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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 579 - Over-The-Top Ye Wei
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ever since the terrorist organization became the top dog in the underworld, its conflict with the Mafia had never ceased but instead became even more intense with each engagement. They were fighting as though the other party could not exist.

Ye Wei and Eleven were well-known to the elders in the Mafia. They also knew that they belonged to the terrorist organization, but they had never seen them. They did not know that the lady Mo Jue called ‘Wei Wei’ was Ye Wei.

Absolutely nobody in the Mafia would expect Ye Wei to appear next to the godfather of the Mafia and have a hand in the running of the Mafia as though it belonged to her.

They were shocked.

Little did they expect Ye Wei to have contributed the most to the ceasefire, but instead thought about how the Mafia consistently lost out to the terrorist organization because of Ye Wei. As the Mafia was never this scorned years before, and almost cornered, even Mo Ye paid with his life.

They considered Ye Wei to be a spy, and she was the exact reason they were done in. They did not even listen to Mo Jue’s Knights of the Apocalypse explanation, and Mo Jue would simply have his own way and never give a care about these old heads.

There were two powers in the Mafia that were going against each other, and that had been so all along. What was once Louis against Rus was now the Elders’ Court against the Mo brothers. Their interests and aspirations were different.

The Elders’ Court was after stability whereas the Mo brothers were after power. The direction the Mafia was led in hence differed.

Mo Jue personally nurtured Mo Jue’s Knights of the Apocalypse, and they had followed him for many years. Mo Jue’s wishes were their command. They did not care about the conservative elders at all. Their grudges were extremely deep-seated and they simply would not listen to the explanation by Mo Jue’s Knights of the Apocalypse and squarely pinned the blame on Ye Wei and Mo Jue.

The Elders’ Court and the godfather would have a monthly meeting that Mo Jue had to attend. This reflected the organization of power within the Mafia and how the many decisions the godfather made had to be cleared by the Elders’ Court.

Mo Ye pulled off all possible moves and intimidated all of them. He, however, would think through whatever decisions that were not cleared. Mo Jue, on the other hand, would not do the thinking. If the decision weren’t cleared, Mo Jue would still plow on with it.

This intensified the conflict between both parties even more.

As this chap was not good at being cunning like a snake, his forthcoming statements and unwillingness to lie made it impossible for him to comfort them. There was no way out.

One could imagine the tension in the air when the Elders’ Court wanted Mo Jue to execute Ye Wei.

Ye Wei was able to keep Mo Jue in check day to day. In the past few monthly meetings, Ye Wei would attend the meetings at her whim and fancy with Cloud next to her. She would at least be able to keep his temper in check and tell him what ‘benefits’ he would get by settling that bunch of geriatrics.

Normally, there was either an agreement or Ye Wei keeping Mo Jue in check that kept Mo Jue’s temper cool. Even if some people utterly pissed him off, he endured at the thought of being able to take it out on Wei Wei at night. When he thought about the ‘benefits’ from keeping his temper in check, there were rarely explosive moments. He could, for Ye Wei’s ‘benefits’, force himself to say an occasional lie or two.

Since Ye Wei was not present, he sat there as though he were Hades. While he was already extremely unhappy with people bringing Ye Wei into the question, the talk about executing her utterly flipped him.

The scene, as Cloud described it, was like a powder keg that was about to blow because both parties were unwilling to yield. It was not suitable for Ye Wei to appear at such an awkward scene. The Elders’ Court would almost certainly fly into a rage.

They, for whatever reason, would simply not believe that Ye Wei would help the Mafia for no rhyme or reason. Although Cloud had explained it once, they were still of the opinion that she was a spy.

During the March monthly meeting, people were still openly accusing Mo Jue, like Richie, of messing up due to women. Allegations of him probably messing up even more enraged Mo Jue. Richie lusted after Ye Wei and framed him, and he almost had Ye Wei walk into a trap and lost her life. If it weren’t for this grudge, Mo Jue might have just wasted him. This time, their comparison of him to Richie sent his pent-up rage spewing into the open.

He flew into a rage and slammed the table as he stood up. When he was about to flare up, the door to the conference hall was kicked open and Ye Wei boldly strode in. It had been two months since her identity was exposed, and this was the third regular meeting. While she initially did not want to appear, she understood Mo Jue’s temper extremely well to the point she knew somebody would certainly end up as collateral damage. She could not particularly concern herself with the fate of those geriatrics.

Mo Jue knew his limits and would not act out of character. Little did they know that Cloud was privy to Mo Jue’s frustration over the incident. When he entered, he already instructed Cloud to call for help if she heard anything amiss.

