Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 587 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 587 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Wei went to the hotel with Eleven, and both of them slept until the next afternoon once they reached the hotel. She was feeling vexed and had not been sleeping well for the past few days. She finally had a good sleep and felt more refreshed. She was in a good mood too.

She ordered a set of lobsters and was covered in a blanket as she looked at Eleven, chatting in a group chat. She was curious and asked, “What chat system is this?”

“The young kid’s chat system,” Eleven smiled and said. Ye Wei raised her eyebrows and asked why it was called the young kid’s chat system as she ate. Eleven replied, “This chat system is designed by your nephew and there is no name yet, so it’s called the young kid’s system. It is sent through our organization’s satellite and only the few of us can use it. You have an account too. See, I’ve helped you log in.”

“Clouds floating in the sky? This is me? What a demure name.” Ye Wei was shocked and puzzled. “Why are you the smiling angel? Shouldn’t that be me?”

Eleven looked at her in a teasing manner and said, “You were the one that said you wanted to be clouds floating in the sky. Let me think about what your original words were. Oh, you said that you are a hooligan and want a more demure name so that you don’t scare others.”

Ye Wei, “…It is not normal for a woman to not be a hooligan. Once they reach thirty or forty years old, they will be worse. It’s not as if you didn’t see it before.”

Eleven laughed out loud.

Black J: Eleven, do you have news of Wei Wei? How is she?

Desire to see the world in chaos: Didn’t you say that Mo Jue wanted to marry someone else? Is it true? If it is, I will bomb his headquarters.

Jason: Make him naked and tour around the whole Sicily Island.

Genius doctor: Tsk, Jason, can you be more civilized?

Anti-terrorist elite: That girl has destroyed another one of our elite troops. She is too ruthless. I will definitely arrest her no matter where she is.

The world is big but Mommy is the greatest: Dear Sir, my auntie is not controlled by you. Why do you want to catch her? This is not right. Be careful she might destroy your headquarters.

Eleven asked her, “Do you want to tell them where you are now?”

Ye Wei thought about it. “Don’t tell them I’m with you. Other than that, you can tell them whatever you wish.”

Therefore, Eleven told them about the rumor between Mo Jue and Daiya. She also told them about how Ye Wei was not in a good mood. Jason and Chu Li both said that she deserved it.

The Commander sent a lot of emojis that showed that he was happy.

Ye Wei’s eyes twitched and pointed at ‘anti-terrorist elite’ and asked, “Who is this?”

“Senior inspector of the international anti-terrorist organization!” Eleven spat out The Commander’s position calmly.

Ye Wei was stuffing a piece of lobster in her mouth and almost choked. What? The inspector of the international anti-terrorist organization? She almost spat out her food. “You mean the anti-terrorist group in Langley?”

The anti-terrorist group’s headquarters was in Langley.

Eleven nodded.

Ye Wei’s eyes twitched, shocked. “Damn, are you guys playing the game of working in collusion?”

“Wei Wei, it was your idea to let him go to Langley back then.” Eleven smiled. When they first started the Top Terrorist Organization, they always lost to the international mafia and had to be chased after by the anti-terrorist group. Therefore, Ye Wei thought that it would be good if there was one of them in the international anti-terrorist group. Not only could they collude with them, but they could also get first-hand information.

Therefore, Chu Li and the rest decided that one of them should go. Ross was a British royalty and would not be able to go. Chu Li and Jason were famous at that time and had been seen before by others, so they could not go either.

Only Bai Ye, Black J, and The Commander could go.

But none of them were willing to go, and Bai Ye’s reason was more valid. He was a doctor and they needed him as it was very dangerous in their field. There were only three of them, so Ye Wei asked them to fight and whoever lost would have to go.

The Commander’s temper was similar to Jason’s, and he was even more hot-blooded than Jason. Black J and Bai Ye were those that were smart and scheming. Since their skills were similar, The Commander would definitely be tricked by Black J and Bai Ye.

The Commander had been doing well in the international anti-terrorist organization. Jason and Chu Li had given him the information whenever there were terrorist activities, drug deals, and when the terrorist groups wanted to attack a place, allowing The Commander to make a lot of contributions. The Commander had a smooth career in the organization as he contributed a lot and became a senior inspector within a few years. This was definitely because of Chu Li and Jason’s outstanding tactic.

Once he became a senior inspector, the Top Terrorist Organization could benefit from his position. Not only could they win against the other terrorist groups, but they could also successfully dodge the anti-terrorist group that wanted to catch them.

But The Commander had indeed made a lot of contributions to the anti-terrorist group. He did what he was supposed to do in that position, but he did not care about the Top Terrorist Organization.

