Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 637 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 637 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Wei looked at his cold face coolly and felt a slight ache in her heart. She could only look away and plainly said, “If you are hell-bent on getting in my way, please leave! I do not need you!”

“Ye Wei, I dare you to say that again!” Mo Jue grabbed her chin and forcefully turned her head around. He suddenly sat by the bedside and put his hands on her shoulders before solemnly saying, “I dare you to say that again!”

His bloodshot eyes were filled with rage, sadness, and even more with… hatred. Why was she able to push him away so easily? She saw and ignored all that he had done.

‘Ye Wei, why can’t you just open your eyes and look at this heart that has been lost, broken, and so head over heels for you?’

‘Why must you be so cruel?’

Ye Wei seemed emotionless and her gaze was a terrifying calm. There was no warmth in her gaze. More accurately speaking, it was cold. As Mo Jue looked on, his heart gradually sank into hell.

His hands that grabbed her shoulder became tighter and even more forceful to the point he almost broke her bones. Ye Wei’s shoulders were in pain. She looked at him and coldly said, “My legs are already crippled. Do you want to cripple my hands too? That will do too! It perfectly lines up with how you feel about me as I won’t be going anywhere and you will be able to imprison me. Am I right?”

Mo Jue, as though struck by lightning, was utterly shocked. How could she say such cruel words despite looking on so calmly? Did he wish for her to be crippled in her legs? Did he wish for her hands to be crippled? He would rather exchange his legs for her crippled legs, and he would rather exchange her crippled leg for his so that she would not be injured. How could she say that?

How dare she!

Mo Jue flew into a rage. His cold rage went to his head and gave him a splitting headache. Like what she had said, it was indeed hard to love and hate. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if he could hate her so resolutely that there was nary any love for her?

He thought about how crazily head over heels he was over Ye Wei. If it had been some other man, their love, however deep, would have faded away. His love, on the other hand, not only did not fade but became even deeper. He loved what she loved and hated what she hated. What would he have to do for her to willingly remain by him? Mo Jue was in immense agony, carrying with it heart-gouging desperation.

She was willing to stay by his side not because she was willing to but because he wiped her memories. If she had regained her memories, she would have wished to gun him down instead of remaining by his side.

Given her haughtiness and pride, she would not tolerate even the slightest disrespect. While he had made mistakes, he did not regret them and she remained by his side for half a year or longer. He was extremely happy and satisfied with those days.

But she was unhappy…


He treated her so well, but she was still unhappy?

This woman was just so cruel. Why did he just not give up on her? If she died, everything ended and he would be at peace. To put it differently, if he really gave up on her, he wouldn’t be this upset anymore.

“Ye Wei, you are the cruelest woman I’ve ever seen!” Mo Jue coldly spat out those words before suddenly standing up and storming out of the room. The ward became quiet again. Ye Wei looked out in a daze to see the tree branches moving and somehow made out white clouds drifting. Her heart, however, was hurting as though it had been through a thousand cuts.

Mo Jue was spot on! She was indeed a very cruel woman!

She thought about it. She should have been slightly crueler. She still felt that the pain was not intense enough, which implied that she was not cruel enough. If she moved her leg, the sharp pain would overwhelm her nerves.

She disliked this feeling of not being in control. It seemed all her feelings and emotions were tightly in his grasp. She knew that Mo Jue loved her, but she also knew that their different stands and tough characters would make them unsuitable for each other. It would make for a lose-lose if they got together.

She did not want a repeat of her shooting him in Muscat.

‘Mo Jue, I am sorry!’

She would rather hate him than keep up this wrong romance. Him forcefully wiping her memories left her with a bad aftertaste that she could not quite reconcile with.

That, along with her injuries and crippled leg, left her detesting herself even more. She did not want Mo Jue to see Ye Wei who was so scorned.

Ever since he slammed the door and left, Mo Jue had not talked to Ye Wei. Even if he saw her, he remained cold and was his cryptic and terrifying self.

He was properly cold and did not seem to look any better when he saw Ye Wei. He, however, took intricate care of Ye Wei as he waited upon her during her three meals and her change of dressing. When Ye Wei had a poor appetite, he would stare down her until she finished it. If she did not, he would give her a terrible look. She felt like slamming the plate into his face.

The meals the hospital provided were so good, nutritious, and palatable. They were everything that she liked, and they smelled and tasted familiar. She knew that Mo Jue had specially prepared those for her.

Although he did not say a single word.

When she asked him about Eleven, he did not say a word as though he had made up his mind to not talk to her. Even when Ye Wei was frustrated, he could not be bothered. She hated how her leg was injured and unable to get off the bed, let alone walk far. If that wasn’t the case, she would never have troubled him.

This evening, Mo Jue brought a bowl of hot water that contained a few drops of flower essence. Ye Wei looked on in shock at how he quietly sat by the side of the bed and calmly unbuttoned her. Just as he undid the topmost button, Ye Wei reacted and pushed him away. “What are you doing?”

Mo Jue looked at her coldly as a cold harshness flashed through his eyes. “Wiping you!” he said.

The doctor instructed her to keep her body clean, and she had her body wiped every day when she was in a coma. Once she had recovered, she had to have her body wiped once every two days. Since it was inconvenient for Ye Wei to move, she did not quite mind. Besides, she and Eleven often traveled and it was normal for them to not freshen themselves for days on end.

“That won’t be necessary!”

“The doctor said that you have to be freshened up,” Mo Jue coldly replied in insistence.

Ye Wei grabbed the towel from him and said, “That won’t be necessary! I’ll handle it myself.”

Mo Jue looked at Ye Wei coldly, and she said, “Why are you still hanging around!”

“It’s not inconvenient for you!” Mo Jue looked at her with a steely determination. He was infuriated at her insistence.

Ye Wei smiled alluringly and said, “It’s my leg, not hands, that’s hurt. What’s so inconvenient about that? F*** off!”

“What are you so bashful about? Is there any part of you that I’ve not seen? I wiped you daily when you were in a coma, and now you’re…”

Bam! The wet towel hit Mo Jue squarely in his face, and Ye Wei’s face was a little red. Did he have to put it through so righteously?

That idiot!

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