Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 576 - Adorable Eleven
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 576 - Adorable Eleven
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Eleven wanted to leave the report behind for Bai Ye and Su Man to carry on researching them. Following Old Witch’s conditioning of her body, the virus in her body did not change much and would not mutate in at least the next two years. Two years would be more than enough for them to research it and possibly save Eleven by then.

Bai Ye happened to have a legitimate reason to remain in Riyadh, and Cheng Anya and Eleven talked about Su Man and Bai Ye. Eleven was taken aback for a long moment and then stupidly asked how they should be addressed in terms of seniority.

Everybody was taken aback. They did not understand why Eleven suddenly asked about seniority. Since they and Su Man were of the same generation, despite him being chum buddies with the young kid, he was just a year older than Bai Ye and about five to six years older than Eleven. They could be considered to be of the same generation.

Eleven, after asking, then realized how stupid her question was. Her pale face became a tad red.

How could she be so stupid?

Cheng Anya suddenly recalled something and said, “Ah, Su Man is the Mo brothers’ uncle. He should be more senior than Eleven.”

When Cheng Anya said that, Bai Ye was aghast as he had no inkling about it. Cheng Anya then told him all about Su Ruhua before he understood. He then suddenly turned to Eleven and teasingly said, “Eleven, that said, only Ye Wei and you will be concerned about this, am I right?”

Eleven’s face became even redder. She regretted saying the wrong things. Once one had been subconsciously identified with something, things became extremely difficult to change. She had subconsciously remembered how Su Man and the Mo brothers were related, and as she recalled her relationship with Mo Ye, Bai Ye, and Su Man, she felt conflicted as to how to address them by virtue of their seniority. Cheng Anya just did not have that problem.

If Ye Wei and Eleven really followed the Mo brothers, they would be a generation behind Bai Ye and Su Man. That was the first problem that came to her mind, and her thinking was undoubtedly cyclical.

Bai Ye secretly wondered to himself how wonderful this was. He thought about how the cocky Mo brothers would one day obediently call Su Man ‘uncle’. That would make for a very wholesome and happy ending. One wondered whether such a day would come to pass.

That said, how should they address him?

Aunt? Uncle?

Bai Ye shuddered and felt his goose bumps drop to the ground. F*** that! His thoughts sure were all over the place, and he was overthinking things. The Mo brothers acknowledging Su Man was not a problem yet.

The young kid pouted his mouth cutely. “Isn’t this a case of friendly fire? What is all this for?”

This sure left people feeling conflicted.

“This is clearly a case of two families who can never stand each other. Your auntie has yet to be married to them, so that does not count,” Third Young Master Ye replied. While they all respected Ye Wei’s choice, it all fell down to how Mo Jue carried himself. If he eventually disappointed Ye Wei, they would not spare him nevertheless.

It was too early to call them family.

Cheng Anya shrugged her shoulders. Did it make sense for these men to constantly cockfight each other? If they really wanted to establish a pecking order, anything could work. Was there really an absolute necessity to engage in such conflict, that if became hot, would result in deaths?

She was extremely unwilling to let Third Young Master Ye involve himself in the affairs of the Dragon Gate, and she was also secretly thankful that Third Young Master Ye was the hidden master of the Dragon Gate. While Fourth Young Master Tang handled matters of the Dragon Gate openly and abroad, Third Young Master Ye watched over An Ning International and still had his way or two on both sides of the law. Being safe and sound was the ultimate blessing.

Like Eleven and her, women and men tended to think differently. Ye Wei’s thoughts were also largely different as Eleven and Ye Wei tended to think like men and pursued power and strength. That was thanks to the very different education they had.

They were, seriously speaking, people from two different worlds. One was a harmonious society while the other was the dark and murky underworld. These two different worlds would make two different people.

“Daddy, does auntie getting married make so much of a difference?”

Third Young Master Ye said,” Baby, salutations are extremely important. Your auntie is amnesiac, and Mo Jue has no way of having her call him that. He utterly lacks foresight and the ability to predict, and that is an utter disgrace to men. It’s still too early for him to acknowledge me.”

He said it so matter-of-factly that all the men present fell silent, aghast! If he and Cheng Anya were in their shoes, he would have resorted to the most extreme means to hitch her before anything else. He was the classic schemer.

When it came to romantic overtures, extremely few could match up to Third Young Master Ye. All one had to know that was the case was to watch the fruits of his sexual grooming of Bai Ye.

Cheng Anya was extremely used to it.

“Look at this shoot. The young kid will be a damn good player in time to come.” Bai Ye gently sighed and secretly wondered how he thankfully did not have a daughter. If he had, she would have taken a liking to the young kid out of poor judgment. Catastrophic consequences would ensue and he would be squeezed dry.

“Hey, don’t implicate the children with the sins of the parents. Keep Hailan and me out of this.” The young kid immediately clarified his position and clenched his fists as he burned with unholy anger. “I am a very innocent and faithful good child.”

