Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 632 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 632 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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She suddenly stood up and rushed up in a craze toward him and threw a punch.

Given people of their skill, using firearms was out of the question as the velocity of the bullets simply wouldn’t harm them. If that weren’t the case, Eleven would rather shoot him up since he dared to injure Wei Wei so seriously.

He must die!

She originally did not harbor hatred toward Kahn, but instead felt regretful toward him, thinking that she had to bear a little responsibility for his mishap. When they were younger, he was her mentor and guide, and she hence really looked up to him and liked him. Even though things happened, she did not blame him either.

Anybody who experienced such a mishap would have their temperaments massively changed. She did not keep score on the injuries. When she heard of his death, she was upset for quite a moment. At the scrapyard, when Mo Ye was almost killed by Kahn, she did not hate him or bore a grudge against him. She just knew that he, because of his special identity, was no longer the Kahn of before and hence kept a distance from him.


He dared to injure Ye Wei so grievously, and she was unable to forgive him for it. This was the second time her anger that drove her to kill with a thousand cuts surged up. She leaped forward and attacked Kahn quickly and accurately.

Both of them were cyborgs and moved extremely quickly. Meng Lianying and all were enthralled by their fighting. They all felt the two cyborgs moved extremely quickly to the point their bodies seemed to have melded together. Nobody could differentiate who was who, and the occasional grunts and roars made the two of them seem like beasts entrapped in mortal combat.

Eleven swept her feet and kicked up the green grass on the ground. She left a substantial trail on the ground, and Kahn leaped up. Meng Lianying was in shock.

While she was ten-over meters away, it felt terrible. Eleven coldly laughed and suddenly hit the ground and leaped upward. Although they fought in midair, Kahn was no slouch and landed a palm strike on Eleven’s chest. While he had shown some restraint, Eleven, however, struck him in his mid-body, and both of them landed on the ground. Kahn backed off several steps before stabilizing himself.

Meng Lianying then truly realized that they could no longer be considered actual people as they were able to leap so high. Who would dare to exchange blows with them?

Kahn stroked the ribs that she had kicked and smiled gently. “Eleven, I am showing restraint toward you, yet you are being so ruthless toward me.”

“You f***ing scoundrel! If I do not kill you, I am not Eleven!” Eleven looked on with a cold gaze and leaped forward to karate-chop him. She had never, in her lifetime, had such an intense thought.

She wanted Kahn dead!

The two of them then tangled together and kicked up dust and grass. The sound of hand-to-hand fighting did not cease.

Ye Wei looked up and saw the azure blue sky.

The sky today was exceptionally blue and clear. As she half-closed her eyes, the gentle sun poured itself on her, lifting her pain by much. She only felt the comfortable sun.

Was this her pre-mortem lucidity? Ye Wei thought mockingly…

Her heart was empty as she no longer held any hopes toward anybody. It seemed as though she had lost her heart, and living or dying no longer mattered. If today was the last day she saw the world, she would remember the azure blue sky, the gentle wind, and her dearest friend who was fighting for her with her dear life. Even if she died, she was content.

Ye Wei felt her willpower become weaker as she became dizzier. The sky, in her eyes, seemed to change from blue to gray-blue as she occasionally lapsed into unconsciousness. She felt a little tired and closed her eyes, only to open them later…

The burning feeling in her body became even more pronounced. Kahn had struck her too hard and she was grievously wounded internally. As for her external injuries… Haha, she was probably crippled. Thankfully, she was only crippled in one leg and not both…

If she were to live, she wouldn’t have to end up pathetically to the point of being wheelchair-bound, right?

She smiled bitterly…

Having led a casual and carefree life, she did not want to end up like that.

She suddenly thought of Mo Jue. She really wanted to see how he was despite having long remembered how he looked. She still wanted to see him one more time. His uniquely purple eyes and that stunning countenance of his were something she really yearned for…

She felt her consciousness falter even more. A gust of wind blew and perked Ye Wei up. She knew she could not afford to faint and die. Eleven was still here, and if she left now, she would implicate Eleven and scramble her feelings…

Her ability to fight would be hugely compromised.

Ye Wei felt for her silver needles and jabbed it into her feet hard. This was a regular silver needle that would not enter her body. She had to remain awake…

“Eleven, there will be no outcome even if we fight until tomorrow. How about I just leave since Ye Wei will not make it?” Kahn laughed.

“Not necessarily!” Ye Wei flew into a rage.

If she did not win, Ye Wei and she would not be able to leave peacefully. She, for Wei Wei, had to win against him. Eleven leaped up and pulled a branch to use as a makeshift sword against Kahn.

Meng Lianying coldly laughed. What a tree branch could do?

Ye Wei’s face changed. Oh, no!

She bit her lip and had a solemn look on her face. She secretly mustered the very little energy she could.

A lose-lose… That was a method of swordplay they came up with that allowed them to injure their enemies at their own expense.

Only Eleven mastered it extremely well.

Eleven started to change her moves. She was no longer as intense as she was and became much more agile and unpredictable with moves that kept Kahn in check but did not injure him. Kahn was extremely confident and certain she was unable to hurt him. He hence did not grab that seemingly harmless tree branch.

As the two of them tangled with each other, Eleven quickly turned back, grabbed his arm, and twisted it. Kahn, because of the posture, had her trapped before his chest and he grabbed her arm, which was holding the branch. He looked down and coldly laughed at her before saying, “You lose!”

“Not really!” Eleven also coldly laughed and suddenly loosened her hand. When the tree branch fell, Eleven kicked it hard and held the tree branch in a reverse-grip, allowing her hand to grip Kahn’s hand. Everything happened in a flash, and she quickly pushed the branch toward her abdomen…

Given their posture, she would definitely be pierced in the abdomen if she were holding a sword. As the person whom she had bound would also be seriously wounded, she would also be seriously wounded if she managed to pierce Kahn.

Back then, Eleven and Chu Li had experimented with such a move and concluded that said move could not be avoided. As it inflicted too much trauma on its user, it was rarely used.

Kahn seemed to know that things were about to go south. Since both of them could move extremely quickly, there was simply no avoiding it. He was shocked. He suddenly heard Ye Wei bark.


Eleven paused, distracted. How sad and shrill Ye Wei sounded. Kahn also looked in Ye Wei’s direction and was surprised to find a row of silver needles speeding in his direction.

Straight for his eyes…

Eleven, able to understand Ye Wei’s thoughts, suddenly lowered herself…

A terrible scream ensued…

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