Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 623 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 623 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Wei heard Eleven’s description of how Mo Jue was, by and large, fine, and she merely nodded to acknowledge without any particular emotional fluctuation. It seemed as though she was hearing some news about a total stranger. Eleven tried to probe her by asking if she should visit Mo Jue, but Ye Wei shook her head, saying that there was no need to see him. She merely had Tanski send a person to deliver a letter to Mo Jue.

“Do you hate him that much?” Eleven asked, baffled, as she really could not understand Ye Wei’s thoughts. It was clearly a misunderstanding and was not about whose fault it was. Mo Jue did not know, and Ye Wei only blamed Mo Jue for being extremely unfair.

Little did they expect Ye Wei to laugh and shake her head as she said, “I am not seeing him not because I hate him. A misunderstanding, or whatever, will do. I just do not want to see Mo Jue anymore and it’s about time we call it quits with each other. We just cannot be together.”

This incident helped her clearly recognize something: Two people being in love did not translate into them being brazenly together as their love would occasionally hurt many.

The trust between them was just so fragile to the point that even the slightest rustling of the wind cracked it. Whose fault was it? Who allowed their love to be mired amidst conspiracies? It was not the mastermind of said conspiracies but merely themselves.

She always felt that Mo Jue did not trust her. He had to give her some trust, but all it took were incidents for them to realize that she never really trusted him. If that weren’t the case, they would not have lost the child.

They were the cause of it all.

If they still remained together, she had a premonition that such misunderstandings and lack of trust would frequently occur, not to mention the repeat of such incidents. When such a time came again, one wondered who would be bloodied. She, in their first misunderstanding, almost killed him. What was next?

Who would die? Previously, Daiya shot her in her back and saved him. Who would be able to save them the next time?

Mourning was not necessarily worse than the loss of hope. That described exactly how she felt.

She did not give up hope on Mo Jue but on their romance. Their opposing identities and second-guessing natures still remained despite her having her memories wiped. If she had regained her memories, these would only intensify.

How about… they went separate ways earlier?

They really should not get together. Despite having lost her memories, she once thought about how romance was just between two of them and nobody else could interfere. She loved Mo Jue and was willing to remain by his side, and nobody could tell her what to do.

Today, she realized that she was grossly wrong.

“Eleven, I’ve yet to learn to trust him. It’s still better that we part ways. If not… If there is another misunderstanding, I’ll act impulsively again and he will be dead.” Ye Wei laughed at herself.

Eleven felt a sharp pain in her heart. She then realized how she felt. She used to hate Mo Jue as well, but following the clarification, she hated herself the most.

If she gave him that bit more trust, her anger would not have hurt him grievously and she would not have lost her child. This was akin to her killing her child herself, and she was filled with hatred later and shot Mo Jue. Everything stemmed from her distrust of Mo Jue.

She clearly loved him but doubted him once something happened.

Ye Wei hated herself!

If she, in her current state, remained by Mo Jue, she would kill him someday. He would lose his life because of her. She had already lost her child. If he died because of her, wouldn’t it be too much for her to handle?

She had already long thought about leaving Muscat, but she remained just to know that he was fine. Her heart, however, was no longer turbulent, and she had already lost all hope in their love. She did not want to go back to before and did not want to see him either.

Mutually forgetting about each other was the best possible ending she could think of.

She did not want to personally kill him if something else happened again.

“Wei Wei, do not blame yourself. Why pin the blame on yourself when it isn’t your fault at all?” Eleven convinced her albeit feeling extremely helpless. While she might not be able to empathize with her pain, she really hoped that Wei Wei would be a little happier.

“Whose fault is it then?” Ye Wei asked in return, gently smiling with a hint of self-mockery. “Stop convincing me and leave me alone for some time.”

“You may want to return to London. Chu Li, Little Iron, and the others are all waiting for you to return.” Eleven suggested something she mentioned before. When they were in Rome, Ye Wei already agreed to it.

Little did she expect her to shake her head at this moment.

“No, I’m not going back. I am going to thoroughly investigate this or I’ll not be at peace!” Ye Wei flew into a silent rage as viciousness showed on her face. “I’m not going to spare that person!”

She already had somebody in mind and wanted to get to the bottom of it. It did not make sense that so much happened for no rhyme or reason. So many died for no rhyme or reason as though there was no blood for tribute and nobody died with her child. She was absolutely unwilling to give up.

“Are you referring to Daiya?” Eleven understood her after all and immediately saw through the doubts in Ye Wei’s heart.

“Indeed, I am suspecting she is the one. There was little time following the hotel explosion for anyone to sneakily steal that document, and only Daiya and Brown had the opportunity. If Brown did it, he would have admitted it and there would have been no reason for information to leak from within the Mafia. Brown also has no reason to do the Mafia in, so it must be Daiya. She colluded with those in the Middle East and leaked intelligence. Even if the Mo brothers discovered it, she would rebut them on the basis that she did it for the good for the Mafia,” Ye Wei flatly replied. She actually suspected that Daiya stole intelligence which aroused the suspicion of the Mo brothers who then colluded with the people in the Middle East. It was now confirmed that the Mo brothers had nothing to do with it, so all suspicion hence coalesced on Daiya.”

Apart from her, she could not think of anybody else who could approach the hotel and so coincidentally leak information from the Mafia.

She had clearly been up to no good when the Mo brothers were absent and disturbed the peace they had struggled so hard to maintain. She even caused her to lose her child! She must exact her revenge!

She, coincidentally, was in Muscat. There was no way she would spare her that easily.

She could let the matter of Daiya shooting her slide, regardless of whether it was to deliberately take her out or save Mo Jue. Mo Jue had awoken and was fine. She would allow it to slide and even see it as her getting shot together with Mo Jue.

She would exact hundredfold revenge for all else.

“Wei Wei, do not be too impulsive this time. Get concrete proof before exacting revenge. It’s never too late to exact revenge,” Eleven slowly said. Since Daiya’s identity was special, laying a finger on her would be akin to ordering a hit on the established powers within the Mafia. It was extraordinary.

The aftermath would be immeasurable.

“Don’t worry. I know. Don’t let me confirm she is behind it. If not, she will die by a thousand cuts!”

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