Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 625 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 625 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Mo Ye called Daiya but nobody picked up. Somebody eventually picked up the call, but it was not Daiya but a man who said that Daiya had left the hotel and did not bring her phone along. He then told him to call later.

He assumed that it was somebody from the Mafia and coldly ordered for Daiya to be located and brought over.

The man smiled and acknowledged before ending the call. Mo Ye felt that something was amiss but could not put a finger on it. An hour passed but Daiya did not reply, so Mo Ye had Birmingham call again. This time, the phone was turned off.

Birmingham called the hotel, and the hotel manager said that Daiya did not leave the hotel the entire day. Mo Ye looked solemn and decided to personally look for her. He ordered Ding Ke to watch after Mo Jue in the hospital while he and Birmingham went to the hotel to look for Daiya. Daiya had overstepped and that could not be tolerated.

Ding Ke was a little hesitant and asked, “First master, should I tell second master about this?”

“No. Await my return and further instructions,” Mo Ye flatly replied before he and Birmingham got into the car and hurried toward the hotel. Coincidentally, they just reached the hotel and heard a heavy object fall to the ground. Said object had hit a cabriolet and the sound was extremely obvious.

Everybody looked in the direction of the commotion to see a woman roll off a cabriolet, whose bonnet was dented, and glass fragments all over the ground. There was a pool of blood on the ground as well. The woman fell out extremely far away and hit her head on the stone stairs at a corner so hard that it almost cracked. Blood kept pouring out, which made for an unbearable sight.

The passersby shrieked at the brutality of the scene. Everybody was scared out of their wits and some who were unable to stomach the scene vomited. Some, after the shrieks, coldly critiqued the scene while some took out their phones and called the cops.

Mo Ye and Birmingham stopped in their steps and could not help but look in the direction. The car blocked the woman’s face which they could not quite clearly see.

“Big boss?” Birmingham saw the crowd build up and could not help but ask whether they should continue going over to take a look. Mo Ye looked up and walked over. His presence was so intimidating that people made way for him.

While looking was trivial, the two of them were shocked. The woman in question was Daiya!

Daiya stayed on the 32nd floor, and she was no longer intact after having fallen from such height. Her skull had shattered, and her brains mixed with the blood, leading to an especially gruesome and brutal scene.

Birmingham was able to recognize Daiya at a glance as he found her dressing and clothes particularly familiar. She also wore a ring that she wore as a memento for years as said ring was a present the elders gave her after her first successful mission.

How could she have fallen from such height?

Mo Ye observed Daiya even more closely and noticed many torture marks on Daiya’s body. Her hair was messy, and she had a clear strangulation mark on her neck. It seemed that somebody had strangled her with a lot of force.

Her clothes seemed a little looser, and she had marks on her chest and arms. As she wore a short skirt, there were clear wounds from concealable weapons on her knees. The concealable weapons seemed to have shattered her kneecaps. Mo Ye could imagine how someone had wounded her in the knee and forced her to kneel. While her hands and legs were shattered beyond recognition, one could tell from the wounds that Daiya was horribly tortured before her death.

Who would be heartless enough to be this vicious?

A person from the hotel quickly came out to preserve the integrity of the scene, and Mo Ye and Birmingham backed out of the chaos. Everybody watched the commotion, and the grand hall of the hotel was extremely quiet as there were few in the hotel.

The two of them quickly went up the stairs and into Daiya’s room. The door was shut, but Birmingham ingeniously opened the room and the two of them entered the room. The stench of blood rushed at them. They saw five dead men who were instantly killed. The murderer was quick, accurate, and vicious in slitting their throats with a sharp weapon. Their deaths were grisly and instant.

Mo Ye frowned and noticed that the window to the balcony was open. Daiya fell down from the balcony window, shattering the flower pots. She did struggle before her death. This was clearly a murder scene.

Who would have killed her?

Ye Wei and Eleven? Were they still within Muscat? Ye Wei misunderstood Mo Jue and extremely hated him to the point she even attempted a hit on him. If her investigations led to Daiya, she would hate Daiya and would not spare her any less.

She was capable of the means and brutality.

As the wind blew strongly at the higher floors, the curtains fluttered. Birmingham immediately checked for traces left in the room, but it was to no avail “The person left no traces. It must be a professional killer. You will not be able to find the slightest evidence.”

As he said, he walked out of the door. Birmingham also quietly followed him out. The two of them left the hotel and became passersby. Mo Ye keenly looked around the crowd and tried to find a familiar figure or two. To prevent overlooking anything, killers would often remain on-site to observe developments. However, falling from the 32nd floor often meant instant death, so even idiots knew that they should not hang around.

Mo Ye looked around and did not notice Ye Wei or Eleven.

“Big boss, could it be that Miss Ye Wei and sister-in-law were involved in this?” Birmingham asked. This looked extremely like something they were capable of.

Mo Ye acknowledged as he was of the opinion she killed them.

“Big sister-in-law sure is cruel.”

“How could it be Eleven? This definitely does not look like Eleven. She prefers decisive engagements and clean kills. Given the number of wounds on Daiya, she was clearly tortured before death. Who else, apart from Ye Wei, was capable of that?” Mo Ye plainly said.

“Why would she do this?” Birmingham was a little shocked. While he had long heard of Ye Wei’s viciousness, everybody could tell from her time living and fighting with Mo Jue that she was quite adorable and had a gorgeous smile. She, as a typically carefree girl, could not have been this vicious. But look at how Daiya died!

He completely changed his impression of Ye Wei. Uh… It seemed like their second master had taken a liking to people of the same mold. To put it impolitely, why didn’t he look for someone inferior to him? Birmingham was aghast.

It was little wonder how she would get into such a tussle with their second master. The latter was shot by her but thankfully still had a chance to live. If she came to look for their second master that day and he happened to be upstairs, it would be their heavenly-looking second master who would have fallen.

As he thought about how that gorgeous face would be ruined, Birmingham immediately forced himself to bleach his mind.

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