucked his reddened lips. His calm look seemed to further arouse Bai Ye.

He really wanted to kiss him on the lips and kiss him as wantonly as he could.

Looking at Beauty Su’s face, this was definitely off the tables unless he wanted to forsake future opportunities.

Su Man seemed to be in thought and did not reply. Bai Ye then had a crying look on his face and moaned with a serious look.” How could you make a straight man like me bend toward you? You’re really irresponsible…”

The young kid, who was hiding in the tree, was laughing out loud. ‘Bai Ye, you are a freaking genius!’ Why didn’t he discover that Bai Ye had a knack for humor? He was seriously badass!”

He slipped down the tree and opened the gallery of his cell phone. He took a photo of Bai Ye and Su Man kissing. As his cell phone had similar capabilities to a camera, he could take up-close photos and telephoto shorts clearly. He would return to show his mommy and daddy these photos.

As he thought about how they would look, the young kid became gleeful.

It would not be long before he would go to the island. These were the last few moments of fun he would have with them before he would see them a few years later. He must have his fill of fun before leaving.

Su Man was utterly taken aback.

He harrumphed and then suddenly flung his sleeves and left. Bai Ye chased up happily and asked, “What does your silence mean?”


“Beauty Su, you can’t be so ungenerous! I have been so clear toward you!” A cunning moment flashed through Bai Ye’s eyes. “Hey, if you are not going to express anything, I’ll go public with what happened.”

Beauty Su’s face blackened. What an asshat!

“Don’t you want to be responsible? Hmmph!”

Bai Ye was lost for words.

‘Ah, that’s considered expressing his feelings? That’s no way to cheat somebody…’ Forget it then! One should giggle if he had to bear responsibility for the fallout, no? The rest could be talked about overtime.

Cheng Anya and Third Young Master Ye saw the photos that the young kid took and solemnly commented. “Bai Ye is extremely courageous to dare to kiss Beauty Su. I wager that he can’t wait to reach into Beauty Su’s clothes,” Cheng Anya said.

“Save the wager. That’s a given. The kiss was not passionate enough, and one has to be extremely certain and decisive when confronted with such a situation. Make love first and talk later. Bai Ye is tarrying away,” Third Young Master Ye said.

“Hehe, you seem to be extremely experienced. Tell me. How many women have you nailed?” Cheng Anya laughed but the atmosphere became a tad more solemn.

Third Young Master Ye, following the conversation, counted with his fingers. He then suddenly clenched his fists. “Wifey, you are the only one.”

‘I never flirt with unwholesome women.’

Cheng Anya gritted her teeth. The young kid, hugging Little Hailan and sitting aside, looked at his parents innocently. Both brother and sister bit their tender fingers at the same time.

As the two of them were too eager to settle the score with each other, they did not notice the two over-the-top children. “Brother, you are so mean!” Little Hailan calmly said.

“Be good. I was just showing them some sights.”

Little Hailan’s black grape-like eyes became despising at how scheming her brother had become. “Daddy, Mommy, do you want to consider the fact that there are two underage children here too?” Little Hailan asked nicely.

Cheng Anya looked around here. “Are there children here? Why can’t I see them? Who are they?”

Little Hailan and the young kid were both aghast.

‘Wahhh! Mommy, you should not look down on your own children…’

Third Young Master Ye raised Little Hailan up. This lass was able to look up, and it was a miracle. “Darling Hailan, tell me. Are you a child? Be honest, okay? Are you a child?”

“Daddy, my diapers are about to drop. I feel like peeing when you raise me like this.” Ye Hailan gently reminded Third Young Master Ye to be careful.

The young kid broke into laughter. ‘Sister, you are just so funny and over-the-top! Your ability to calmly face Mommy’s jokes is so like Mommy on this!’

Cheng Anya, who was laughing, fell onto the sofa and even supported Hailan peeing on him. “Mommy, I cannot anyhow urine. It’s very uncivilized,” Hailan calmly replied.

‘Dear daughter, that doesn’t matter. You have a special permission to.’

Third Young Master Ye hugged his daughter, aghast with gritted teeth. Both mother and daughter, while adorable, were utterly infuriating at times.

“Are you a child?” Third Young Master Ye solemnly asked again.

“No.” Ye Hailan shook her head.

“That’s it! I’ve always said that you were no child. You remember who you previously were, no? Be honest. Daddy can take it,” Third Young Master Ye calmly said.

Cheng Anya and the young kid looked at Ye Hailan expectedly and hoped to listen to some legendary story.

Ye Hailan was even calmer than before. She gently smiled and said, “I am actually, by definition, an infant. I am not a child.”

Cheng Anya fell silent and looked at Ye Hailan disdainfully. This daughter of hers was so scheming to the point she had to disapprove. That said, if she weren’t scheming, she wouldn’t be part of their family.

Third Young Master Ye was lost for words.

“Dear sister, you should keep us expecting something!” the young kid said.

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