Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 629 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 629 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Meng Lianying laughed and plainly said, “She was too uncooperative and death was too cheap a way out for her.”

She did not have the slightest feeling toward Daiya’s death. She seemed to be so cold to the point of indifference toward one’s death. Even though they had been friends for years, her friend’s noncooperation which led to said friend’s death left nary a feeling on her.

“Uncooperative?” Ye Wei raised her eyebrows. It seemed like Daiya was a tad more honorable than Meng Lianying. If she did not guess wrongly, Kahn and Meng Lianying wanted to use Daiya to take on the Mafia.

It was hence little wonder why Meng Lianying came to Muscat. It was not simply for Mo Ye, but also to take Daiya out. She must have struck some deal with Kahn and hence defected. She was once simply after Big Boss Mo, but then became a dragon of Kahn.

She witnessed how vicious Mo Jue was toward Daiya in Muscat, and she knew that Daiya loved Mo Jue and hated herself. Women, in their emotional hurt, were most easily exploited. Besides, given how Mo Jue had treated her so coldly and how Ye Wei had tortured her, Daiya was definitely indignant and enraged. These negative emotions allowed her to be exploited.

Meng Lianying and Kahn precisely saw that and hence hit Daiya up with the simplest condition of all: Kill her, and Mo Jue was hers. She could guess how they dealt with each other.

Little did they expect Daiya to be unwilling to cooperate and thus killed her.

Ye Wei’s hatred for Daiya instantly disappeared. While Daiya was at fault and had a personal agenda to get rid of her and want Mo Jue for herself, the intelligence leak made sense from her point of view as she had an ax to grind with Mo Jue and the Mafia would benefit..

She was utterly faithful to the Mafia and would naturally wish for the betterment of the Mafia. Like how Eleven belonged to the Top Terrorist Organization, she would naturally wish for their betterment. They were on opposite perspectives.

In this conspiracy, she only wished for the Mafia to become stronger but lost her child in the process and hated her to the core. This then sparked her murderous intent. But she, in comparison to Meng Lianying, was nowhere as despicable and hated as her.

Daiya schemed to profit the Mafia and hurt her, and that was something she had to avenge. That said, however evil her heart was, she did not have the slightest intention to betray the Mo brothers and was faithful to the very end. While she did kneel down to beg for mercy when tortured by her, she did not agree to Meng Lianying and Kahn betraying the Mafia and the Mo brothers.

She would rather be killed by them.

This resolve of hers was what Ye Wei admired.

They belonged to organizations and were brought up under discipline. To them, loyalty, especially in a world of conspiracies, endless murders, and betrayals, was of extreme importance. While betrayal was too common an affair, few would be able to remain loyal to an organization. One could be applauded for remaining faithful despite temptations these days.

While many waxed and waned about loyalty, an extreme few really walked the talk. Daiya, with her life, proved her loyalty to the Mafia and the Mo brothers.

She leaked intelligence of the Top Terrorist Organization and hurt her and Mo Jue for her own gain. While Daiya, from the perspective of the Top Terrorist Organization, was undoubtedly hated, she was, however, accomplished from her and the Mafia’s point of view.

When she knew that she died out of loyalty, her hatred for her was almost gone.

A woman who dedicated her life to her organization, despite having hurt her, was worthy of respect.

“Wei Wei, it’s time to end all these grudges between you and me,” Kahn slowly said.

“Stop making it sound so nice. It disgusts me.” Ye Wei smiled alluringly but coldness flashed across her eyes. “You have a private agenda, so why made it sound so full of pomp? Are you able to kill so many people one by one? What a joke! Daiya was unwilling to cooperate with you, and I’m afraid you have to find somebody who would cooperate with you so that the Mafia would tangle with the Top Terrorist Organization in a lose-lose. Is that your endgame? It’s a shame that you will be disappointed because the truth is out in the open. Even if Chu Li and the rest hate the Mafia, they will not go to the lengths you expect them to!”

Kahn slowly smiled and raised his eyebrows. “What if you are dead?”

“That will depend on how capable you are.” Ye Wei took on Kahn’s gaze fearlessly. It was not that easy to kill her! Threatening her was of no use, and the only thing they could do was to kill her.

The Top Terrorist Organization and the Mafia would indeed no longer be embroiled in conflict, but if she died and Kahn managed to pin the blame on Mo Jue, then things could turn out otherwise. She almost killed Mo Jue sometime ago, and with everybody of the opinion that she killed Daiya, Mo Jue had a very good reason to kill her.

“Oh, I almost forgot. Meng Lianying, you claimed that you only had a year left to live in the past. With a big part of the year now passed and how a year will approach, I still see that you are really fine and don’t look like you are about to die. Do you have the antidote?” Ye Wei coldly laughed.

“Yes, I do. Are you very disappointed?” Meng Lianying coldly laughed.

Ye Wei shook her head and her lips curled into a smile that mocked her stupidity and pitifulness. She had a eureka moment and smiled. “Bai Ye said that the virus in Eleven lacks the precursor that is you. If Big Boss Mo knows that the virus in you is neutralized and that you would be able to help neutralize the virus in Eleven, he could imprison you and do research on you for over ten days so that you could be able to contribute to Eleven. How does that sound? Besides, it’s not as though he did not pull it off before.”

Ye Wei’s statement was a loaded statement that sent Meng Lianying into a rage. She suddenly barked and swung a punch at Ye Wei. While Meng Lianying seemed petite, she was not to be looked down upon.

She, in a moment, quickly darted before Ye Wei, who then avoided it, grabbed her wrist in return, and twisted it backward while sweeping her feet aggressively. Meng Lianying quickly backed away and landed a palm strike on Ye Wei’s chest, forcing Ye Wei to let go.

“You don’t seem to be my match.” Ye Wei coldly smiled. She was able to infer how strong or weak the people around her were, and Meng Lianying, apart from Kahn, was among the stronger of the lot. Her moves, however, were too feminine.

While her moves were elegant, precise, and agile, she lacked the ability to keep up with her aggressive moves. When it came to brute force fighting, Meng Lianying did not seem as strong.

“Ye Wei, you are too proud for your own good. Do you really think I cannot defeat you?” Meng Lianying looked down and sprinted forward. She opened her hands to reveal a set of claws that protected her hands. Said claws formed iron fists and knife-like fingers which would definitely leave a huge hole in its target.

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