Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 617 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 617 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Eleven kept looking for Ye Wei. It was actually easy to look for Tanski, but she spent more time as Tanski had too many houses and had purposely kept a secret about where they were, afraid that Ye Wei might be harmed. Eleven spent a lot of effort to find the place.

Tanski gave them some space and did not send anyone to watch after them.

She told Ye Wei about the truth.

Ye Wei was shocked too, but she felt calm as she listened to it. She thought that she would regret it after knowing that she had misunderstood Mo Jue and shot him. But who would have expected that after hearing the news, she did not feel anything at all. It was as if the truth had nothing much to do with her.

She did not regret it at all, and even Ye Wei herself was shocked by her own emotions.

“Wei Wei, are you okay?” Eleven was worried about her after seeing that she did not say anything for so long. She was afraid that Ye Wei would overthink. “Mo Jue is at the hospital and is still in a critical condition now. But he might not die.”

She did not know how to comfort her. Luckily, she was puzzled and asked Mo Ye about the truth instead of shooting him. If not… But Ye Wei did not seem like she regretted it or was sad about it. Therefore, Eleven was very puzzled.

What’s going on?

“I’m fine. Don’t worry,” Ye Wei said calmly. She did not care if she had killed him wrongly. She could, at most, give him her life.

“You…” Eleven pitied her, yet she did not know what to say. Her phone rang. Mo Ye was looking for her. Eleven did not avoid Ye Wei and picked up the phone in front of her.

“Have you found Ye Wei?” Mo Ye’s voice was very cold.

Eleven glanced at Ye Wei and replied to him. Mo Ye sneered. “Help me tell her that Little Jue’d better be alright. If not, I will not let her off. I won’t give face to anyone.”

He said this to Eleven to let her know that no matter how close she was to Ye Wei, he would still fight Ye Wei if something bad happened to Mo Jue and would not let Ye Wei off.

Eleven frowned, whereas Ye Wei looked outside the window calmly.

Eleven gritted her teeth and ended the call after talking to Mo Ye for a while. Ye Wei did not care about what Mo Ye said, acting as if it did not concern her when Eleven told her about it.

“Wei Wei, don’t be like this. Can you say something?” Eleven said anxiously.

“I’m actually not sad at all.” Ye Wei smiled and looked at Eleven calmly. “Really, I don’t feel sad at all. I don’t know if I’m numb about it. If he dies, I will accompany him. If he is alive, we’ll talk about it next time.”

Things had already happened and it was too late to stop it.

No matter what had happened, she had never regretted the decisions she made. No matter how bad she was feeling now, she would not regret the things she did.

Mo Jue was heavily injured and was in a critical condition. His heartbeat even stopped a few times and he fought with the king of hell before he survived. He was finally out of danger after nine days.

Mo Ye finally heaved a sigh of relief. He had less than two hours of sleep for the past few days as he was afraid that he would not be able to see Mo Jue for the last time. He did not dare to sleep and would wake up due to nightmares even if he fell asleep.

What’s vexing during this period was that Meng Lianying came to Muscat too. Mo Ye was annoyed and did not want to see her at all, especially since he was dating Eleven now. He did not have the energy to talk to her as Mo Jue’s life was more important.

Moreover, he would not have to be unconscious for half a year if not for her, and he had not taken his revenge.

Meng Lianying knew about it and dared not annoy him. Therefore, she stayed together with Daiya and her excuse was that she was worried about Daiya, so she wanted to accompany her. They were originally good friends.

Mo Jue’s Knights of the Apocalypse and Birmingham were in Italy to settle things, and Mo Ye, Ding Ke, and Daiya were left in Muscat. Mo Ye wanted Daiya to leave too, but she insisted on staying until Mo Jue woke up.

He could not chase her away as Daiya even cried when she told Mo Ye about her feelings for Mo Jue. She was worried that she would not be able to see him again, so Mo Ye could only let her stay. As for her shooting Ye Wei, though…

He did not care about it since Ye Wei shot Mo Jue in the first place, and Daiya shot Ye Wei from the back. Anyone would have thought that Daiya did so to save Mo Jue. Furthermore, she liked Mo Jue. It was possible that she wanted Ye Wei to die as well.

This had nothing to do with him and he already knew that Ye Wei was already fine. She ruthlessly shot Mo Jue and almost caused Mo Jue to die. He wanted her to get injured too, but…

“You’d better not stay here and let him see you.” He did not care, but it did not mean that Mo Jue did not care. If he knew that Daiya had shot Ye Wei, Mo Ye did not know what Mo Jue would do.

Daiya felt uneasy and gritted her teeth, but she insisted on waiting until Mo Jue woke up.

“I saved him. Why would he blame me? If I didn’t shoot him, he would have died!” Daiya said as she cried.

Mo Ye frowned and did not say anything.

Mo Jue was unconscious for a few days even after he was out of danger. The doctor said that it was because he was too drained and had lost too much blood, so he needed more rest. They could only wait patiently for him to wake up.

At the same time, he informed Eleven.

No matter how tired he was every day, he wanted to listen to her voice. Mo Jue and Ye Wei was a taboo between them, and they did not really mention them. Even if they talked about them, they would not say much. But, they kept in contact.

Eleven also knew that Mo Jue was out of danger and immediately informed Ye Wei.

Ye Wei only nodded and Eleven could not tell if she was happy or sad from her face.

Eleven felt vexed. How would Mo Jue think of Wei Wei? Could they still be together? It was not Wei Wei who hated him now, but him hating Wei Wei.

Just like when she shot Mo Ye, Mo Ye’s eyes were filled with hatred.

But, this situation was different. She wanted to save Mo Ye, but Ye Wei wanted to kill Mo Jue.

“Do you want to visit him?” Eleven asked Ye Wei. Her injuries were recovering very slowly this time around. Ye Wei had always been healthy and she would recover very quickly in the past.

But as she had a miscarriage and her body was weak and also because of her emotions, her injury did not seem to recover. Eleven was worried and found many medicines for Ye Wei to apply, but it was to no avail.

Tanski was happy to provide accommodation for them with good medical service. Eleven stayed in Tanski’s house too to accompany Ye Wei.

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