Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 624 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 624 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Wei and Eleven bid farewell to Tanski and left his mansion. Despite him trying to convince them to stay, he failed to make them stay. Eleven and Ye Wei knew too well that staying there was no good to Tanski and would instead bring him trouble.

Mo Jue received Ye Wei’s letter an hour later.

There was a simple statement on it: I do not regret meeting you, and it’s difficult to love you and hate you. Let’s forget about each other and not look for each other anymore.

He had just woken up and was planning to talk to Mo Ye about Daiya when he was utterly heartbroken by the letter. His anger surged. He was unable to keep his agitation in check and his face turned pale.

Let’s forget about each other and not look for each other anymore.

‘So much for not looking for each other anymore. Ye Wei, dream on! I will find you wherever you are and imprison you by my side, even if it means crippling you. You’ll see whether you dare to leave me again!’

Mo Jue almost crushed his gums as that face which tortured him flashed through his mind. His fists were cracking from the clenching and he tasted blood in his throat. He was of the opinion that she was in Muscat and had recovered, and he also knew that she had misunderstood him. While he still hated her with his dear life, he also thought about how he would allow all to slide if she came to look for him and said a nice thing or two like how she infuriated him before. They would still be like before despite the occasional tensions and grudges about why she did not trust him. Despite all that, he felt that keeping her by his side would give him the most happiness as he would hate her and love her deeply. He, however, never thought of leaving her, and she actually did not say a single word before talking about going separate ways.

Fat hope! He would absolutely not agree to that!

Mo Jue almost crushed the letter paper and threw it onto the floor hard. The anger in his eyes had become a maelstrom. If it weren’t for his body unable to take long journeys, or Mo Ye by his side warning him not to act hastily lest he aggravate his injuries, he would have bolted out of the door. He would stop her even if he were half dead.

All he wanted to ask was why. When he allowed her to leave initially, it was indeed a mistake. She should not have left him. She really should not have. If she had not left him, all these would not have happened.

Mo Jue felt the stench of blood in his throat and gritted his teeth to prevent blood from gushing out. How many times had he endured self-mutilation because of her? It would no longer happen, and even if she knew, her heart would not ache. He should not cheapen himself for her.

Mo Jue suddenly flew into a crazed laugh that was tragic yet insane whilst he clutched his chest in seeming madness. Mo Ye watched on and frowned, unable to watch on. The pain ran extremely deeply through Mo Jue’s heart.

‘Ye Wei, you are f***ing heartless!’

Only a few women in the world were as hardened as her and could treat a man who loved her over their lives with such viciousness. Was her heart forged of steel?

“Little Jue…” His words could not enter Mo Jue’s ears as the latter’s mind was filled with hatred. He wished he could utterly rip Ye Wei apart. ‘Ye Wei, Ye Wei…’

She did not regret them meeting, and she did not regret shooting him and even leaving him. ‘Ye Wei, did you never regret a single thing that you had done before?’

‘Even though you killed me before discovering the truth, would you regret it?’

This statement, like a thousand sharp needles, pierced his broken heart.

It was difficult to love and hate… Since that was the case, hate it shall be then. ‘Ye Wei, wait and see! Don’t expect me to spare you!’ Mo Jue had a vehement look that Mo Ye had never seen before.

He sighed deep down as he was spot on about Mo Jue flipping into a rage. Initially, he was already abnormal enough to encounter Ye Wei. Now, he was flipping out when she tried to leave him. Why didn’t Eleven try to convince Ye Wei otherwise?

She was not in the position to call off the feelings as and when she wanted.

Ever since Ye Wei sent him that letter, Mo Jue, in contrast to his volatility and uncooperative attitude toward his doctors, became extremely calm and cooperated with his doctors, focusing on recuperating. He used to grab the doctors by the neck and ask when he would be able to be discharged, but he now gently asked the doctors when he would recover. While it was hardly any different, the focus had changed.

Mo Ye knew too well that he had to focus on recuperating before looking for Ye Wei. This time, it must be… Mo Ye saw his calm countenance and felt terrible.

His younger brother should not be troubled by love to this extent.

He tried calling Eleven but realized that she had turned her phone off. She replied to him that she would accompany Ye Wei for a while and it was inconvenient for them to meet. Mo Ye was unable to get any information about them.

With the Top Terrorist Organization’s powerful intelligence network covering them, he had difficulties locating them.

It was Birmingham who delivered shocking news.

“What did you say? Daiya leaked the intelligence to the Middle Eastern coalition?” Mo Ye looked at the information in his hands in shock. Birmingham had been secretly tasked by Mo Ye to investigate. Since Birmingham was in the Middle East, he came by Oman and passed the detailed report to Mo Ye.

“Boss, I was as shocked too. I originally thought we were framed, but this seemed to be an inside act. The information seemed to have come from first sister-in-law and it led to the elders. I re-investigated the hotel explosion and it was indeed Daiya who took first sister-in-law’s information and duplicated it next door before secretly returning it. Mr. Brown then took the package away,” Birmingham solemnly replied. “The explosion at the hotel was already fraught with suspicion. Big boss had me come to the Middle East to investigate it since Cloud and Wind were still in Italy. There might be, for all you know, new developments. These are testimonies from key persons. It is not difficult to deduce that it was Daiya. While I was not part of that struggle, it was the Elders’ Court’s consensus and I could not do anything about it. As I think about it now, it was Daiya who was secretly scheming against us and we were all shocked enough then to not think that much about it. It was only after all that had happened did we realize it.”

If one did not connect the dots surrounding the incident, one would not have expected such an answer.

“That scoundrel!” Mo Ye flew into a deep rage and frowned hard. “Did you startle her?”

Birmingham shook his head. He was on par with Daiya when it came to gathering intelligence after all. He had his own ways of avoiding Daiya. This incident was of such significance that he could not afford to startle Daiya.

“Boss, if it weren’t for you being in a coma for half a year to wake up to these incidents, you must have long thought about Daiya. When you were still comatose, Miss Ye Wei flew into a little tantrum because of Daiya and second master,” Birmingham honestly said. “Second master typically bothers only about Miss Ye and would not bother about such details. If that was not the case, we would have been able to avoid that incident.”

“That will do,” Mo Ye replied. “Is Daiya still in the hotel?”

“Ah, yes, she has yet to leave the country.”

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