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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 573 - Below
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Su Man bore with it for a moment. The man next to him was breathing evenly and sounded as though he was in a deep slumber. Both of them were extremely tired in the past few days, and they felt fatigued enough to conk off on the bed despite being in good spirits.

He gently reached out and removed Bai Ye’s hand around his waist before heaving a sigh of relief. It was afraid no men would allow themselves to be hugged like a woman by some other men.

Su Man, given his pride, was even more unwilling.

Bai Ye’s legs were on him, and his hands propped his head up. Su Man waited for a moment before slowly lifting his upper half up and removed Bai Ye’s other elbow from him and gently laid them aside. He seemed to be in a deep slumber and had nary a feeling. He did not know what beautiful dream he had, but his thin lips had a gentle smile on them. Su Man, afraid to wake him up, gently laid down again.

When he turned to look at Bai Ye who was next to him, Bai Ye was breathing evenly. Two men sharing a bed and cotton blanket on a warm night made for an even warmer night. Bai Ye’s face was already slightly flushed and seemed especially alluring.

Beauty Su suddenly turned around and swallowed. He felt his lips become parched and could not help but tuck his lips. He was angry for unknown reasons, and his face was solemn.

He was clearly tired, and they were about to doze off when the young kid called them. Why didn’t he feel sleepy at all? Su Man felt mixed emotions in his heart.

He secretly wondered if the weather was too warm.

Bai Ye rolled and grunted before reaching his elbow under Su Man’s pillow so that Su Man could rest against his elbow as though it was a pillow. He did not hug Su Man’s waist with his other hand this time. Instead, he pinned Su Man down on his chest. Su Man struggled for a moment, and Bai Ye, in his dreams, could sense Su Man’s uneasiness. “Don’t move!” He could not help but bark.

Su Man indeed calmed down before flying into a rage instead.

‘F***! Are you f***ing treating me as though I’m some beauty?’

If it were some woman being hugged by an elegant man in such a position, they would have definitely felt extremely good about it and been more than willing to. With both parties willing, the problem here was that he was a legitimate man! How embarrassing would it be for a man to be hugged by another man in such a manner!

Did he hug women whom he previously slept with in the same manner? Was that the reason for this sleep fetish he had? As Beauty Su’s thoughts became even darker, he really wanted to kick him off the bed.

Everybody would get the calm they wanted.

However, as he thought about it, he realized that he had taken much of the workload in the past few days out of concern for others. He was much more tired than him, and what he was doing was clearly not the kindest of things.

But if he kept this up, he would definitely be unable to sleep for the whole night.

Since Bai Ye had him completely pinned down, wouldn’t his hand become numb? Su Man secretly wondered. He was a man. He was not as tender as a woman. Would it even feel comfortable to hug him?

The light in the suite was extremely dim, and Su Man was breathing deeply. He suddenly looked at him, who was in a deep sleep, calmly before yanking away Bai Ye’s hands with all the force he could muster. He put a hand to his side and ran his hand across Bai Ye. Both of their sleeping postures instantly changed.

Bai Ye now propped himself against Su Man’s elbow and Bai Ye seemed to be extremely uncomfortable and briefly struggled. Su Man calmly pinned his hand against his chest and forced him to sleep in his embrace.

This eventually ended up with Bai Ye pinning Su Man’s legs down whilst Su Man hugged Bai Ye to sleep. It was a sleeping posture that was extremely NSFW.

Beauty Su dangerously wondered. If he moved again, he could infer that he was feigning sleep and would, without hesitation, kick him off the bed. Bai Ye, however, struggled a little and really fell asleep as he rested his head on his arm.

Therefore, Beauty Su was satisfied.

He was able to have a good sleep. Actually, he had never hugged somebody to sleep. It would have been impossible for him to share the bed with somebody like him. While he thought he would not be able to fall asleep by hugging Bai Ye, little did he know that he fell asleep extremely quickly.

The next day, Su Man woke up feeling alert and discovered that Bai Ye was looking at him with eyes wide. Su Man was still slightly dreamy from having just woken up when he felt somebody pin him down and kiss him on his lips before he could respond.

A warm scent ran down his face, messing with his thoughts. Bai Ye kissed him and enjoyed every moment of it.

“F*** off!” Su Man said.

Bai Ye felt conflicted.

Once the two of them were done and went down to check on the little baby, Cheng Anya was also awake and playing with Little Hailan as she hugged her. Cheng Anya was just overly exhausted and was largely fine. Hailan, too, had completely recovered.

Her illness came upon her extremely aggressively and she was in critical condition. Things passed peacefully in a near-scare.

Third Young Master Ye, feeling worried, had Bai Ye check Hailan again, and the results were normal. The couple then really relaxed and the young kid accidentally touched Su Man’s shoulders. Beauty Su grunted.

“Su Man, what’s with your hand?” the young kid asked curiously.

Bai Ye, in seeming laughter from the side, looked at Beauty Su. “All’s fine. It’s just a tad stiff,” Beauty Su said.

Once he said that, Cheng Anya looked at Su Man and Bai Ye weirdly as she stroked her nose. The NSFW image of Bai Ye and Su Man sleeping together flashed through her mind. Third Young Master Ye would often hug her to sleep in the same manner, and his arms would go numb the next morning and took a long time to recover.

The two of them could not have done… that….

That said, where did they sleep the night before?

There was too much room for imagination, and Beauty Su’s face was still red. What if…

Cheng Anya innocently thought. Who initiated and who received?

By virtue of looks, Beauty Su must have been on the receiving end. But in terms of character, both of them were quick to take the initiative.

She heard BL fans once mention that two strong men being together would often imply that might meant right. If that was the case, it was Beauty Su who was at the losing end.

There was another genre: mutual initiation and acceptance. If that was the case, they would have been utterly busy the whole night. That would explain why they were so late today.

What if they had both made overtures to each other last night?

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