Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 577 - Farewell
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 577 - Farewell
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Eleven sat in her room for quite a moment and felt somewhat fatigued. She had not rested after getting off the plane and was not in a particularly good state of mind. Once she was sure that the young kid would not drop Little Hailan, she went back to her room to rest.

She always thought she was the adult whilst the young kid was the child as she knew how to take care of the child better than the young kid. Little did anybody expect otherwise, and she was leagues off from the young kid.

Once Eleven had left, the young kid finally had an opportunity to ask Hailan about her previous incarnation.

Little Hailan looked lost and asked perplexedly, “Brother, what are you talking about? Little Hailan does not understand.”

“Stop bluffing your brother. I know everything. Tell me. I won’t tell anybody else for I have a favor to ask of you,” the young kid said as he looked at Hailan eagerly, hoping to please her. He even went as far as to swear. “Really. I swear that I will not tell anybody else.”

Little Hailan looked at the young kid weirdly and curled up her lips in slight indignation and said, “Dear brother, I do not know what you are talking about. Could you be clearer? What goddess? What previous incarnation? I have no idea at all.”

The young kid was baffled and looked at Ye Hailan seriously. He then solemnly asked, “Hailan, you really have no idea about this? You’re not lying to your brother?”

Little Hailan nodded solemnly. “I really do not know.”

“If that is the case, why do you insist that you be called Hailan?” The young kid asked in bafflement. Her previous incarnation was also called Hailan, and the young kid thought she had remembered her previous incarnation and hence insisted on her name being Hailan.

She had personally said that she was called Hailan.

Wasn’t that the case?

“Oh, you mean that incident?” Little Hailan gently laughed. “I had a dream on the night I was born. I dreamed that somebody called me Hailan. While I do recall some incidents in my previous life, they are extremely fragmented. I just know that I was the lotus goddess and do not recall anything else. I heard somebody call me Hailan, so I insisted on being called Hailan.”

“Really?” The little hope that was aflame in the young kid’s heart was then extinguished. He was hoping to find Xu Nuo, but it seemed that he wouldn’t be able to. Thanks to Ye Hailan, he finally believed in the talk about reincarnation and the spiritual realm.

He urgently wanted to find Xu Nuo.

Even if she were some spirit, he was as willing.

“Brother, what’s with you?” Little Hailan asked worriedly. The young kid shook his head and Little Hailan gently smiled. “Brother, do not be worried. I am still young and lack power. Once I become older, I might just become much stronger and be able to help you. What’s your wish?”

“I’ll save it until you are older.” The young kid touched his sister’s head lovingly. He was clearly asking for too much and knew too well that it was his wishful thinking that he was unwilling to let go of.

‘Nuo Nuo…’

“Brother, how do you know all these?” Little Hailan curiously asked him. She had never mentioned these to anybody else.

The young kid told Ye Hailan what happened in the hospital that day. “I thought you knew everything.”

“I do not,” Ye Hailan said. “It’s little wonder that I could feel my life force deteriorating. It turned out that she saved me.”

“What her? It’s you! Wasn’t it you?” the young kid asked perplexedly.

Ye Hailan shook her head and explained. “Although that’s a soul, it was not a soul as the two parts must fuse together to form a soul. As for today, she and I are different.”

The young kid could not understand what she meant, and Ye Hailan did not over-explain. After all, he should not know too much as it was of little benefit. Since the mortal realm and spiritual realms were different, they could not interfere with each other. Knowing too much was not beneficial.

Ye Hailan gently smiled. “Brother, you are really lucky. Nobody has ever witnessed such a scene.”

The young kid laughed. “However you put it, you’re still my younger sister.”

“Definitely! This body was from Daddy and Mommy, and I really like them,” Ye Hailan smiled as she said.

“You have that slight resemblance to Mommy! I saw how you look when you are older,” the young kid said in shock.

“That’s perfect, gorgeous.”

“You will become even prettier than Mommy.”

“Shhh! If Mommy hears this, she will wallop you.”

“Mommy should be proud that her daughter will be better-looking than her!” The young kid laughed. He knew his mommy best.

Little Hailan smiled while the young kid said stiflingly, “It will be years before we meet once we part ways tomorrow. You must remember to think of your brother, okay?”

“Where is brother going?”

“Brother will disappear for a few years for the long haul.” The young kid clenched his fists, extraordinary anger burning in him. “You’ll, in a few years, see an extremely handsome, suave brother who is extremely capable and will be able to protect you.”

Little Hailan was speechless.

“Brother is already very suave, handsome, and powerful.”

