Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 639 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 639 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Wei looked at him deeply and smiled gently albeit bitterly. “Don’t you have to exact revenge on somebody you hate?” She could not help but ask.

Mo Jue was angry and humored. Who said one must exact revenge on a hated person? He really wished to wallop Ye Wei. “Who told you that hatred equates with revenge? Revenge is reserved for my enemies. Are you my enemy?”

She was the person he loved the most, and nothing she did would change that. He was willing to give it his all for Ye Wei as long as she was willing to remain by his side. He really could not ask for anything more.

He hated how she gave up so easily and how she did not seem to care about him. He hated how she looked down on their feelings for each other.

If he did not care about her this much, how could he hate her?

‘Wei Wei, if only you cared about me, even if it was just half of how I care about you, I would treat you like a princess and dote on you like one.’ But she actually did not care about him, and he was already giving her his all when he only had a very small position in her heart.

Ye Wei raised her eyebrows. It seemed to be her first time hearing something like this, or perhaps no normal person could make sense of this second master’s thoughts. Ye Wei looked at her well-dressed hand and looked at how he stood naked outside. His hands were clearly wounded, and the back of his hand was injured for some reason and it was not patched up. A few days had passed and he recovered fast enough for scars to form on it. The wounds still seemed a little terrifying and they would take a while to recover.

She had always wanted to ask how he injured his hands, but she never did. Perhaps he was not as seriously wounded and was able to come in contact with water. She was hence not worried. Nevertheless, she was a little curious…

Mo Jue saw her looking at his hand in a daze and knew what was on her mind. She was, however, stubborn enough to not show concern, and he was a little disappointed. But she noticed it after all, and he felt satisfied.

He had only dated a few girls, but he was certain that Ye Wei was the toughest girl he had met.

“Mo Jue, send me back to London.” Ye Wei softly said.

“No!” he suddenly roared coldly.

Mo Jue gritted his teeth and held her shoulders hard. His deep and cold purple eyes, like an ice glacier, were somewhat bloodshot and even more sinister. “Ye Wei, why are you so hard-hearted? Are you in such a rush to leave me? Am I just that unbearable to you?”

“I want to go home!” Ye Wei replied indifferently. People, in their hurt and weaknesses, especially missed home. Ye Wei was no exception. She wanted to return to London to recuperate. Even if she were crippled in a leg, she would not be in such a bad mood.

It was by Mo Jue that she felt especially terrible about how scorned she seemed. Besides, she already had plans to leave and to no longer tangle with him. Tangling with him any further was meaningless.

It was just that he…

“Go home? Very well, then.” Mo Jue coldly laughed. “So you’ve never treated me like I matter to you, huh?”

Ye Wei frowned. Mo Jue’s gaze turned darker. He did not know that Ye Wei had regained her memory and still thought how Ye Wei, who had seemingly lost her memory, knew nobody in London as well as he did. She remained by his side all these days on the islands or in Italy. He thought that she would treat him as family.

It turned out that she could not care about all that he had done.

“What did you say!?”

“I said no! You will not be going anywhere except by my side. Dream on about wherever else you want to go,” Mo Jue solemnly said, punctuating each word. Ye Wei frowned.

A dangerous glare flashed through her eyes and she coldly smiled. “So I can’t go anywhere, huh? Hmmph, that’s about right! I am a cripple, and I won’t be able to fight back when you want to keep me by your side.”

Mo Jue’s face suddenly became solemn and he looked at Ye Wei. His gentleness earlier on completely disappeared and he said, “Whatever you say. Yes, you are right. I used to crack my head to find a way to keep you by my side, but you came and went at your whim and fancy. Now that you are crippled, where else can you go? I might as well not cure your leg, for curing it will only lead to you leaving me.”

Ye Wei’s face slightly changed. Mo Jue left in a huff.

Cure her leg? As a fellow martial arts practitioner, wouldn’t she know that her leg was beyond cure?

She would rather die than remain by Mo Jue’s side like a cripple for her whole life!

Mo Jue was true to his words and had everything prepared that evening and directly carried Ye Wei out of the hospital. He couldn’t care less about Ye Wei’s frail body and inability to travel far. After they left the hospital which was well-equipped to deal with all medical emergencies, she would not be receiving the best treatment and her injuries would set the stage for future complications.

“Where are you carrying me to?” Ye Wei allowed him to carry her and knew well she could not resist. She hence did not futilely resist.

It was already dark in Muscat and the air was a tad warm. The warm air made her uncomfortable and she sounded much colder.

“Don’t you want to go home? Your wish is my command,” Mo Jue coldly replied.

“Mo Jue, I’m not going! Let me go!” Ye Wei suddenly flew into a rage. While she was crippled in her legs, she was not crippled in her hands and her palm. She kicked up a gust and swung at Mo Jue’s chest.

Mo Jue, who was carrying her, was unable to avoid it and allowed her to hit his chest. Ye Wei was frail and could only strike him with a tenth of her previous strength. She knew well that she did not hit him hard.

She was just resisting his overbearing and domineering streak as she was unwilling to return to his ‘home’.

Mo Jue stopped in his tracks. His purple eyes turned dark and evil under the night sky. “Ye Wei, I swear that I will never let you go again. Never! I would rather you remain in this state for the rest of your life and never leave me anymore.”

“You!!” Ye Wei was so infuriated by him she could not say a word.

She saw his cold side profile and cryptic gaze and closed her eyes. Her heartache became even more intense. She could not naively assume that Mo Jue would send her back to London. He did not know that she had recovered her memory.

Going home… to Palermo, Italy.

She disliked that place.

Following Daiya’s death, everybody assumed she was behind it. Ah, yes, while she did torture Daiya, the goddess in the Mafia, the men in the Mafia wished they could personally dismember their mortal enemy.

She, a cripple, returning at this juncture… She could imagine her plight.

Back then, he also knew why she left Italy with Eleven. And he was actually bringing her back.

‘Bravo, Mo Jue! Bravo!’

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