Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 620 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 620 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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He strangled Daiya until her face almost turned a terrible-looking blue-purple. Out of immense pain, she shed tears. Mo Jue was filled with anger to the point it chilled people. Nobody would doubt that he would strangle Daiya to her death the next moment.

She was in immense emotional and physical discomfort.

Mo Jue and Mo Ye did not know that she had deliberately laid in ambush and could not wait to kill Ye Wei. From their point of view, they only saw her shoot Ye Wei because the latter fired at Mo Jue. Was he so head over heels over Ye Wei to the point he still protected her even at this juncture?

What did he mean when he said that shooting him to save him was a mistake? He would rather Ye Wei kill him instead? How could he be this cruel? Ye Wei was not the only one who loved him. She loved him too!

Meng Lianying saw that things were going south and hurriedly tugged at Mo Ye’s sleeve and begged. “Ye, say something! Daiya just wanted to save Brother Jue and did not intend to deliberately hurt Ye Wei. If she did not shoot, Brother Jue would have been dead.”

Daiya could not have died, and they were comrades in arms. They also…

Mo Ye looked at the little hand that was tugging his sleeve with a gaze that was as cold as ice, emotionless. Meng Lianying was trembling in fear. He was no longer the Mo Ye who utterly cared for her. The gentleness from before was built upon countless lies after all. She knew that he would not show her even the slightest gentleness anymore.

Everything came to an end in the scrapyard in Eastern Europe. Her plotting of Eleven’s demise led to his unintentional near demise. All her effort had gone down the drain, and he lost all tolerance for her.

So she… gradually let go of him despite still begging him to save Daiya.

Mo Jue was still in extreme rage. He grabbed Daiya’s neck and flung her aside onto the floor scornfully. He then clutched his chest and propped himself against the wall as he heaved. What he wanted to do did not end there. Even if he did not kill her, he would not make her life easy. He would repay her tenfold of what she had inflicted unto him. It was a shame that his body could not keep up, and Mo Ye, having expected all, only shook his head.

He punished himself until he was almost half-dead before quieting down, realizing that he had worried in vain and still had the anger to mess somebody up. Damn it! Ye Wei was really a source of trouble.

“Daiya, are you okay? Let me help you up.” Meng Lianying helped her up worriedly, a worried look on her face. There were many fingermarks on Daiya’s pale skin. She gulped down huge breaths of air and took a while to recover her countenance.

Mo Ye, as though he had nothing to do with what was happening, looked on emotionlessly.

Mo Jue propped himself up against the wall, pointed at Daiya, and said, “F*** of now! Get the f*** back to Italy now and disappear from my sight! If you don’t, I’ll f***ing shoot you in return!”

How he hated Ye Wei was his business, and others had better not lay a single finger on her. That was an absolute no. Whoever wanted to hurt her would have to do it over his dead body. Daiya actually fired at Ye Wei. He would have not spared her this easily if his body weren’t that frail.

Mo Jue, whose head was slightly dizzy, ambled back to the bed. This agony he put himself through had worn himself out.

Daiya, who was extremely proud, pushed Meng Lianying away and stood up. While she looked scorned, she was still as haughty and coldly said, “Mo Jue, you sure have the gall to repay me with unkindness! Remember clearly that if it weren’t for me shooting her, would you still be alive to settle the score with me now? I just can’t lay a finger on Ye Wei, huh? If you want to die, that’s your own business!”

She suddenly coldly laughed, pointed out of the window, and said, “Don’t you hate me for shooting her? Very well, then, you gutsy f***er! If I didn’t shoot her, you would be long dead and would not have any feelings! Do you really still think that I should not have done that? Jump then! Jump to prove that I really should not have shot her. Since you would be dead anyway, why not? If you don’t jump, what does all that rage and hatred in you count toward? What does it count toward?! That I have hurt the woman whom you deeply love? I’m sorry, but do you hate me? That’s such a joke! You’re almost dead! What right do you have to hate me?!”

Anger flashed through Mo Jue’s purple eyes, and he suddenly looked at her. Daiya looked at him indignantly and coldly laughed. “Jump! Show the world that Second Boss Mo is a hopeless romantic, and how people cannot lay a finger on your woman. Jump and prove your love! What? Chickening out? Since you’re not jumping, what basis do you have to hit me? Why do you hate me so much? I am the jerk who’s giving you the opportunity to hate on me here! Don’t get it wrong, please!”

Mo Jue, in rage, suddenly stood up. Mo Ye then pinned his shoulder down as he gritted his teeth. Mo Ye frowned at Daiya and seriously said, “Daiya, stand down!”

Daiya coldly laughed as she looked at Mo Jue with a snicker on her lips. It was afraid only she knew what she was snickering at before she left in a huff with Meng Lianying chasing after her. Mo Jue, in his anger, was unaware, but Mo Ye said, “She’s right.”


“Isn’t that the case? Just because Daiya shot Ye Wei, you feel that Daiya deserves to die. You’re seeking justice for Ye Wei, but who in turn would seek justice for you? What you are willing to bear is your own problem. If it weren’t for Daiya shooting her, would you be here talking to me, Little Jue?” Mo Ye spelled out the facts. “She is, after all, right. She gave you a chance to live and still hate her. Get it?”

“I don’t know. All I know is that I will not spare anybody who hurts Ye Wei!” Mo Jue said through gritted teeth with a malicious look. The agony took a toll on his looks.

Mo Ye had no intention of interrupting his rest and simply said, “You could hate her all you want, but could you still hate on her if you were dead? Ye Wei, in comparison to Daiya, really should die. If I were present, I would have shot her too. Little Jue, would you shoot if you were in my shoes?”

“This is different!” Mo Jue rebutted.

“It’s the same, completely the same! Don’t you realize that Daiya really likes you?”

“How is it of my concern?” Mo Jue rebutted in frustration. Everything seemed so straightforward. He did not like Daiya and did not need her to save him. While he indeed would rather be killed by Ye Wei, he did not need anybody to kill Ye Wei to save him.

Mo Ye sighed at how unconceivable his brother was.

“Lie down and get some rest. I’m getting lazy trying to convince you.” Mo Ye gave up all attempts to communicate with him lest he be angered by him.

Mo Jue obediently lay down but did not obey him to rest. He looked at the ceiling coldly and suddenly asked Mo Ye, “Did you send Daiya to Muscat?”


“She came herself then? With so many in tow?!”

Mo Ye suddenly felt his heart clench! Damn! How could he have overlooked that!

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