Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 621 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 621 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Mo Ye quickly followed the two of them out of the hospital, but he only saw Meng Lianying send Daiya up the car. He slightly frowned before solemnly ordering Ding Ke, who was next to him. “As per my instructions.”

Ding Ke nodded and left.

As Meng Lianying sent Daiya off, she tilted her head and saw Mo Ye standing at the entrance to the hospital. Her eyes lit up, and she walked over with the best smile she felt she could muster and said, “Ye, since Brother Jue is fine, when would you be returning to Italy?”

Mo Ye’s gaze landed on Meng Lianying, who was as pretty and as lively as before. He, however, found her irritating. Mo Ye tucked his hands behind him and he broke into a seeming smile. “What brings you to Muscat?”

Meng Lianying was overjoyed, thinking that he still had feelings for her. If she were able to have him recall the happier times they once had, they could be able to be like before.

She could not help but feel her mood lift up.

Her eyebrows could not conceal her alluring beauty, but coldness flashed through Mo Ye’s eyes. Hmmph!

“I just came here because of you. Ye, I wanted to see you. When you were in a coma, I went to Italy to see you several times, but Brother Jue was too much to not allow me to see you at all. I couldn’t help but come here instead,” Meng Lianying said, aggrieved.

“Really?” Mo Ye raised his eyebrows despite looking calm. His countenance disappointed Meng Lianying. This was not what she was hoping for. He should have consoled her, but he seemed unable to let go of it still.

“Ye, are you still blaming me for mistakenly hurting you back then? I did not mean it, and I am very sorry,” Meng Lianying earnestly apologized. Mo Ye just laughed coldly. Mistakenly injure? No, absolutely no! It was, thankfully, a ‘mistaken injury’. Otherwise, she would have injured Eleven.

He endured the rage in his heart and asked, “Are you staying together with Daiya?”

Meng Lianying was taken aback, her eyes twinkling, and shook her head. Mo Ye frowned even harder. She was with Daiya all these days, but they weren’t staying together? Meng Lianying said, “Daiya is in a bad mood. It would be inappropriate for me to stay with her.”

“Muscat is slightly more chaotic, and you ladies would be safer staying together.”

“Daiya has her henchmen with her. As for me… Ye, are you concerned about my safety?” Meng Lianying asked suggestively. Mo Ye, whose attention was caught by the earlier statement, frowned.

Daiya did not travel to Muscat on orders. She came for Mo Jue, and in theory, should have brought her henchmen along. Was there something going on?

Her shooting Ye Wei could not have been simply to save Little Jue.

Meng Lianying saw him remain silent for long and felt even worse. Did he not even care the least about her? Mo Ye looked at her coldly and said, “Go. I’ve some things to attend to.”

“Ye, we…”

“Meng Lianying, stop looking for me in the future. Consider what happened at the scrapyard as me repaying what I owed you in full. Let’s go our separate ways. You’d better look out for yourself,” Mo Ye ruthlessly said.

She had a mysterious Kahn next to her. If she was in Muscat, would Kahn be present too? He did not know for now, and he hated Kahn for the way he looked at Eleven, which made him uncomfortable.

Besides, he was so skilled and mysterious that he could not be at ease.

“Are you really this heartless?”

“Meng Lianying, have you had enough?” Mo Ye bellowed in slight impatience. “If you are still as persistent, do not blame me for being impolite. I cannot forgive you for what happened at the scrapyard, so know your limits.”

Meng Lianying chuckled as her tears fell. “Are you so hung up over who saved you? Mo Ye, you have lost your feelings for me due to what seems to be the best possible reason.”

“Who do you think you are? Do you think you have the ability to get my attention? You lied to me, and I was enough of an idiot to allow myself to be deceived by you. If you did not take advantage of Eleven, I would not have given you that additional glance. Meng Lianying, please do not naively imagine yourself to be somebody that everyone adores as you are fathoms away. The only person whom I’ve ever loved is her, and I did not harbor any thought of having you for myself all these five years. If it weren’t for Eleven, we wouldn’t have known each other and we couldn’t have known each other either. It’s high time you return to her what you have taken from her,” Mo Ye coldly said, shattering the infinitely grandiose dream she had always harbored.

This psychopathic narcissism was revolting.

Meng Lianying gritted her teeth and said, “Mo Ye, how dare you! You will regret what you told me today!”

She stared hard at Mo Ye before turning away and leaving.

Tears brimmed in her eyes.

Mo Ye shook his head and was about to return to the hospital when he suddenly raised his eyebrows to see Eleven come out from a car behind and look at him somewhat embarrassingly. Her pale skin seemed a little red under the sun, and her shifty gaze made her look like an adorable rabbit.

Mo Ye was overjoyed and he could not hide his elation. He quickly went down the stairs and walked toward her before embracing her in excitement. “So my Eleven has had this new habit of eavesdropping on people.” His deep voice was full of adoration and teasing.

He did not know that she was there.

She had covered her traces extremely well.

Eleven allowed him to hug her and she blushed. Ye Wei said she did not want to see Mo Jue, and she decided to come by the hospital to see if he was indeed fine so that they would be at ease. Little did she expect to see Mo Ye and Meng Lianying at the hospital.

He even smiled at her… She was a little flustered but thankfully did not leave in a rage. Otherwise, she would not have heard him speak and would have disliked him instead.

“It was not deliberate. You two were too loud.” Eleven rebutted before saying how an open space allowed her to openly listen in on them.

Mo Ye laughed deeply and hugged her for a while before he was willing to let her go. As she was not wearing a mask recently, he could clearly feel the tenderness of her hands. He also liked how her slightly rounded face looked really good and healthy.

“You’re here to look for me?” Mo Ye asked excitedly. He knew that they were in the same city and were concerned about each other. Besides, she certainly knew where he was exactly.

He felt a little unsatisfied as he wanted to wait until Mo Jue was better and calmed down completely before looking for her. That said, there was nobody in his life whom he missed to the point a few days felt like years.

“I am here to check on Mo Jue’s injuries,” Eleven honestly replied. Mo Ye sighed at how she was unable to lie to please him. While she was not the most dutiful girlfriend, he, however, liked it.

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