Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 627 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 627 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Muscat, in recent times, was especially quiet and uneventful. The murder of the intelligence queen of the Mafia was suppressed and it quickly passed.

Nothing much happened, save the little feuds between the local triads.

A mansion in the suburbs of Muscat.

The mansion was located in the suburbs which were lush with greenery, making it look especially good in Muscat.

There was an artificial fountain outside the mansion, and the mansion being surrounded by trees made it much less arid and much cooler. Beautiful birds would occasionally visit the flowers under the glittering sunshine. This made for an especially comfortable environment that was suitable for recuperation.

Ye Wei, after her nap, lay on the swing outside and read. She recently preferred the silence and was rarely able to calm her mind down unless she read famous books from local and beyond. Eleven laughed at how she did not seriously study when she was still a student but instead aspired to study hard and caught up now.

She laughed in response as she did not want to seem illiterate.

“Anything on the news today?” Ye Wei raised her eyebrows and asked Eleven.

“No major news. Do you really think the Muscat police can even investigate anything?” Eleven retorted as she arranged the cakes prepared. The two of them, because of the weather, did not really have a good appetite, and Eleven was taking care of Ye Wei’s body at the moment. While they did not like to eat, she made nice desserts for Ye Wei to eat as she really liked small intricate desserts that went well with a pot of flower tea. Both of them were having a good time.

“I am not too interested in what they can find out. I am more curious about who wrecked my plans. I never tortured Daiya enough before she was killed by that idiot. How ungenerous of that person!” Ye Wei laughed a little sinisterly. “Since I’ve not tortured her enough, I will take it out on that murderer who’s such a killjoy.”

“You have such an evil taste.” Eleven shook her head and played some light music. Ye Wei was so happy to be able to enjoy such an atmosphere.

“She deserves it!” Ye Wei coldly harrumphed as viciousness flashed through her eyes. “I just tortured her for a moment and it’s like she escaped it when she died. She got away easy! If only one could get away with anything easily! Those idiots who wreck my plans are no good people either.”

Ye Wei and Eleven actually did look for Daiya, but they did not kill the few men in the room. Eleven merely knocked them out since Ye Wei’s ultimate target was Daiya.

Actually, if they calmed down and used the Top Terrorist Organization’s intelligence network to investigate, how could Black J not discover what Birmingham did?

Chu Li, Jason, and all initially heard that Eleven and Ye Wei were reopening the case and it was not the Mo brothers who were behind the incident. Jason even flew into a rage, whereas Chu Li, in a silent rage, accused them of being biased and siding with outsiders.

Ye Wei, however, coldly said that if she were helping them, she would not have killed Mo Jue on impulse.

Chu Li knew that Ye Wei lost her child and only cooled down a little after hearing that it was an accident. It was only after the situation happened that they were focused on making it up to the families of the dead and burying the dead before pulling back. They had too many things on their plate and simply had no time to revisit what happened, and hence no time to pick on the Mo brothers. The only time they struck was when they provided munitions for Third Young Master Ye to make a killing in North America and almost control the North American underworld. His power base almost extended to the Middle East. As the Mafia became stronger, the Dragon Gate also expanded its power base.

This was the only expeditionary battle that the Top Terrorist Organization involved itself in, and there was almost nothing else thereafter as it focused on settling its personnel and rebuilding its organization. They were too hands-tied for revenge and would have to wait until everything was much more settled before Chu Li and the rest would be in the mood to exact vengeance on the Mafia.

After all, they were focused on reorganizing their internal self over avenging those they lost.

Ye Wei and Eleven said that the Mo brothers were not behind it, and Chu Li, after some deep thought, had Black J personally see to it. Black J was the top intelligence man in the Top Terrorist Organization, and he was now responsible for running the entire intelligence department. He, however, had never taken action personally and only heard people below him report to him. Chu Li having him personally investigate it was proof of how seriously he saw it.

After all, it involved Ye Wei and Eleven, so there could not be any room for error. Slip-ups during normal circumstances would still be understandable.

And Black J’s investigation matched up to what Ye Wei and Eleven predicted: Daiya was indeed behind it all and the Mo brothers were not in the Mafia then and were in the dark.

With this conclusion out of their expectations, Ye Wei flew into a rage and went to look for Daiya.

Ye Wei, given her character, would not allow one to simply die and would torture one terribly without sparing them. One could hence imagine how viciously Daiya was tortured by her as she would use all possible methods of torture on Daiya.

The torture continued until the haughty Daiya could not stand it and kneeled down to beg for mercy. Daiya even went as far as to beg Ye Wei to kill her, but Ye Wei would not grant her wishes as torturing her until she was in living hell was her intention.

She was wondering whether Daiya escaped because she could not withstand her torture.

That would have been timely and made things even more interesting. Ye Wei would then be able to find Daiya wherever she went. Ye Wei was also very at ease and not afraid that she would disappear. Having her endure such psychological stress to the point of breaking down into madness was not too shoddy an idea too.

She hence did not kill her.

After Daiya begged for mercy, Ye Wei toyed with her before sparing her. She then said, with a chuckle, that she would continue.

Members of the Ye family had a penchant for enjoying the infliction of torture that utterly broke people. Like Third Young Master Ye, Ye Wei was no different. Little did they expect to hear about Daiya falling to her death not too long after she had left.

“Did she jump because she could not stand your torture?” Eleven mused albeit knowing that it was impossible. Daiya, despite how haughty and proud she was, was even willing to kneel down to beg Ye Wei to spare her. How could she have jumped to her death?

It was clearly a murder.

“She sure had it easy.” Ye Wei coldly harrumphed as she ate the snacks. “To think she died before I had my fun! That sure sucks! Who would be so inconsiderate?”

Ye Wei was indifferent about Daiya’s death, and she just hated it that Daiya did not die in her hands. She was a little unwilling because she wanted to personally avenge her darling child. If she wanted Daiya dead, she would have thrown her into Muscat’s prison and allowed the extremely vicious criminals in there to properly mess her up.

“You’re not content, huh? I already told you to just kill her lest she hop around, but you insisted that keeping her alive was good fun. Now, look at how she’s killed by somebody else and how we are taking the blame for it.” Eleven laughed. “If I were in your shoes, I would have crippled her and left.”

Ye Wei raised her eyebrows and laughed. “Relax! The murderers will walk up to our front porch.”

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