Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 618 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 618 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Mo Jue had woken up!

The doctor immediately informed Mo Ye, and Mo Jue had already opened his eyes by the time Mo Ye rushed over. Mo Jue pushed the doctors away and insisted on getting down the bed. None of the doctors could stop this second master who looked like Hades.

Indeed, his gaze was too scary.

His purple eyes looked very angry, as if he wanted to kill someone. He was wearing white and his face was pale, but he looked fierce like a leopard. He showed clearly that whoever stopped him would die!

He plugged out the needles in his hands forcefully and accidentally touched the gun wound on his chest. It was so painful that Mo Jue bent his back. The white gauze on his chest became blood red.

His blood started to flow out profusely, making it looked scary.

Mo Jue stumbled and fell onto the bed. The veins in his arms popped out, looking extremely scary.

Big drops of sweat were falling down his forehead…

His face became even paler, and he started to breathe heavily. All the doctors were at a loss and came to rescue him. But, Mo Jue did not let anyone get close to him. Mo Ye was angry and make him fainted without even telling him.

“Give him some sedative!” Mo Ye said solemnly. This crazy man, he did not even look at the state that he was in and still acted like this. Did he want to die? Mo Ye was worried and angry. If not because he doted on Mo Jue a lot, he really wanted to slap Mo Jue for being so willful and stubborn.

Even if he was eager to look for Ye Wei, he should not be so anxious as his body was not suitable to go out of the hospital.

The room was in chaos before his condition finally became stable. Mo Jue’s forehead was full of sweat and his face was so pale that it looked horrible. He looked very scary.

Mo Ye pitied him and tried to wipe away the sweat on Mo Jue’s forehead. He sighed lightly. Why must both of their love lives be filled with so many obstacles? One thing had not ended and another happened. Mo Jue did not love himself, and it made him pity Mo Jue.

He could not help but blame Ye Wei and even hated her for shooting him without knowing the truth. He almost lost Mo Jue. She did not want this lover, but he still wanted his brother.

Mo Jue went to sleep and only woke up in the afternoon. He did not look at anything when he woke up, and the first thing he did was to get out of bed. Mo Ye reacted quickly and held onto Mo Jue’s hand.

He said coldly, “Do you really want to die before you are satisfied?”

He had been worried about Mo Jue, yet Mo Jue only worried about the woman that almost killed him.

Mo Jue just realized that Mo Ye was beside him. He was about to get angry but he stopped and went back to bed obediently. His chest was so painful that he was sweating. “Brother…”

His voice sounded hoarse. It was as if he was crying. But, if one listened carefully, it was hoarse because he had not been talking for many days.

Mo Ye was even angrier and looked at him coldly. “I warn you not to move around. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being unwelcoming.”

“Wei Wei… Where’s she?” Mo Jue’s worried tone became sinister when he said the last two words. It was as if he had just regained his memory and recalled that Ye Wei almost killed him.

The hatred he had before he was unconscious started to engulf him.

Wei Wei?

‘You are really ruthless!’ His chest pain reminded him that he had another near-death experience all because of her. He deeply felt that he hated Ye Wei.

But at the same time, he was worried too…

Love and hate were like brothers that always accompanied each other. He loved and hated her at the same time. Even he himself did not know if he loved her more or hated her more.

Mo Ye looked at him and said solemnly, “Don’t worry. She did not die. She’s still in Muscat, but she has not visited you yet, so have you given up?”

He was angry at Mo Jue for not taking care of his own body and went crazy for Ye Wei and hurt himself instead. Didn’t Mo Jue know that others hated seeing him like this? That others would worry about him? He only wanted Mo Jue to recover quickly and stay away from Ye Wei. The two of them had extreme personalities. It was a matter of time before something happened.

Both of them were not willing to give in, so they would definitely have to suffer.

Just like him and Eleven, he was willing to give in so as to minimize the harm and thus get back together. They were not so harsh like Mo Jue and Ye Wei.

“Are you an idiot? Why didn’t you tell her the truth when you had so many chances to tell her? She was already standing in front of you, but why didn’t you say anything?” Mo Ye was so angry that he pulled Mo Jue’s ears to scold him. “Was she worlds’ apart from you? Such a big person standing in front of you, yet you didn’t explain. Are you mute? Serve you right for being shot, and you still showed yourself like an idiot for her to find you. Is it because you think you have lived for too long? Even if so, you shouldn’t die in the hands of a woman and embarrass me.”

Mo Jue’s ears were red after Mo Ye pulled them. It had been many years since Mo Ye pulled his ears like this to scold him. This idiot always became stupid when he was in front of Ye Wei.

“She did not give me a chance to speak and shot me. How was I supposed to explain to her?” Mo Jue was angry as he talked about it. If Ye Wei had hesitated for a minute, then maybe he would have explained.

But once she shot him, his heart was crushed by her. Even if he had explained, she might not believe him and thought that he was lying to her.

“Are you stupid? You knew how to look for her in the city, but couldn’t you give her some hints?” Mo Ye was really angry, but it was mostly because he pitied Mo Jue.

Mo Jue did not rebut Mo Ye.

Anyway, he had always listened to Mo Ye and rarely talked back to him.

“Brother, I hate her.” Mo Jue gritted his teeth and sounded very solemn. “I hate her!”

“Don’t tell me this. You should tell her instead.” Mo Ye looked at Mo Jue in hope that he would improve. Would anyone grit their teeth yet look like they could not live without that woman when they said that they hated the woman?

It was so embarrassing. Luckily, Mo Jue was his brother. If it were other men, he would have chased them out of the house. It was bad for his reputation that someone so stupid looked so much like him.

Why was Mo Jue so stupid?

“You’d better hate her and not contact her anymore, got it?” Mo Ye gave his beloved brother a piece of sincere and earnest advice. “What’s so good about her? She cannot be compared to you. Her temper is so bad and personality so superficial. You were always bullied. I feel embarrassed for you even if you don’t feel embarrassed. Don’t you feel wronged?”

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