Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 640 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 640 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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There was a doctor on stand-by on the airplane, and Ye Wei did not say a word to Mo Jue. The plane, thankfully, was a luxurious plane as Mo Jue was concerned about Ye Wei’s body and how she could have overexerted herself.

Once she boarded the plane, she was too lazy to talk to Mo Jue and fell asleep. Mo Jue, in that period, did not try to talk to her. He, however, climbed into the bed and slept with Ye Wei, who was trying to kick him off the bed.

“F*** off and sleep next door!”

“No!” Mo Jue coldly denied and forcefully hugged Ye Wei to sleep. As she was too seriously wounded in the hospital days ago, not to mention how she had many tubes inserted into her, it was extremely inconvenient for him to sleep with her. He had no chance of hugging her, and he would never let this chance go.

Ye Wei turned around and looked at him coldly. Mo Jue stared at her with his blood-filled eyes, both of them standing off against each other. Eventually, Mo Jue slowly said, “Wei Wei, be good, will you? I am really tired and want to sleep for a while. Please?”

He did not wait for Ye Wei to reply and hugged her by her waist, pulling her against his chest and hugging her to sleep. Ye Wei felt her heart wrench. How long had he not slept?

His eyes were red and filled with visible blood vessels, seemingly very upset. Her frustration toward him all these days disappeared. He had taken care of her day and night for the past few days, and he should be very tired.

Ye Wei gently sighed deep below.

She also slowly closed her eyes and slept. As she was very tired and her body was unwell, her mind started to act up and she really wanted to sleep.

She had no idea how long she had slept, and the room was still comfortably warm. There was no sign of Mo Jue waking up, and he hugged her extremely tightly as if he was afraid that she would disappear before he knew it. Him forcefully keeping her by his side was causing her heart to ache.

Ye Wei lied on the bed for a moment, and she really felt hungry. She carefully pried away from his fingers and carefully got out of the bed. She then carefully covered him with the blanket and slowly got up.

Ye Wei was almost unable to move her left leg and could not allow it to touch the ground. She could only stare at her leg in frustration lest she startle Mo Jue and awake him. He was probably too tired, and because she slept with him, he was in such a deep sleep that her actions did not startle him wide awake.

She took some effort to amble to the door and opened it. Ye Wei called for the doctor who hurried over to her. He checked Ye Wei up and gave her some pills for her to consume after her food.

Ye Wei nodded, and somebody delivered some delicious porridge in a moment that was completed with a few intricate side dishes. Mo Jue had specially given them instructions to prepare food as per her preferences and palette. Ye Wei, who was really hungry, ate quite some of it.

Outside the plane, clouds drifted amidst the clear sky. Night had become day, and the sun shone radiantly.

She ate her porridge and quietly listened on to the music while looking out at the clouds was a form of enjoyment. She did not feel as stifled as when she boarded the plane.

A moment later, she heard Mo Jue suddenly calling out her name urgently. Ye Wei looked at him dash out of the room, still slightly unkempt, in shock. When he saw her, his eyes which were fraught with panic gradually calmed down. Ye Wei instructed somebody to serve lunch for him, and they quickly caught on and backed out of the cabin.

“Why were you screaming?”

“I thought you left me.” Mo Jue seemed extremely unsettled as he walked up to her and hugged her. He had a nightmare where he dreamed of Ye Wei shooting him again and then leaving resolutely.

He suddenly woke up and the person next to him was missing. He forgot everything in that moment as one thought came to his mind: Wei Wei left him again.

He, in that moment, couldn’t care less about anything else and sprinted out.

Ye Wei suddenly laughed when Mo Jue cupped her face. His eyes were no longer bloodshot and became much clearer. There was that slight elation in his eyes as he said, “Wei Wei, smile again, will you?”

He had never seen her smile in a long time.

The Ye Wei of before often laughed, sometimes alluringly, sometimes freely, and sometimes gorgeously. He loved her however she smiled. He especially liked her cheerful laughter as seeing her would make him feel much better.

Following this incident, he had never seen her smile again. He really wished to see a smile on her face again.

He used to often think about how she feigned her smile and how he was still greedy enough to want to see it. He even occasionally thought of how it would be better if she did not feign them.

He learned that he only treasured it after losing it.

He knew that Wei Wei hated him. He had an outburst of anger and said some really damning things before he left the hospital. He did not mean it that way and hoped that she would be healthy and able to jump or hop around instead of wishing her leg ill.

It was her talking about leaving for no rhyme or reason that angered him.

And said some hurtful words.

“You’re nuts! How could I leave when I’m on the plane? Jump off it?” Ye Wei laughed at what he said and couldn’t help but bump his legs. She smiled so beautifully in that moment and said, “Hey, go back and wear your shoes.”

This fool rushed out without his shoes on! Him rushing out barefooted sent the people behind him sniggering.

This fool!

Mo Jue, in a slight elation, then asked in trepidation, “Wei Wei, are you no longer angry?”

Ye Wei pouted and said, “Go back, wear your shoes, freshen up, and come over here to eat!”

“Okay!” Mo Jue acknowledged and obediently went back to freshen himself up. He came out no more than five minutes later with water droplets on his face and seemed much less helter-skelter than before. Ye Wei, recalling how he was a moment ago, could not help but burst into laughter.

“Wei Wei, I just had a nightmare,” Mo Jue looked at her and said. “I dreamed that you killed me again and then left heartlessly. You ignored me despite how I called you.”

Ye Wei was dumbfounded.

Her shooting Mo Jue had hurt him so much to the point he still had such nightmares now! No, one should ask how many nightmares had he had?

Ye Wei was about to speak but held her words back in the end. Although she contemplated saying sorry, she could not bring herself to say it.

She had never apologized for what she did.

The atmosphere became somewhat solemn, and Ye Wei looked out at the sea of clouds. Mo Jue, looking at her side profile, regretted raising it.

“Wei Wei, I…”

“Mo Jue!” Ye Wei suddenly regained her senses and said, “I… am sorry that I shot you!”

She was overwhelmed by anger and sadness in that moment. While she was extremely unwilling, she had to admit that she regretted it. This was the first time she felt regret, and he thankfully lived.

If not, she would repay him with her life so that he would not be alone.

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