Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 631 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 631 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Kahn felt an anger surge in him and landed a very hard punch on Ye Wei’s chest. Ye Wei coughed out much blood, and she, however tough she was, was unable to endure the shock running through her. Her body was viciously flung out and rolled onto the ground. Her body left a bloody trail on the ground, turning it red.

Ye Wei propped herself up with one hand as her veins on the back of her hand throbbed. She tried extremely hard to stand up, but then fell down hard again. Ye Wei frowned at how f***ing painful it was. She felt as though somebody had deeply slashed at her abdomen. Beads of cold sweat trickled down her face.

‘Damn it! Why do men just go for that spot when they fight? Is punching the abdomen so comfortable?’

She felt stuffiness in her chest as though there was a huge rock on it. Her long hair drooped down and covered half her face. She felt her anger surge and coughed out blood again. She knew that she cut a very sorry figure now.

It seemed as though the more scorned she looked, the more she wanted to laugh. She was just of such a weird character. Whenever she seemed to be in even more danger, she became even more relaxed and did not fear death at all.

The massive disparity in ability made victory and defeat all but a given. Even if there were three of her, they would never be able to defeat Kahn. Sickos were not like normal men, and she, under such a disparity, was already extremely capable enough when she managed to draw blood. Her glorious exploits would certainly be written into her annals.

She had sparred with the mutated Eleven and even tried to lay a finger on her.

Well, she should be satisfied.

Or perhaps one’s fullest potential was unleashed when one was facing death head-on.

Ye Wei endured the discomfort, and this statement suddenly appeared in her mind. She deeply inhaled at the gentle baritone, which reminded her to deeply breathe whenever she was conscious after being seriously wounded or hit. That would have to keep her alive for slightly longer and increase the golden window of treatment.

As she took a deep breath, she felt her searing pain slightly ease. Ye Wei’s hand almost clawed into the ground deeply as she stubbornly tried to prop herself up and slowly stood up. Although she managed to stand up, it took a toll on her…

Her pride, however, would not allow her to show her weakness before her enemies. Standing while dying was better than groveling for mercy.

Her resilience gave her much strength.

While her gaze seemed a little diffused, she stared at Kahn.

There was a long trail of blood on the man’s face, and what was once a suave face became a tad terrifying as his handsomeness was ruined by the blood trickling down his cheeks. The blood reached the corners of his lips, and he curled his lips before gently licking the blood away.

There was a bloody cruelness to the scene that carried with it an intense murderous intent.

Meng Lianying was shocked to see him really enraged. As the anger in him coalesced, she was both overjoyed and worried. She was overjoyed at the fact that Ye Wei would certainly die under his rage and that was one less worry for her. However…

Her worry was how long would she be able to survive under such a Kahn.

“Wei Wei, well done! Nobody was able to draw my blood. Now, die!” Kahn coldly spoke and suddenly leaped forward. Ye Wei backed away but could not avoid his leg.

The slender leg, with its accompanying gust, hit her and sent her flying.

He, seeming to feel it was not enough, leaped forth and viciously stepped on Ye Wei between her chest and abdomen. Ye Wei coughed blood out. Her neck and chin and the front of her shirt were covered in blood. Her eyes were wide open, and she looked terrible.

“Aren’t you crazy capable? Stand up, come on…” Kahn stepped hard on her and looked down on her with a malicious gaze. Ye Wei coldly laughed before coughing out blood again…

This was f***ing karma nevertheless.

She had just tortured Daiya in a similar manner, and Kahn returned the favor to her. God sure had his sick sense of humor…

The mocking smile on her face was an utter eyesore to Kahn as he recalled the countless days of agony and pain he had endured after his shock mutation. The murderous intent in his eyes burned even brighter…

He leaned down and went for Ye Wei’s ankles and twisted them in a huge outburst of anger.

“Ahh!!” Ye Wei screamed in agony as Kahn broke her bones and almost fainted from the pain. If it weren’t for her extraordinary ability to endure pain, Kahn’s violent and grisly torture of her would have killed her long ago.

She could almost hear her bones cracking.

Ye Wei hated how her endurance was so badass to the point she did not black out from such circumstances. A burning pain exploded from her ankles, overwhelming her nerves.

Meng Lianying was shocked by the violence she saw. She had sympathy toward Ye Wei…

Those who fell into Kahn’s clutches…

Kahn seemed to feel that it was not enough and wanted to treat her like how he treated Daiya: cripple her before killing her. He wanted her to enjoy the agonizing pain from torture before her death so that she would be able to experience the pain he had gone through all these years.

To him, crippling Ye Wei in a leg was never enough. He slowly wanted to cripple all her four limbs, then gouge out her eyes and cut out her tongue before executing her at gunpoint. To Ye Wei, nothing mattered anymore as her weakened body was unable to keep up with his torture.

He coldly laughed and sent a palm strike down her right kneecap. There was a sudden gust of wind from his back along with a familiar bark. A pair of slender hands grabbed his wrist and flung them aside.

She felt her body fall into a thin yet strong embrace.

Eleven felt her eyes burn as she trembled. Heartache, pain, anger, and self-blame all came upon her, and she did not dare to touch her body with her trembling hands.

“Wei Wei…” Eleven’s eyes reddened. She had never seen Ye Wei so seriously wounded in the past ten-over years. She could feel the life gradually drained out from Ye Wei, who was covered in blood.

Her miscarriage left her with some sequela which she never recovered from. She should not have fought with people, and with her being this seriously wounded today…

“I’m fine!” Ye Wei sounded weak and the pain in her body was clearly killing her. Even breathing was difficult for her at the moment. Her mind, however… was extremely clear. As she said this, she coughed out blood and felt her world turn black.

“Wei Wei!” Eleven roared. Her hands were covered in Ye Wei’s blood, searing her palms. Eleven carried her and laid her by a tree so that she could lean against the trunk of the tree. She suddenly felt something amiss and felt for Ye Wei’s left carpal bone.

To people who practiced martial arts, contusions to the tendons and broken bones could be easily patched up, but…

She looked sternly at Kahn with murderous intent.

‘Die, Kahn, die!’

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