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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 578 - A Surging Storm
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Italy, Sicily Island.

Eleven directly ordered somebody to land the plane in Sicily before bidding farewell to Ning Ning. As she reached in the night, Eleven used her special identity to get lodging in a hotel.

People like them who globe-trotted and whom Interpol tracked had tens of identification documents and passports that were all effective.

Once she had successfully checked in, Eleven discovered she was staying on the 39th floor and had a perfect view of the headquarters from the window. While she could not see anybody, she was much more at peace when she knew that Ye Wei was in there.

Eleven pulled the curtains and set the alarm before falling asleep. She was sleeping twice as long as she could and would become cranky and feel that her body was heavier if she did not have enough sleep.

She knew her body very well and gave her rest utmost attention. She was extremely tired when she landed, so she did not want to immediately look for Ye Wei.

She dozed off the earlier part of the night and did not wake up until it was two in the morning.

Eleven freshened up and went down the stairs before directly heading for the headquarters.

Ye Wei and she came to the headquarters when Louis was the godfather. She had committed the map of the headquarters to her memory. The headquarters was rebuilt on the original foundations, and the blueprints had not changed. This made things very easy for her.

The light in Mo Jue’s study room was still on.

He held the documents in a daze as he twirled his pen. He looked at the document, but his heart had drifted somewhere else. Mo Ye showed no sign of consciousness in the past half year, and all the affairs of the Mafia were squarely on his shoulders.

While Ye Wei was also capable and had taken considerable effort in helping out with the reconstruction, results showed extremely quickly. She acted more toughly than him, and her results were more evident. Mo Jue’s Knights of the Apocalypse did not oppose to Ye Wei taking part in the internal politics of the Mafia.

Mo Jue was even more agreeing as there were too many things to see to. In the past, when Mo Ye was the public face while he operated in the shadows, Mo Jue’s Knights of the Apocalypse and Birmingham had to be counted upon to handle many things, and they themselves only made major decisions.

Actually, much of the work fell on Mo Ye. With Mo Ye still unconscious, all his work, along with Mo Jue’s own work, fell onto Mo Jue’s shoulders. The Mafia had much to see to after the war, and following discussions with Mo Jue’s Knights of the Apocalypse, they decided not to engage the terrorist organization in direct conflict for now but focused on recovering their strength and resolve the conflict between the Italian government and the shadow government instead. It was Mo Jue’s intention after all.

He had much to see to in a day and could only afford four hours of sleep after contending with those bureaucrats. Such frivolous affairs were never Mo Jue’s strengths.

He was cold and would not stand for the slightest disadvantage. He was one who certainly returned the favor and would often cross the bureaucrats in his contention with them despite how much he tried to endure it.

Mo Jue’s Knights of the Apocalypse were secretly thankful that Ye Wei was present to advise him on how to contend with them. Once they had let their guard down, creating an ‘accidental death’ of a key figure was on the tables. It was much more effective to deter through intimidation than kill blatantly.

Ye Wei and Mo Jue were under immense pressure.

People who were just not strong enough would not be able to withstand the pressure.

Since they were often framed for the same old sins, repeating them became pointless.

The Elders’ Court was above the godfather as the latter was appointed by the former. The most kicka** godfather was Mo Shitian. Save him, nobody dared to treat the Elders’ Court as some relic.

Mo Shitian, on his first day on the job, flew into a rage because the top elder did not clear his internal plans and power-reshuffling arrangements. Mo Shitian had done all he could, including intimidation, before the other eight elders agreed to serve him.

He said, “I’ll give you ten seconds to reconsider your answer.”

The top elder slammed the table in anger, unwilling. This stemmed from the vastly decreased power the Elders’ Court wielded following the reshuffling of power. Mo Shitian, without saying another word, gunned him down and made his point. Everybody else voted in favor.

Since then, the Elders’ Court was merely pomp and fancy during Mo Shitian’s time.

That was Mo Shitian, an absolutely cold and tough man.