Cloud was extremely obedient and immediately went to look for Ye Wei once the atmosphere became tense. When Ye Wei just reached the door, she heard Mo Jue slam the table.

“Wow, what’s going on?” Ye Wei strolled in and smiled gorgeously and alluringly as though she did not sense the tension in the conference hall.

She was extremely relaxed, easy-going, and casual. The elders, still in shock from Mo Jue suddenly flying into a rage, saw her stroll into the Mafia’s central meeting and flew into a rage too.

Seeing Ye Wei, Mo Jue’s sullen emotions eased quite a bit.

The elders accused Ye Wei and wanted Mo Jue to execute her. Mo Jue’s temper flared up again and he barked at the aggressive elders. “I don’t give a f*** about kissing people. If you want to live, shut up now!”

An elder, utterly provoked by his cockiness, was on the verge of vomiting blood in anger, trembling and pointing at him. It was after much later that he regained his senses and loudly lamented the end of the Mafia.

Ye Wei pulled Mo Jue’s hand and grabbed it hard, forcing him to sit down. She smiled and said, “Dear all, what is this unpardonable sin that I have committed?”

While she would have been better off not asking said question, the elders started chattering and accused her of bringing harm to the Mafia and Mo Jue. They accused her of being a spy for the terrorist organization.

Ye Wei laughed and cheerfully said, “Oh, haha! Am I as guilty as charged? If you want me dead, easy! I’ll give you fifty moves and you can all take me on at once. If you can kill me, I suck. How’s that?”

“They’re just a bunch of loonies! Why are you entertaining them?!” Mo Jue coldly barked. The elders were enraged.

“They may be nuts, but not as nuts as you. Shut up!” Ye Wei chuckled.

Mo Jue coldly harrumphed but eventually kept quiet. Cloud chuckled at a side. “Oh, second master, how could you be so obedient to your wife? You will never talk back to her either. That’s so… wholesome.”

The Elders’ Court was extremely enraged, but who would take on Ye Wei’s challenge? That said, they were already old and their skills had deteriorated. Even if they had never heard of the infamous Ye Wei, hearsay of Ye Wei single-handedly taking out fifty men under Mr. Brown’s police troop along with over a hundred from three elite regiments belonging to Italy’s largest Mafia with nary a scratch would leave nobody wanting to take her on by virtue of her terrifyingly impressive skills. If anybody dared, they were probably tired of living.

But they really hoped to preserve the Mafia. Having served the Mafia for decades, they had finally reached their current position and really did not wish to ruin the Mafia overnight.

Seeing them shutting up, mockery flashed past Ye Wei’s black eyes, and her lips curled into a smile. She seemed so alluring and sexy. Her deliberate gorgeousness made them feel that Mo Jue had pretty good taste when he fell for her.

“Do you think it is so easy to be the arbiter of chaos, especially when your second master is such a cold person? I am under a lot of pressure. Don’t any of you feel ashamed when you see his beautiful looks? Which of you can keep his temper in check? Which of you can have him yield to you in obedience? You all are antiques who are never up to any good, sowing internal conflicts all day. Anybody who sees this would love to take it out on you. I must say that given your age, what’s the point of hogging this position of elder? You’re already one foot into the coffin and still grasping onto the power of before. Shouldn’t you all come out and see how the world has changed instead of going all old-school and micro-managing people? Am I a spy just because you call me one? You clearly do not know how much this chap here wants to waste you all. If it weren’t for me pleasing him by serving him naked, he would not have temporarily forgotten this! Do you think that you all would still be able to get angry in your seats now? You’d be six feet under a long time ago. Damn it, he bullies me every night, and I have had to quench his insatiable lust once too often! Do you think I have it easy? How about you all walk in my shoes?”

When Ye Wei finished speaking, the conference hall fell silent.

Mo Jue’s eyes twitched. ‘F*** you Wei Wei! What nonsense are you talking about? Making me all comfortable when you serve me naked?! F***! If only you were that obedient!’

While Mo Jue was somewhat stifled, Cloud was extremely happy and bit her lower lip hard to prevent herself from laughing out loud. Miss Ye Wei was simply over-the-top enough to tell the elders off in such an interesting manner.

And she said it as though she was extremely indignant.

Birmingham, whose ears were planted on the door, laughed until he was pounding the wall. How could there be such a woman who saw through the charades and think of something so over-the-top…

Given the situation where he faced off against the raging elders, Mo Jue would have either wasted a few of them in anger or pinned them down at the very least. Given Ye Wei’s sensitive identity, everything she said would have been wrong. It was her over-the-top words that made those antiquated geriatrics speechless. One, from the utter silence inside, could imagine the shocked look on their faces. It simply felt too good!

She was clearly over-the-top!

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