“Sister…” The young kid sternly called her. Little Hailan raised her eyebrows, and the young kid said, “I realized that you are pretty good at sucking up to me.”

“Brother and Mommy have taught me well,” Little Hailan calmly answered.

The young kid was lost for words.

Oh, the sin!

The next day, Eleven and the young kid boarded a private plane on the Su family’s private parking apron that was headed for Italy. Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya bade them farewell. Following this farewell, it would be years before they would be able to see their son again. While Cheng Anya said that it did not matter to her, she was starting to miss him. She wondered how this tender and adorable child that she raised would turn out after a few years.

Ye Wei had already hit the road when she was thirteen, and Ning Ning would be able to achieve all these by said age. While that would take about six to seven years, Chu Li, Jason, and all already saw him as a successor to be groomed. He would undoubtedly take more time.

They did not know how many years it would be before they met. Little Hailan reluctantly waved to her brother as she bade him farewell. She really liked her brother, and little did she expect him to leave a little more than a month later.

Once the plane took off, Third Young Master Ye and Cheng Anya packed their luggage. As there happened to be a direct flight to City A, Third Young Master Ye brought Cheng Anya and Little Hailan back via plane. Bai Ye brought them to the airport.

Enroute, Third Young Master Ye and Bai Ye chatted about the latter and Su Man. Third Young Master Ye imparted everything about his pursuit of his wife to Bai Ye and wished him all the best.

As Cheng Anya listened on, her face twitched. Su Man was completely different from her. ‘Bai Ye, believe Third Young Master Ye at your own peril!’

Eleven boarded the plane and fell asleep. She woke up and played chess with the young kid. She was not too sloppy at it and played a perfect game. The young kid really liked it too.

“Who taught you to play chess?” The young kid could not help but ask her.

“My master,” Eleven said.

When it came to chess, she recalled those extremely happy days in Eastern Europe half a year ago when she was Little Seven and he was Anthony. She lived extremely happily back then.

When they were free, they often played chess. Mo Ye was extremely good at chess but often allowed her to win. She was unconvinced and wanted him to put his best foot forward. While he obliged, he still went easy on her.

As she recalled that, her heart throbbed in pain.

She really missed those days. Had it not been for Meng Lianying messing them over, she perhaps would have collapsed into his gentleness and gradually… forget Mo Ye’s ruthless and callousness to eventually forgive him.

Actually, she did not harbor as much hate as before, especially after Mo Ye was shot. That pain, that agonizing pain, had gradually settled. While she did recall those desperate days, she did not feel as though she was absolutely unable to forgive him.

Dynamics between people were nothing short of queer. While one could wish the other person dead like how she wanted him to die a death by a thousand cuts, why…

—did her heart gradually soften?

Was her heart too soft? That wasn’t the case. Her heart was as cold as stone, and she, however much she tried, could not soften it and forgive him. It could have been those days that she really felt his sincerity.

Especially the moment he was shot. At that moment, he seemed to be surrounded by many graves, desolate and terrifying.

If Mo Ye had indeed died, others would have treated said death as a statistic. To her, however, her entire world would become a grave, suffocating beyond belief.

As she thought about it, she realized that it would be good if he were still alive since she could still love him and hate him. If he were dead, who would be her object of love and hatred?

She looked at the chess pieces in a daze for a moment before being startled back into reality by the young kid who teasingly asked, “A penny for your engrossed thoughts?”

“Nothing? What did you just say?”

“I just said that your master was extremely good.”

“Ah, yes, she is very good.” The young kid could tell that Eleven seemed a little distracted. He looked at her and asked, “Are you thinking of Mo Ye?”

“No!” Eleven quickly denied.

The young kid waved his hand with a ‘don’t you dare bluff me’ look on his face. Eleven smiled bitterly. That rascal sure caught on her really quickly.

“Children should ask fewer questions.”

“Okay, okay, okay. I’ll not ask then. Jason would be really upset,” the young kid said. “When I return, I’ll convince him to find somebody as gorgeous and stop waiting on you.”

Eleven was taken aback and did not say a word for quite a moment.

The young kid smiled and said, “Don’t you mind. When it comes to such matters, nobody can force a reluctant person. If you do not like Jason, so be it then. He will encounter somebody whom he is fated to be with.”


“When you see auntie, do see if she is still okay. I’ve heard some particularly unpleasant news in the past half year,” the young kid said seriously.

Eleven’s face slightly changed. “What kind of hearsay?”

“You go take a look first. I do not know whether they are true or not.”

“Wei Wei has given so much for him. If Mo Jue dares to let Wei Wei down, I’ll freaking cripple him!” Eleven said coldly.

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