Save him, nobody else dared to take on the Elders’ Court in the same manner. The second instance this happened was when Mo Ye took power when he wasted an elder in the same manner. The Mo brothers, however, were not as lawless as their father. Their father’s influence was much more deeply rooted and he had no qualms about wasting a few old men. The Mo brothers’ influence, on the other hand, was much more shallow-rooted and was unable to fall out with the Elders’ Court yet.

Only Mo Jue, Ye Wei, Mo Jue’s Knights of the Apocalypse, and Birmingham knew of Mo Ye’s death. Mo Jue completely embargoed the information to the point no insiders knew. The Elders’ Court, of the opinion that Mo Jue was not a threat without Mo Ye, was itching to overthrow Mo Jue.

But they later witnessed Mo Jue’s actions and how the Mafia swiftly recovered. They finally learned that a Mo Jue without Mo Ye was still a tough leader and did away with the idea despite how they somewhat resisted him. The root of it lay in how Mo Ye wasting a member of the Elders’ Court reminded them of Mo Shitian. They knew very well that the brothers were like Mo Shitian.

They were extremely unwilling, but the government goading them to undergo such circumstances stirred them.

This was because they had already chosen the next godfather: Richie Swarovski. He was excellent in all areas and was just slightly under Mo Jue’s Knights of the Apocalypse.

Mo Ye used to be under Louis, but he later ascended to power. On the other hand, Mo Jue’s Knights of the Apocalypse entered the Mafia by virtue of their relations, so nobody dared to question their ability.

He was an extremely ambitious man and the Elders’ Court was of the opinion he met all criteria to be the godfather. The only thing they were unhappy with him was that he had mismanaged due to lust.

Richie, in his bid to win them over, swore never to disappoint them and changed his ways. While there was nothing wrong with having a lusty godfather, one could not afford to mismanage because of it. Richie really showed them his sincerity in changing and did not frequent the seedy places he used to.

One day, something happened.

When he encountered Ye Wei.

Ye Wei would only hang around Mo Jue, Mo Jue’s Knights of the Apocalypse, or Birmingham. While she would occasionally head out for missions with Cloud, nobody else dared to encroach on Mo Ye and Mo Jue’s resting places. Hence, few saw her and nobody knew that she was Ye Wei, the top international killer.

Everybody merely assumed that Mo Jue had another female bodyguard who was able to click with Cloud. Everyone then assumed that she, like Cloud, was one of Mo Jue’s assistants. They did not know how much this woman had helped them.

This day, Ye Wei went out to Rome to play and encountered Richie when she returned in the evening.

He wanted to tease Ye Wei, but given who Ye Wei was, Richie used his position to make things difficult for her and even literally forced her to yield. Ye Wei was utterly enraged and got into a fight with him. Richie was taken down in two moves.

Mo Jue, witnessing the scene, flew into a rage and immediately emasculated Richie.

While one thought the story would end here, little did anybody expect Richie to sell them out of revenge against Mo Jue.

The police wanted to catch Mo Jue but the Mafia wanted to play them against each other. Both parties engaged Mo Jue simultaneously. Knowing that Mo Jue only had a few men with him, Ye Wei and Mo Jue’s Knights of the Apocalypse immediately raced to the scrapyard when they received the news.

Ye Wei’s vicious moves left everybody shocked. She relieved her Eastern Europe days when she single-handedly took on several regiments of elite troops and policemen.

She only received the information sometime later. Mo Jue had been trapped for over an hour when she arrived with Mo Jue’s Knights of the Apocalypse. She was afraid she could not save him and thus became more berserk than when she was in Eastern Europe.

She took them on in a better mood previously, but now, she was wholly focused on saving Mo Jue.

Everybody was taken aback. Unfortunately, Mr. Brown personally led an elite regiment of troops this time. It was uncanny that Mr. Brown had been hot on Ye Wei’s heels for years as well.

Mo Jue and she collaborated and escaped safely.

However, word of Ye Wei spread and everybody knew overnight that the woman next to their godfather was Ye Wei, the killer of killers, a core member of the terrorist organization.

The Elders’ Court then started making things difficult for Ye Wei.

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