Third Young Master Ye dope-slapped him, and laughter filled the room.

In the afternoon, Cheng Anya and Third Young Master Ye went out to buy gifts for their friends in City A while the young kid took care of Little Hailan at home. As Eleven was afraid of him accidentally dropping the little darling, she also took care of Little Hailan with him.

Little Hailan happened to be awake, and she looked at her brother and Eleven with her black grape-like eyes, smiling. The little child had an incredible memory. She could still remember Eleven. Thus, she politely greeted Eleven.

Before Little Hailan was born, Third Young Master Ye had bought her many toys for toddlers. Little did they expect such an over-the-top enfant terrible who would despise that heap of toys as they were for retarded people instead of her. If it weren’t for Little Hailan’s short and tender fingers, he would have wanted to teach Little Hailan how to play the computer.

Eleven, who was playing with children this young for the first time, felt it was novel. She was also shocked.

“Eleven, do you want to hug my sister?”

Eleven immediately shook her head. She used to feel that she did not really like children, but Old Witch told her that it would be extremely difficult for her to have children due to her constitution. Even if she managed to deliver said child, it was afraid the child would not be healthy. She only felt a little disappointed then.

But when she looked at Little Hailan, who was so cute, she felt heartache and regret.

She had always felt that children were a thought too distant for her and had never considered them to be important. It was only after she lost the chance to become a mother did she realize that her past self had not treasured it.

“She’s really nice to carry. Come over and carry her while I go to the washroom.” The young kid chucked Little Hailan into Eleven’s hands and disappeared in a flash.

Eleven’s eyes opened in shock while carrying the child in both arms below her armpits. She managed to support the child, who stood on her legs, albeit in a very stiff posture. Her eyes were as wide as Little Hailan’s eyes…

Little Hailan was a little uncomfortable from being propped up and seemed a little uneasy. Eleven was feeling even more uncomfortable than Little Hailan as she held Little Hailan with arms reached straight out without daring to move the slightest.

Her hands took lives.

For some reason and since some time ago, she did not particularly care about taking lives.

Once she exerted strength, her hands were undoubtedly forceful. Given how tender this little child was, all she needed was just a little more force to crush her. Eleven was in shock. She was extremely afraid she would really crush her elbows.

As she thought she was hurting Little Hailan, she had an especially aggrieved look and subconsciously let go. When Little Hailan fell, she picked her up in a panic. Little Hailan’s obsidian eyes looked at her even more aggrievedly and she seemed to be about to cry…

Eleven’s eyes were also wide open, and she seemed she was about to cry as well…

“Auntie, my arms are hurting…” Little Hailan could not help but speak out. Her tender voice was extremely lovable.

Eleven said, “Brother is coming out. Hang on, okay?”

Little Hailan pouted.

“Stop crying!” Eleven felt conflicted over how she seemed to be about to cry, and she quickly interrupted Ye Hailan.

Ye Hailan’s pink lips curled into a smile. “Auntie, you are the one who’s about to cry, right?”

Eleven was speechless.

When the young kid came out from the washroom, she saw both over-the-top characters and scooted closer quizzically. Eleven maintained her posture as he came in and held Little Hailan extremely stiffly.

Both adult and child had very conflicted looks.

“Eleven, what are you doing?”

“Quickly take her away from me!”

‘Take her away? Oh, my poor sister who has become an object! How tragic!’

“Eleven, you don’t like children?” The young kid hugged Ye Hailan. The latter scooted in her brother’s embrace in indignation and chuckled “Auntie is so stupid.”

Eleven’s cheeks were slightly red. When she heard Little Hailan call her stupid, her face became redder. How was she even stupid? She was too afraid of injuring the child. Really, how could you get a killer to hug a child?”

The scene was extremely chilling, and her past self would never imagine such a squishy life-form in her own hands.

Ning Ning seemed to understand and stroked his sister’s head. “Auntie is indeed too stupid. Let’s not blame her, okay?”

What a brat!

“Eleven, are we on the same flight out tomorrow?” the young kid asked. “Are you going back to Great Britain with me? Or are you headed somewhere else?”

Eleven never mentioned where she would go, just how she would leave with him.

Eleven looked down and said, “We’re going to Italy first before you head back to Great Britain. Chu Li will arrange for somebody to send you to the island.”

“You’re going to Italy? To look for Mo Ye?”

Eleven nodded. It had been half a year since Mo Jue declared Mo Ye’s death. She had never heard anything else about Mo Ye, and it was Second Boss Mo who was the godfather of the Mafia.

‘Is Mo Ye conscious?’

She wanted to know as she had to take out Kahn and Meng Lianying. She would not allow anybody else to take the initiative this time.

Absolutely no!

A vehement gaze flashed past Eleven’s eyes.

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