Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 633 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 633 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Eleven, hearing the terrible scream, pushed Kahn away forcefully and rolled agilely on the ground, away from Kahn’s attack radius. Ye Wei had mustered what little remaining energy she had and was unable to catch her breath before gently slumping on the ground. Her face turned pale, and she felt the stench of blood rush up to her throat. She felt it agonizing to breathe…

“Wei Wei!” Eleven panicked and held her body. She quickly had her consume a black pill which would keep her blood pressure in check. She was in a hurry and failed to notice it.

Kahn clutched his eyes and screamed agonizingly.

Blood trickled through his fingertips. While he managed to avoid the needles on the left, he did not manage to dodge the needles on the right. Three needles deeply embedded themselves in his eyeball and blood flowed. Kahn, in huge pain, suddenly removed the silver needles. He looked utterly deranged with half of his face covered in blood.

Meng Lianying, in shock, backed away. Eleven hugged Ye Wei and was about to leave when she suddenly heard Kahn bellow. “Kill Ye Wei!”

Damn it! How utterly despicable!

The searing pain further enraged him, and Kahn wished he could just gun down Ye Wei. Meng Lianying and all quickly drew their guns and fired at Ye Wei and Eleven. Meng Lianying, having a personal agenda, fired first.

Eleven could not be bothered. She identified the direction of the bullets from the sound of the wind, and then grabbed Ye Wei and sprinted away.

She dodged left and right to avoid the hail of bullets. Although Ye Wei had increased her burden, throwing off Meng Lianying and company was still a child’s play to her.

Meng Lianying turned back and looked at Kahn nervously. One of his eyes was clearly ruined, and blood still rushed out of it between his fingers. He looked terrible.

His other eye was filled with hatred, vehemence, and madness…

Meng Lianying was extremely shocked and was at a loss.

He seemed extremely terrifying!


“What the f*** are you waiting there for?! Chase Ye Wei down and kill her! Kill her!!” Kahn roared. Meng Lianying quickly led the men on the chase.

Kahn clutched his bleeding eye, and his hatred for Ye Wei grew.

Damn! If he did not kill her, he was no man!

One of his eyes was filled with bloodlust, whereas the other was covered in blood and he could not open it. If a child saw him, said child would be shocked into tears. Kahn wiped up his face and quickly stood up.

Just as he caught up with Meng Lianying and company, he somehow saw a car race out of the pathway.

“Zero, what do we do?” Meng Lianying asked in a panic. When she had caught up, Eleven was already driving away and she simply could not stop her. The bullets merely peppered the car and left a few more bullet holes on it.

Kahn landed a hard slap on Meng Lianying’s face in utter anger. “Chase, you idiot! Chase!”

Was the question even necessary?

Meng Lianying, who considered herself to be above all, was enraged from him hitting her but did not dare to act up when she saw his gaze. She led her men to quickly chase after the car.

Nobody noticed the door slightly move in the mansion behind them.

Ye Wei, in a daze, felt terrible and lay by the flower patch next to the door. She looked at the blue sky. Her heat was turbulent. She told Eleven that Eleven could escape if she left her behind.

If she brought her along, both of them would be unable to escape and would only die.

Most of her memories were surprisingly recovered when Kahn walloped her like crazy. While they were still somewhat in a blur, they were discrete scenes of her youth, teenage days, and young adult days. The first image that came to her was the pain and shock when she was walloped in the sewers.

Perhaps the memory from being walloped this up close was so deep that it returned under these circumstances.

As of now, the image gradually became clearer.

Ye Wei could only feel an irony. What an irony indeed.

She remembered how she and Eleven were on a mission in the past. Back when they were still rookies, they were inexperienced and once swore to each other to kill the other and escape if somebody encountered a mishap so that they would not be bogged down by the other.

At least, one person would be able to escape.

Killing the other fulfilled the other’s wishes of not falling into the hands of their enemies and hence suffering a humiliating death.

Eleven did indeed leave her behind but deliberately wounded her own arm and left a trail of blood to lead Meng Lianying and her company away. This was all to allow her to be left in the mansion.

Eleven… she sure trusted her enough that she wouldn’t die from the fall? Eleven simply threw her over the fence into the house before sprinting toward the car.

Having been thrown this hard, she knocked her head against the rocks on the ground and felt slight dizziness. Funnily enough, her memories became a tad clearer and she became a tad clearer-minded. She dragged her fatigued body and slightly opened the door of the mansion to take a look.

She saw Meng Lianying firing shots and suddenly fell into suspense. Seeing Kahn reach, she did not dare to breathe loudly lest she catch his attention.

Chances were he was in utter rage and had lost all semblance of reasoning to not pay attention to his surroundings.

Ye Wei gritted her teeth and propped herself against the flower bed and stood up. Her left leg was so painful. The pain was different from a fracture as her ankle was almost shattered. She did not know whether she could still be as agile as before. Her left leg was almost numb. She smiled bitterly. She never expected that she would become crippled. Ye Wei ambled for a few steps and fell onto the ground. She gritted her teeth and leaned on her side as she crawled into the mansion.

Her pride, before death, took an insufferable hit. Even if she did not want to crawl in such an undignified manner, she had to do so as Eleven had saved her life and she had no reason to lose it.

One could choose to ignore the humiliation heaped onto them by others.

But they could not do so when they humiliated themselves.

Eleven would return. She would return…

Her body was too heavy, and that along with the rough floor and her somewhat dulled sense required her to expend a huge amount of energy to crawl forward, leaving a trail of blood in the process. She had to use almost all of her energy to get to the telephone.

Ye Wei, with a pull, pulled the phone onto the ground. Thankfully, the phone was light and did not hurt Ye Wei’s head when it fell onto it. She was so worn-out to the point she could no longer avoid a telephone.

She felt her world start to black out and dialed on instinct.

The phone rang for a long time before somebody picked up.

The long wait exhausted her. Scheming Chu, do you need so long to pick up a phone call? “Scheming Chu… Send somebody to pick me up…”

Ye Wei utterly expended herself and dropped the phone to the side.

She did not hear the male voice on the other end of the phone went from calm to madness.

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