Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 638 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 638 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Mo Jue eventually compromised. Given Ye Wei’s serious injuries and bad condition, the doctor warned him against agitating her. While Mo Jue hated Ye Wei and was frustrated with her, he would never gamble with her body and would only settle the score with her when she was better.

Since it was too hard for him to hold a basin of water while sitting on the bed, Mo Jue, without saying another word, removed the catheter and hugged her to sit up. Ye Wei slightly panicked and instinctively wrapped her hands around his neck lest she fall down. Her left leg was yet to be out of the cast, and it seemed a tad clumsy. Ye Wei quietly allowed herself to hug him and did not insist.

A princess-worthy hug…

It seemed to be a first…

Ye Wei paused and heard his heart forceful thump. She felt a little at ease and abashed.

She was used to being tough after all. While she was best at teasing others, it was her being carried by somebody else, and she was somewhat unused to it.

She was also a little saddened.

It was only when Mo Jue hugged her did she not feel repulsed. Had it been somebody else, she would not have been this willing.

Mo Jue carefully put her down and held the washing basin as he carefully adjusted her feet and instructed her not to allow water to leak into the wound.

“Okay, just treat me as though I am not wounded. Now, get out.”

“I’ll have a nurse help you.”

“No!” Ye Wei immediately turned Mo Jue down. He looked at her steely as he was very worried about her leg and injury. Was she really okay? She seemed stiff yesterday, so how could she take off her clothes?

Mo Jue stared at her for a moment and went away to bring her some water. He then adjusted the water temperature and put the fresh clothes on the rack.

Ye Wei took the undergarments and looked at them. She was a little embarrassed. It seemed a little familiar, probably because she had worn them originally. Her face turned red at that moment and she asked, “Did you change my clothes?”

Mo Jue coldly grunted and silently admitted in a slightly twisted manner.

Ye Wei coughed and weakly asked, “You washed them?”

Mo Jue looked at her coldly and turned away. His ears were slightly red, but Ye Wei’s face was even redder as her heart thumped in slight anger and shame. “You’re such an idiot. Is there nobody else in the hospital? Why should you wash them yourself?”

As she thought about how Mo Jue even washed her intimate articles, Ye Wei’s face became warm…

“I’m willing. Do you have an opinion about that? “Mo Jue stared at her. He seemed ready to strangle her if she had the slightest opinion. Ye Wei, who originally had quite a presence, felt much smaller.

“No opinion!” Ye Wei obediently answered and looked down like some especially obedient goodie-two-shoes.

Mo Jue coldly harrumphed and closed the door to the bathroom.

Ye Wei turned aside and saw herself in the mirror. Her face became much sharper after a few days, and her eyes seemed a tad bigger and without life. Her hair, not washed for days, felt somewhat oily and dry.

She tidied up her hair and gently sighed before looking at her stiff left leg. Ye Wei frowned at how inconvenient it was for her to freshen herself.

Mo Jue did not dare to go too far as Ye Wei was simply unsuited to get off the bed. While he could not do anything about her stubbornness, a person who had severe internal injuries and stood with one leg would feel dizzy after a long time.

Her body would not be able to take it.

He stood some distance from the bathroom and casually flipped his magazines while waiting for Ye Wei. After waiting for almost half an hour, he was a little worried and knocked on the door. “Wei Wei, are you done? Just leave your clothes there and I will wash them. Let me carry you out first, okay?”

“No!” Ye Wei replied him stiflingly. Mo Jue frowned at how amiss it sounded.

He waited for a moment and heard a sudden cursing followed by the sound of glass shattering. It seemed as though somebody had punched the window and caused the glass to shatter.

Mo Jue opened the door in a panic and saw Ye Wei standing in a somewhat helter-skelter manner. While she had changed her clothes, she seemed somewhat frustrated and even shattered the glass mirror in the bathroom. There were some traces of blood on the glass, and Ye Wei’s hand was covered in blood. Some grass fragments pierced the back of her hand.

Her somewhat red eyes looked at the shattered mirror, and the image in the mirror seemed a little distorted. Her face had a tranquil madness to it.

“Are you mad?! What’s happened to you? “Mo Jue roared as his heart ached. He quickly carried Ye Wei out of the bathroom and checked on her leg before quickly calling for the doctor to patch her up.

Many glass fragments had pierced Ye Wei’s hands and blood oozed out nonstop. Mo Jue’s heart ached and he was angry, but when he saw her terrifyingly calm countenance, his anger became an intense heartache.

Ignoring the doctor who was still disinfecting her wound and bandaging it, he hugged her tightly and whispered into her ear, “Wei Wei, it’s all okay. Everything is okay. Your leg will definitely recover, and I will carry you wherever you want to go.”

Ye Wei remained silent in his embrace. It was as though remaining silent would relieve the immense sense of defeat she felt. Only she knew how scorned she was. How she wished she could cut off her own leg.

Mo Jue knew that she felt terrible and did not dare to say anything else to provoke her. He could only hug her tightly and silently comfort her.

If he had been crippled, he would have smashed everything else in the room and vented his frustration long ago instead of being as calm as her. Despite being hurt this badly, she still vented out where nobody else could see her.

‘Wei Wei, wouldn’t it be so much better if you weren’t so prideful?’

‘When would you discover that you could confide your pain in me? When would you discover that you could seek solace in me?’

“Be gentle and don’t hurt her.” The doctor who patched Ye Wei up was a slightly fiercer female doctor. To Mo Jue, she seemed really forceful. He could not help but bellow at the doctor.

She could not help but secretly grumble at how she could not even feel any pain from her wounds being medicated and dressed, so how could she feel any pain from shattering the glass? Her man was too easily shocked, whereas she seemed so calm to the point he could not tell whether she was in pain or not.

After much effort, the doctor finally patched her up. As she had yet to recover, she got herself injured again. Mo Jue’s heart was aching as he saw how calm Ye Wei was. Mo Jue propped a hand by her side and seriously said, “Wei Wei, stop injuring yourself. While you may have no qualms with it, my heart aches when I see it.”

“Don’t you hate me?” Ye Wei looked at him.

“They are two different issues that should not be talked about side by side.” Mo Jue stared into her eyes. “I will not allow you to be hurt however much I may hate you.”

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