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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 636 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Chapter 636: Untitled

Mo Jue’s hatred instantly became an intense heartache, and his purple eyes were filled with pain. As he looked on Ye Wei’s calm face, he felt even more painful. She should have guessed that.

She was in a coma for two days, and he recalled how the doctor said her life was no longer in danger two days ago. Upon hearing that, he was ecstatic, but what followed was bad news that utterly killed the joy he felt.

The doctor said that the bones in her feet were shattered and she could no longer freely walk again. Even if she were operated on, she would have to amble around and it would feel extremely unnatural. It was akin to being crippled in a leg.

Hearing that, Mo Jue was utterly shocked. His henchmen did not tell him how seriously wounded she was. On hearing that she would be unable to walk, he felt as though somebody had gouged out a good half of his heart.

How could Ye Wei, given her pride, be able to endure the pain that stemmed from her inability to walk? She would no longer be as eminent as she was.

His heart ached at how he was at a loss to raise it to her. When he heard her actively raise it, he became nervous.

To people like them, chances were they knew where their injuries were and the consequences that followed. It seemed unlikely that she did not know so.

“I’m a cripple, aren’t I?” Ye Wei calmly said as she jerked her left leg. Mo Jue quickly pinned her leg down and looked at her as he questioned, “What are you doing?”

It was not easy for her injuries to stabilize a little. What was she thinking?

Ye Wei looked at him coldly and said, “Let me go!”

“Fat hope!” Mo Jue coldly replied. Let her go? What was she thinking? Was she hoping to properly cripple her leg? He would not bear to see her ruin her own body.

Ye Wei seemed calm. She was thankful she could still feel her leg and was not paralyzed in her lower body. It was just that the bones in her leg were shattered. Haha, she should have realized it.

How could a person whose leg bones were shattered still walk?

This was so f***ing unfair.

An eye for a leg… One wondered who got the better deal.

“Let go of me. I just want to feel it,” Ye Wei flatly said.

Mo Jue did not seem to believe her, and he looked at her for a moment. Ye Wei suddenly looked down and he could only obediently let go. Ye Wei wanted to move a little, but Mo Jue did not allow her to and pulled the sheets over her. He gently said, “I’ll find the best doctor and definitely have you patched up.”

Ye Wei remained silent. It was afraid that even the best doctor could do little about her injuries.

She felt a dull and solemn pain in her heart.

When Kahn wounded her, she already had a premonition but she did not feel too desperate. While she felt some regret for being unable to walk, she did not know whether Bai Ye had a way out.

She could only turn to Bai Ye.

If she was indeed crippled and unable to walk for the rest of her life, she would not be going anywhere and would need somebody to support her once every few steps while she relied on a crutch. She absolutely did not want to end up that scorned!

If that was the case, she would rather…

“Where’s Eleven? Is there news about her?” Ye Wei asked.

“I do not know. My elder brother is looking for her too,” Mo Jue said. In the few days that Ye Wei was operated on and remained in a coma, there was no sight of Eleven. He even had people stake out the mansion which was visited by people from the Top Terrorist Organization but still no Eleven.

Chu Li had contacted him and asked him about Ye Wei. When he heard that Ye Wei’s life was no longer in danger, Chu Li and all were a tad more relaxed. Mo Jue, however, did not tell them that Ye Wei’s leg was hurt.

According to Chu Li, it was Eleven who informed him to send somebody to Ye Wei. While he did not mention specifics, Mo Jue was just concerned about Ye Wei’s safety and not about other things. It was Eleven who was peculiarly missing.

Whenever Mo Ye called her, her phone remained off.

As Ye Wei listened on, she frowned. Could Kahn and company have caught up with Eleven and she was in danger? She would not have gone without contacting them for so long. She, knowing how seriously she was wounded, would certainly visit her.

Unless she was delayed.

As Ye Wei thought, her thoughts drifted toward the negative.

Her heart felt properly uneasy.

Given how she was somewhat on par with Kahn, and with Kahn injured in an eye, she should not be in danger. If that was the case, why was there no news of her for so long? Disregarding the injury in her leg, Ye Wei grabbed Mo Jue and said, “Help me look for her.”

“Who exactly was behind it?” Mo Jue asked sinisterly.

He could never forget that insane desperation and pain and would not want to experience it again. He would eliminate everything living that posed a threat to Ye Wei.

“Kahn.” Ye Wei described everything. Mo Jue flew into an unstoppable rage. It was Meng Lianying who was in cahoots with her handler. Damn it! His elder brother should not have let her get away scot-free.

If it weren’t for Eleven’s antidote…

“Help me look for her. I’m afraid she has run into trouble.” Ye Wei softened her tone.

Mo Jue looked at her coldly. Ye Wei then realized that his eyes were bloodshot and he seemed especially terrifying. It seemed as though he had gone without sleep for days.

What was he guarding? She bitterly wondered and decided to no longer be held back. Since she had recovered her memory, she should not be further involved with him. Hmmph, he, for want of her, sure went to all lengths and even doctored a wedding photo. Ye Wei felt that it was funny. Didn’t he know how much risk he undertook when he wiped somebody’s memories?

The slightest indiscretion would lead to trouble and endanger her life. When she had no choice, he even treated her so cruelly. Mo Jue’s love was too intense to the point something would certainly happen someday.

If he knew that she had regained her memories, would he have Claire wipe her memories all over again?

Given his mentality and how he acted, he was capable of that, and it was especially so given this misunderstanding and how they hated each other. He would decisively have her forget everything.

Damn it!

Why didn’t he have Claire wipe her memories then?

On what basis did he have to wipe her memories?

She did not doubt Mo Jue’s love for her, but such love was excessively twisted.

Mo Jue flew into a rage. She woke up only to be concerned about Eleven. She did not even ask about him and avoided him instead after viciously shooting him. When he woke up, she did not ask him how he felt, how his wound was, and whether he had recovered.

He was frustrated. But when he saw her pale white face, his heart ached at why this heartless woman tortured him to this extent. Mo Jue suddenly placed his hands by her head and flatly said, “Did you ever ask me whether I was fine?”

“Aren’t you standing right before me? You’re bellowing and breathing, clearly alive. Do I even need to ask you that?”


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