Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 616 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 616 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Tanski shook his head and looked at her deeply. “Who was that person you killed?”

Ye Wei raised her eyebrows and smiled with a somewhat teasing look in her eyes. She looked around and laughed. “The Godfather of the Mafia. What’s up? Afraid?”

Everybody looked at each other, speechless, and did not know how to answer Ye Wei. Tanski had them leave before looking at Ye Wei and seriously said, “I’m not afraid!”

“The entire Middle East, including Oman, is the Mafia’s turf. Tanski, I would suggest you keep your distance from me. If not…” Ye Wei did not threaten him.

She had no reason to live, and if Mo Ye was out to exact revenge, then so be it. She did not want to implicate anybody else.

Tanski grabbed Ye Wei’s hands and seriously said, “I stand by what I said previously. Are you willing to marry me?”

“Marry you?” Ye Wei was taken aback as she did not expect him to raise an old topic. She broke into an alluring smile and said, “You still want somebody as dangerous as me? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll wreck your career?”

“No!” Tanski replied decisively. “Even if the Mafia is after you, I will be able to protect you and keep you safe and sound.”

Protect her?

This statement was so touching indeed. It had been so long—or to put it differently, she had never heard of anybody wanting to protect her. Perhaps it was because she was the top killer that people felt that she was invincible and undefeatable.

—that she did not need to be protected.

Such an adorable and earnest man was indeed touching. He was not too bad a man either.

When he talked to her, he would actually blush. Such a man was really innocent at heart and was a rare catch. It was a pity she was a bad woman, not suitable for such an innocent man. She laughed and said, “We only met once.”

“That’s not important. I just want to know whether I can marry you. I swear, in the name of God, that I am serious about wanting to marry you.” Tanski seemed extremely earnest as though he was afraid Ye Wei would not believe him. He then hurriedly said, “I can choose not to ask you about your past and not ask you about anything.”

Ye Wei broke into loud laughter, but Tanski continued. “Please don’t do this, okay? Does the injury on your back still hurt?”

She was taken aback and looked at Tanski before saying, “The next woman whom you fall in love with will be a very happy woman.” Although he was an arms dealer who lived by the sword, he really doted on women.

“Why don’t you agree?”

“The person whom I fell in love with is dead, and I will not live for long. Please just give up on me,” Ye Wei said as she looked at the falling leaves. The world, through her eyes, was devoid of life, and there was nothing she could look forward to.

She could no longer endure the emotional debt that came crashing upon her. It was a debt she could no longer repay.

Tanski squinted dangerously in seeming frustration and slight indignation before sighing. He was a vicious man by nature, but he could not bear to make things difficult for her. She, in his eyes, was a beautiful woman who was tough and fragile.

He had no idea why she wanted to kill somebody she loved with no holds barred. But when he heard her say how the person she loved had died and how she no longer wished to live, he knew too well that she loved the man she killed instead of him. Her pain and desperation were much deeper than anybody could imagine.

When a person dies, everything ends, and said person is not in the know.

Those who were punished were those who were left behind.

She must really love him, the godfather of the Mafia… Tanski suddenly squinted in shock. News about the godfather of the Mafia, Mo Ye, was frequent enough, and the person who was wounded should be Mo Jue.

Didn’t that mean…

Tanski was shocked and he looked at that frail silhouette. He did not associate her with the woman in the scandal.

This was utterly shocking.

Forget it, then. He could only admire her from a distance. While he really wished to have her, he could not force his way.

Ye Wei looked back at the handsome man quietly before gently saying, “I am a little tired. Could I have some alone time, please?”

Tanski nodded. He did not ask Ye Wei for her name and background and quietly left the room. Ye Wei, running a headache and tired, lay down.

This temporary apartment was not too bad. She was, at the very least, not roaming around chaotic Muscat, and her frail body would get the rest it needed.

She was extremely tired…

She was in a daze but did not fall asleep.

When she woke up, she repeatedly told herself not to think about Mo Jue. Her surroundings were quiet and she was much calmer, but he still occupied all of her thoughts.

She recalled the past in detail, and a year had passed before she knew it. He indeed utterly doted on her and yielded to her. While he was rather domineering and overbearing at times, he did not harm her.

While he had a somewhat bad temper and occasionally flew into a rage with her, he had never flown into a rage like that day. When she yielded the slightest, he stopped his crusading anger.

Mo Jue…

Why was her mind filled with all the good things about him after she shot him?

When she thought about her innocent child whom she lost, Ye Wei’s heart hardened and she grabbed the sheets tightly and buried her head in the pillow. She did not want to think about it anymore, but her heart ached terribly as the thoughts, like a sharp knife, punctured her heart even more.

Ye Wei fell into a deep sleep.

She fell into an especially deep sleep until Tanski woke her up in the evening. If he did not, she would have slept even more as she was too tired.

Following her miscarriage, her body had never seemed to recover. She traveled afar to Oman, encountered a vehicular explosion, and was shot. Her already frail body seemed to be hollowed out, and she just wanted to have a good sleep to recover.

She did not want to think about anything, and she would take a long time to recover.

“What is it?” Ye Wei replied lazily.

“A woman outside wishes to see you. I was afraid that something would happen and stopped her. Do you want to see her?” Tanski gently asked. Said woman was extremely able and had a cold look on her face. His men, who saw little, were so afraid they were trembling.

She seemed to have her own concerns and did not barge in, but instead had Tanski inform Ye Wei. Ye Wei would decide whether she wanted to see her.

Tanski, out of helplessness, could only look for Ye Wei.

Hopefully, that woman wouldn’t barge in. He only had a few men there and did not want to sacrifice them needlessly. Looking at her worried look, it seemed that she knew Ye Wei. He was much more at ease then.

‘It’s Eleven!’ Ye Wei rejoiced. How did she end up in Oman? Was she looking for her?

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