Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 615 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 615 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Wei woke up in a daze and was greeted with a sea of pink. The room gave her a familiarity which she struggled to recall. She only felt a sharp pain down her back and a cold sweat trickling down her back.

Although she was used to sleeping on the ground, she was not used to and very uncomfortable with the posture she was in. Whenever she anyhow adjusted herself, she would agitate the gunshot wound on her back and it was extremely painful. Like a steel knife that hacked into her bones, it was oddly more painful to the point she could not quite take it. She did not force herself, and the bed was thankfully soft. Her wound became less uncomfortable after she was used to it. She looked at the catheter in her hand and at the fluids dripping into her body drop by drop. Ye Wei mocked herself and smiled. She was lucky enough to still remain alive.

Who exactly saved her?

Mo Jue’s men were there and they shot at her with no regard for her fate. She thought she would be killed after she fainted and did not expect herself to live. It seemed that Mo Jue did not die either. Did they spare her out of mercy?

If Mo Jue died, she could not live. Mo Ye would kill her to return the favor. Either that, or somebody had saved her. Ye Wei coldly smiled and rarely hugged the bed.

She recalled the hot afternoon and the eye-piercing pool of blood…

He must have died…

She, in her immense rage and hatred, did not show the slightest mercy when she shot him. Perishing together was their best option. Who had saved her? She felt that there was no more meaning in living on and she would rather be dead…

In all honesty, she really loved her life and felt that living was a wonderful thing. Being able to breathe was a blessing from God and one should treasure it.

Ever since mishaps happened within the Top Terrorist Organization and when she knew she lost her child, it was as though there was a void in her heart. Her once-vivid world instantly became monochrome.

She had never felt this dead inside her.

She even did not say that she regretted it as she knew long ago that these were the consequences of her deliberate willfulness that she had to bear without the slightest regret.

Ye Wei was extremely tired. She buried her head into the pillow and smelled the fragrance of lavender surrounding her. The gentle fragrance calmed her and she not only smiled but also looked out of the window to suddenly recall…

This was the room in Tanski’s mansion! She left here, only to return here? Did he save her?

Ye Wei carefully stood up and felt a chill. She looked down and realized that she was only wearing a small light blue vest along with a pair of white leisure pants. She was not in the clothes she originally wore.

She looked up and realized that the fluid in the IV drop was almost exhausted and removed the catheter before throwing it aside carelessly. When she was about to step out, a slender Arabic woman looked at her in shock. She, by virtue of her attire, seemed to be a very young nurse. She hurriedly called for others, and Ye Wei heard a series of thumping steps that gradually came closer. A handsome Arabic man appeared before her.

His dark short hair was handsomely cut and suited his looks well. His refreshing and delicate features, deep gaze, svelte nose, and thin lips were complemented by a healthy dark bronze skin tone. He seemed to be about thirty and gave people the impression he was domineering yet smart.

He quickly rushed up to Ye Wei and nervously asked her about her condition and instructed her not to anyhow move about. He barked outside so that the doctors would hurry up and check her up.

Ye Wei heard the voice and felt stunned.


That non-mainstream Tanski, who was a redhead in a red suit with gold earrings?

If it weren’t for that voice, it was afraid she would not be able to recognize him. Hmm… Didn’t she faint? Why did the world feel as though it had changed? He looked completely different from how he used to look.

“Lie down and stop moving so that the doctors can check you up. Is there any other part of you that’s uncomfortable?” Tanski asked several times before Ye Wei recovered from her daze.

Discomfort? There was a slight discomfort.

A doctor in a white robe carefully checked Ye Wei’s injuries. As there was some slight rupturing of the wound, the nurse reapplied her medication and dressed the wound in a moment of busyness until the doctor announced that she was fine and needed more rest. She would only be allowed to go after Tanski gave the green light.

“Tanski, when did you become like this? “Ye Wei asked him curiously. The beard that covered a large half of his face had disappeared. He, as she had wished, was indeed good-looking without a beard.

“Doesn’t this look better?” Tanski stroked his smooth chin and his face was slightly red. “This feels cooler to me,” he said.

Ye Wei frowned. Cooler?

The young chap at a side broke into laughter and Tanski became even redder and stared at said chap hard. The young chap smartly kept quiet and did not say anything else lest he become collateral damage.

“You saved me?” Ye Wei asked him with a look that was devoid of gratefulness.

After Tanski explained, she understood. He forgot to ask for her name before she left, so Tanski followed her. But he later lost her. He was frustrated and about to return when he heard gunshots. He looked around curiously and recognized her shoes from afar. That was when Tanski shot back and saved her.

Ye Wei raised her eyebrows. From his description, it was Daiya who fired and she was not the least surprised. Daiya probably wished she was dead as her heart was set on Mo Jue. That, along with how she fired at Mo Jue and how she fired back at her, was reasonable enough there were no other questions asked.

It was just…

She was a little lost as she thought about how Mo Jue discovered that her men were behind the shooting and ran toward her crazily. What was on his mind then? Did he want to save her, or remind her to be careful?

Since they were already in that predicament, he did not have to care about her life or death.

Tanski saw that she did not look too good and did not quite want to ask her about the past. When he was about to leave and let her rest more, he heard Ye Wei ask him, “That asswipe whom I shot, did you look up anything on him?”

Tanski hesitated for a moment and nodded.

“How is he?”

“He was originally destined for a local hospital, but was later transferred away for reasons unknown. I do not know where he was transferred to, and they seemed to be…” Tanski frowned and said, “The Mafia.”

Ye Wei nodded. Transferred away, huh? He… didn’t die? What seemed to have been set and done seemed… otherwise. She bitterly smiled at how she could act and still worry about his fate.

“Is there any information from within the Mafia?”

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