Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 630 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 630 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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She and Meng Lianying had never really sparred against each other, and she had figured out Meng Lianying’s modus operandi after twenty-over moves. Ye Wei started to aggressively push back with lethal moves that were fast and vicious.

Meng Lianying was pushed back by Ye Wei, but she was unwilling to lose to her. As she pulled off her ultimate move, five razor-sharp claws suddenly raced toward Ye Wei’s chest. Given that one had a sharp weapon while the other was unarmed, this did not seem like the fairest fight.

Ye Wei, however, did not seem to care. Meng Lianying coldly laughed as she lunged at Ye Wei’s chest with the sharp weapon. Ye Wei dodged it and ended up behind her extremely quickly and dealt her a series of blows.

Ye Wei’s moves were extremely accurate and she was out of Meng Lianying’s attack radius in a few moves. Meng Lianying flew into a rage and leaped forward. Ye Wei coldly laughed and three concealable weapons suddenly shot out from between her fingers and raced toward Meng Lianying’s throat.

She was extremely shocked as she did not expect to be on the receiving end of concealable weapons. She hurriedly dodged the concealable weapons, which missed her throat but not the chest. Although the concealable weapons missed by a little, the silver needles embedded themselves into her chest but did not enter it.

A sharp pain suddenly arose, and Meng Lianying clutched her chest. Her face turned white and cold sweat trickled down her forehead. Silver needles… Those silver needles that drew blood… That damn Ye Wei whose concealable weapons were nothing short of vicious!

She quickly hit a few major points on her chest to prevent the silver needles from puncturing her blood vessel.

But the silver needles ran amok in her body and she felt terrible. The pain caused her to sweat profusely and she felt terrible to the point she could not say a single word. The pain also caused her to stagger backward. Ye Wei coldly laughed before saying, “Your sister was defeated, and so will you!”

As Eleven had raised it, Ye Wei would naturally not allow any opportunity to utterly wound her opponent to pass. Meng Lianying indeed flew into a rage and swung her fists before wanting to race forward only to feel the silver needles in her pierce her deeper. She did not dare to act hastily.

While she had stopped the silver needles from jabbing at her body, luck would allow the silver needles to run amok in her body further and eventually puncture her heart and major organs. Meng Lianying did not dare to take any chances with her own body.

She must not get angry…

She was deliberate. Ye Wei was the best at psychological warfare, regardless of whether she was able to win against her opponent.

Kahn slowly smiled. He was not studying her moves and locating weaknesses in them. Given how bizarrely powerful he was, Ye Wei, however smart she was, was not his match despite how calm she was. When experts spar, their every move was lethal and there was not too much time for one to think about how to respond in a lethal manner. Whoever was faster and more aggressive would win. Given how the odds were clearly stacked against Ye Wei, victory and defeat became extremely clear.

“Ye Wei, guess the number of moves you can hold against me.”

“Fifteen!” Ye Wei suddenly laughed.

“I’ll say ten!” Kahn said and then suddenly leaped forward. His palm strikes were gusty and quick and immediately went for Ye Wei’s chest. Ye Wei leaned back, but Kahn directed his palm strikes downward. She, in shock, quickly turned around and Kahn’s palm strike landed against the ground, shaking the greenery.

The two of them exchanged blows extremely quickly. Kahn clearly had the advantage and initiative. Meng Lianying was slightly shocked at how capable Ye Wei actually was as she actually held him off for more than ten blows and even had the window to actively attack him. It was nothing short of baffling. She originally thought Ye Wei would be a done deal within ten moves. She didn’t expect her to hold out for so long.

So what if that was the case? She would definitely die as she was simply unable to defeat Zero. Nobody could defeat Zero’s bizarre skills, and Ye Wei, however strong she was, was limited in ability. A human, when compared against a mutant, did not make for an apples-to-apples comparison.

She seemed to imagine Ye Wei dying a terrible death and could not help but break into a cold smile.

While one talked about loving a person and everything about said person, the same could be said for hating a person.

She hated Eleven and would naturally hate Ye Wei. If she was dead, Eleven would become emotionally unstable and definitely fly into a rage, which would make for the perfect opportunity to kill her despite Kahn having feelings for Eleven and wanting to keep her alive.

Hehe… She smiled even more coldly. She had to expend all precautions and would likewise find an opportunity to kill Eleven.

When she died, all was over.

She got what she wanted, and Zero would get what he wanted. All was fair.

“I really didn’t expect you to hold out for fifteen moves. Wei Wei… You are just so stubborn! That will not do you any good.” Kahn coldly smiled. He knew too well her overly rigid ways would do her in. Given her character, she would fight him to the very end and not admit defeat despite expending the last quantum of energy she could muster.

While one knew that there were some who were plain unbeatable, the possibility of defeat existed as long as one was alive.

Concede defeat!?

That was absolutely impossible! In her ten-over years of fighting, this term never appeared in her lexicon.

She made a slight mistake and was unable to avoid his palm strike. He hit her so hard and so ferociously that she felt as though her chest was about to rip open from the pain.

The stench of blood filled her throat and blood trickled out. Ye Wei endured the searing pain in her chest.

Her body was never in good condition, and she guessed she would take a long while to recuperate from these, should she even survive all these.

Ye Wei stopped in her tracks when she saw Kahn appear before her. He viciously grabbed her by the collar and his gentle countenance suddenly became cruel. Ye Wei swung at his arm to prevent him from coming close to her. As she was internally wounded, she was slightly slower and Kahn managed to dodge her attack. The two of them engaged in an extremely quick fistfight. Ye Wei soon felt a numbing feeling in the crook between her thumb and index finger.

And a sudden sharp pain to her abdomen… Kahn clenched his fist and smashed it extremely hard against Ye Wei’s abdomen once, then twice with immense force. Ye Wei felt a sharp pain and was in a daze from being hit. It felt as though she returned to the sewers when Mo Jue had hit her in a similar manner, albeit not as hard as Kahn had…

His punches seemed to be about to punch a hole in her abdomen…

She was thankful she had lost her child. She would feel even more indignant had she lost her child due to his punches.

Ye Wei curled her back from the pain and coughed out blood. The ground turned red as Kahn vented his anger and violently hit her. She seemed to lack the ability to resist and allowed herself to become his punching bag. A cold smile suddenly broke out on Meng Lianying’s face.

‘Ye Wei, to think that this fate would even befall you…’

Kahn was having a whale of time hitting her, and his eyes turned red from his immense hatred of Ye Wei. To be able to hit her to death in such a way was not too bad an idea.


Just as he was getting a kick from hitting her and how Ye Wei, on the verge of death, seemed not to resist him, her murderous intent surged. He was close to her and knew that things were not good when he saw her reddened hands go for his neck…

Kahn quickly backed away and dodged the lethal slash at his throat. The thin knife blade, however, left a long trail of blood on his face. It almost ruined his good-looking face.

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