Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 628 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 628 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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There was a little church near the mansion where Ye Wei and Eleven stayed where the local residents would visit for church services a few days a week. Considerably many visited the church. Today, Ye Wei and Eleven went to the nearby market to buy ingredients and returned to see two little girls with a white Persian cat loitering around their mansion. The gold eyes of the cat glinted beautifully like some glass material.

The two ladies were sisters who did not look identical; one was a brunette with brown eyes whereas the other was a blonde with gray-blue eyes. Both spoke Arabic and politely greeted Ye Wei and Eleven when they saw the owners of the house return. The young girl told Ye Wei and Eleven that they learned that their other Persian cat had slipped into Ye Wei’s house, but they did not dare enter the house, so they searched for the cat from the outside as they called for it.

They saw the owners of the house return and begged them to allow them to enter the house to look for their Persian cat. Ye Wei, seeing how pretty the two children were, took a liking to them and happily allowed them to enter the house to look for the kitten.

The two children were a little afraid of Eleven’s cold glance and instead loved to remain by the vivacious Ye Wei. Ye Wei broke into laughter and directly pointed out how much kinder the other lady was.

The kitten entered the kitchen from the window and frolicked in the living room. When they entered the house, the kitten leaped into the blonde girl’s lap. The young girl held the cat and smiled as she called her baby.

Master and pet seemed to have an extremely good relationship.

The two of them sized up the mansion curiously. Eleven took out some deserts and greeted them. The young girls were especially happy and gushed at how tasty the desserts were. It wasn’t until a moment later Ye Wei managed to get their names. The brunette was the elder sister whose name was Grace whereas the blonde girl was the younger sister who was called Sarah. They had very Americanized names that were not particularly Arabian. Both of them spoke extremely fluent English with an American accent.

Ye Wei really liked these two young girls. After they had their desserts, Ye Wei offered to send them back to the church where their parents were attending service. The children, who were bored, had come out to play.

They did not want the Persian cat to enter their mansion.

Eleven nodded and instructed her to quickly return. Ye Wei then brought the children out.

The two young girls had Persian cats as pets, and there seemed to be a pair of them which cuddled together really lovingly. Ye Wei, who was watching on, was at a loss as to whether to cry or laugh. Grace effusively praised how beautiful their house was as it was really more beautiful than theirs. She was even asking whether they could come by her house and play during future church services.

Sarah also said that their mommy also made lots of nice desserts.

Ye Wei laughed loudly and wanted to agree but knew that she would not be staying here for long. She smiled and said, “Big sister won’t be staying here after a few days.”

“What a pity,” the sisters chimed in unison.

Grace said that it was not fun here and it was quite chaotic recently. Since school was out, their parents were not considering returning to California to stay for a period of time. They also did not like their friends here, and there were only a few people whom they could play with.

They felt lonely and bored, and children who did not have the patience to sit through a church service ran out to play.

Ye Wei smiled as she coddled them, but she suddenly raised her eyebrows and squinted dangerously. She picked up the two children and shielded them with her body. She smiled and said, “Quickly go back to the church. Your parents should be worried about you.”

“Big sister… You…”

“Quickly go and do not turn back. If not, big sister will get angry! Be good, okay?” Ye Wei gently said. Grace and Sarah then carried their Persian cats and headed toward the church.

They indeed obeyed and did not turn back.

It wasn’t until their figures had disappeared did Ye Wei turn around. She looked completely different and emanated an overbearing dominance. Nobody would dare to look her in the eye.

“Show yourself!” She coldly barked as she looked at the woods

Three to four men in black instantly appeared before her. Following that, a suave, svelte man walked out from behind the trees. He was tall, seemed approachable, and had a warm smile. He looked like an innocent and harmless Prince Charming.

Ye Wei smiled gorgeously. “Who are you?”

A smile flashed through the man’s eyes. Ye Wei was able to guess his identity since there was someone else who stood not too far behind him: Meng Lianying.

It was Kahn.

He honestly told her what happened, and Ye Wei was smart enough to guess his identity upon seeing Meng Lianying. Knowing she was close to the mark, she smiled even more gorgeously. “A friend from the past, I see. Hi, Kahn, how have you been?”

“Thanks to you, I’m very good!” Kahn still smiled despite the increasing coldness in his eyes. What happened in his youth flashed back into his head. Ye Wei was the biggest cause of his mutation.

If it weren’t for her causing the accident in the laboratory, he would not become neither man nor devil he was today.

“What’s up?” Ye Wei smiled as she asked with raised eyebrows and coldly laughed. “Looks like I have unfriendly company.”

“You’re not afraid?” Kahn smiled and asked. He did not slow the slightest hatred but gentle politeness despite how much he hated Ye Wei.

He feigned it really well.

“What’s there to be afraid of? I heard that you were really capable, and the worst that can happen is that I just die and bring someone along with me. What’s there to be afraid of?” Ye Wei raised her eyebrows and smiled. She knew that she was no match for Kahn.

He was able to fight Eleven to a draw, and it was afraid that Eleven was the only person who could take him on.

“Wei Wei, what arrogance you still have there.” Kahn smiled. He just could not understand how this lass’ casual and arrogant attitude since young came about. Where did this self-confidence of her come about? She was such an intriguing person.

Ye Wei coldly laughed and looked at Meng Lianying. “Meng Lianying, you would now rather destroy what you can’t have, huh? You’re such an embarrassment to women to chase man after man purely to exploit them. Aren’t you embarrassing?”

“What did you say!?”

“Why fly into a rage from all that embarrassment-turned-anger? Big Boss Mo must have been blind as f*** to keep you alive so that Kahn could get some good work done. You sure have contributed substantially to his good work. But be careful. Daiya was your precedent.” Ye Wei coldly laughed as she looked at Kahn. “Am I right, Brother Kahn?”

Kahn smiled quietly with an unfathomable look.

Meng Lianying’s face changed and she coldly laughed. “Hmmph! Ye Wei, you’d better worry about yourself. You might not have a chance to see me end up like Daiya.”

She would undoubtedly die before her.

Kahn will not spare her.

Ye Wei coldly laughed and said, “I feel really sad for Daiya. I was afraid she did not expect herself to perish in the hands of a ‘good friend’ like you.”

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