Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 619 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 619 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Mo Ye despised him once he thought of how Mo Jue always listened to Ye Wei and was hen-pecked. Mo Ye himself was so powerful, yet he did not bear to order his brother around. He did not manage to eat the food cooked by Mo Jue, but Ye Wei managed to and he had a lot of opinion on this issue.

Mo Jue gritted his teeth and did not speak. He decided to close his eyes and the images of Ye Wei’s cold expression when she shot him filled his mind. His love for her slowly faded away because of her cold expression.

Hatred filled his mind.

This was the first time he hated someone so much. He hated her for not giving him a chance, but he hated himself more for wanting to keep her by his side even though things had turned out like this. He wanted her to stay by his side forever and never leave…

He would not allow her to leave even if he died no matter what she said.

Ye Wei was someone that he must get! He had spent so much effort on her, erasing her memory, treating her sincerely, and doing anything without caring about the consequences. This was not the ending he wanted.

Although his eyes were closed, Mo Ye knew what he was thinking about. The brothers knew each other too well and Mo Ye knew what he wanted to do once he frowned.

Things had already turned out like this. What else could he do?

Mo Jue’s heart felt very painful. He asked Ye Wei if she regretted it and she knew that he was asking if she regretted killing him. But she said…

She did not regret it!

These words were like a demon that added fire to his hatred, making him hate her more. How could she not regret it? Did she really want to kill him that much?

Mo Ye wanted to go look for Ye Wei to prevent Mo Jue from going crazy, but he was afraid that he might lose his life if he went to find her. Therefore, he decided to stay in the room and guard Mo Jue.

He was the only one that Mo Jue would listen to.

Mo Jue would not care about anything if he went crazy. Mo Ye did not want to see his brother go crazy and hope to see his brother recover and be healthy instead.

“Where’s Ye Wei?” Mo Jue suddenly opened his eyes and his purple gaze looked cold without a tinge of warmth.

“So what if you know? What do you want to do given your injured body?” Mo Ye sneered as he glared at Mo Jue as if to give him a warning. He was hinting that if Mo Jue dared to move, he would break his leg.

Mo Ye would wait until he recovered before fixing Mo Jue’s leg. Mo Ye even felt that this was a good idea and was proud of it.

“I’m not doing anything, just asking where she is,” Mo Jue said coldly. Mo Ye told him the truth. He did not have to find out and knew that Ye Wei was not in a good state. Eleven did not say anything but knew Ye Wei was not well from Eleven’s tone. If Ye Wei was good, Eleven would not be in a bad mood. Hmmph, this woman. His beloved brother went crazy for her and his beloved woman worried about her too. It was really…

“She’s living a good life, eating and sleeping well, and I heard that Tanski proposes to her every day. She’s living a good life, whereas here you are, undergoing treatment,” Mo Ye said.

Mo Jue did not hear anything and only heard that someone proposed to her. His body suddenly tensed up and he shouted. “How dare he!”

He must have guts to covet his woman.

“Little Jue, I warn you not to move around. I don’t like to keep repeating my words.” Mo Ye looked at Mo Jue and tried to lift up the blankets. Mo Ye’s eyes darkened. Mo Jue knew that he was not joking, so he did not dare to move.

“Obedient!” Mo Ye smiled as he praised him.

“Who is Tanski?”

Mo Ye roughly told him about what happened to Ye Wei and also told him about Tanski’s background. Mo Jue sneered in his heart. Since they worked in the same industry, he’d better not touch her.

He would definitely cripple Tanski once he recovered. How dare Tanski covet his Ye Wei. Even if he hated Ye Wei, he was angry at the thought that someone was thirsting after her.

“Brother, how do you know things so well?”

“Eleven said it.” Mo Ye smiled. Once he mentioned Eleven, a gentle smile flashed past his lips. It was rare for him to be in a good mood. Mo Jue was shocked. Eleven and his brother? Were they already…

“Much better than you, idiot. You don’t even know how to settle things.” Mo Ye looked at him coldly.

Mo Jue gritted his teeth. Since Eleven and Mo Ye had already talked things through, Ye Wei would have known that the brothers were not the mastermind. Since Eleven was with Ye Wei, Wei Wei must have known the truth.

But, why did she not visit him? Mo Jue went crazy. Since she already knew it was not him, why did she not visit him?


He could not understand. Wasn’t it just a small misunderstanding? Why did Wei Wei hate him so much?

Mo Jue thought hard about it and he realized that Ye Wei did not care about him and wanted him dead. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that the world had become grey, almost white.

“Mo Jue, you’re awake?” A joyful cheer suddenly erupted in the room. Daiya quickly walked toward Mo Jue. Meng Lianying followed beside her and smiled at Mo Ye. Mo Ye treated her like air, ignoring her.

Meng Lianying’s eyes darkened.

“Mo Jue, you’re finally alright. I’ve been so worried for the past few days.” It was rare for Daiya to show her feelings, but Mo Jue only looked at her coldly and suddenly laughed before getting up.

Mo Ye wanted to stop him, but Mo Jue shook his head. Daiya thought that Mo Jue wanted to hug her and was elated. But, who would have expected that Mo Jue suddenly grabbed her throat and smashed her ruthlessly against the wall. His hands grabbed onto her again, totally ignoring his wounds.

“Who allowed you to shoot her? Who? How dare you…” Mo Jue said in an extremely sinister manner.

Daiya was strangled until she could not say anything. She only stammered after a while. “I… saved you…”

“Who asked you to save me? My woman can only die under my hands. Who are you to touch her? Who gave you the power?” Mo Jue’s voice sounded cold and ruthless.

Daiya was suffocated by him. Mo Ye expected this to happen, so he did not stop him. However, he frowned when he saw a red stain on Mo Jue’s chest.


He was really crazy, and an idiot to boot. He should know the condition he was in now. Besides, he hated Ye Wei so much, yet he tried his best to seek justice for her.

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