He would definitely care about the chaos in the Middle East or Northern Africa as that would allow him to maintain his position in the anti-terrorist group.

“No wonder the Top Terrorist Organization could rise up within such a short period of time. I was looking at the Mafia’s information a while ago and was shocked at how fast the Top Terrorist Organization rose up as if they were a helicopter. It seems like the secret lies in here.” Ye Wei murmured to herself and peeled another lobster, putting half of it in Eleven’s mouth and the other half in her mouth.

“I’m full. You can eat it.”

“You’re full after eating so little? No, you have to eat two more later.” Ye Wei rebutted her. She wanted to feed Eleven until she became fatter. She looked better when she was fatter.

“Didn’t you say that I need to be on a diet?”

“I should lose some weight.” Ye Wei changed her words and looked at their conversation carefully to have an understanding of how she was like in the past. Eleven also mentioned some interesting things that happened when they were on the island, giving Ye Wei a deeper impression.

“Does Black J like me?” Ye Wei suddenly asked.

Eleven raised her eyebrows. How did she know? Ye Wei said, “I listened to what you said and this was the impression I got. Could it be that I’m thinking too much? I’m pretty, talented, and have a good personality. It is normal for someone to like me.”

“Those in the Ye family are really narcissistic.” Eleven smiled and typed a few more sentences to chat with them. She then pointed at the young kid’s photo. “Your nephew.”

“Oh, a smart kid, I’ve talked to him before the other time,” Ye Wei said as she peeled another lobster. “I’ve met my third brother too. Who else is in my family?”

“Your dad, but he’s not important. Both you and your brother do not acknowledge him. Your sister-in-law is not bad and you have a small niece. She is very scary. She can speak when she is only seven years old.”

“It is indeed scary to be able to speak when she is seven years old.”

“Sorry, I’ve said wrongly as I was focusing on typing. It’s seven days.” Eleven turned back and smiled. Ye Wei wanted to wipe her oily hands on Eleven’s face. She definitely did that on purpose. “Eleven, you can say cold jokes too. Is it really seven days?”

“Why would I lie to you? Not only can she talk, but she can think too, and her mental age is around the same as your nephew. I guess her mental age is even higher than us. She is definitely a talented woman. Your family is full of weird people.”

“Is she good-looking? Does she look like me? I heard that the niece will usually look like their auntie.” Ye Wei was suddenly excited and wanted to meet this niece that could talk at seven days old.

It would definitely be fun. She thought about a cute baby talking to her. It was indeed scary.

“No, she doesn’t. She looks like her mom, but she looks even better. She will definitely be prettier than all of you when she grows up,” Eleven said honestly. Ye Wei was even more excited. She pestered Eleven to show her Hailan and Eleven could only say that they went back to City A.

“Let’s visit her in City A.”

“Ah…” Eleven felt difficult. It just so happened that the young kid was talking about his younger sister in the group and kept complimenting his sister for being good-looking. Chu Li joked that if she was really pretty, she should be his daughter-in-law as he might give birth to a son next year if he tried harder.

Everybody laughed. Jason and The Commander asked the young kid to send a photo and he really sent a photo of Hailan. The few men all exclaimed that she was pretty.

She was indeed a small beauty.

The photo was sent by Cheng Anya to the young kid. Ye Hailan looked like an adult and she did not have a baby face. She looked extremely pretty.

Ye Wei could not help but praise her. “She is indeed pretty. It is indeed my family’s genes.”

Eleven was even more certain that all of the Ye family was very narcissistic.

They continued to chat and Ye Wei asked curiously, “See if they have any mission for us so that we can play while working. I have not been practicing my skills for a while and it might get rusty.”

“I’ll ask.”

Eleven asked the group and Jason told her to go back after confirming her location. Or maybe she could play around for a while as there wasn’t much happening, so there was nothing for them to do.

Eleven shrugged her shoulders. Chu Li suddenly asked if Wei Wei was beside her.

Eleven. “Damn, this scheming Chu…”

Black J immediately asked if Ye Wei was there and Ye Wei shook her head. Therefore, Eleven could only lie. Chu Li said, “Eleven, you only ask us if there is any mission when Wei Wei is with you.”

Ye Wei and Eleven were silent.

Ye Wei said, “Eleven, it seems like you are very reliant on me. Don’t worry. I’ll look after you.”

Eleven was speechless.

The world is big but Mommy is the greatest: Eleven, why don’t you go to Rome if you are free? There is a batch of arms deal there and the other party is the biggest arms manufacturer in the US. We still have a batch of light weapons that no one wants. It will be good if you could make them buy it.

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