Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 641 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 641 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Mo Jue’s purple eyes were filled with ecstasy as he never even dreamed of Ye Wei apologizing. That word did not seem to be part of her lexicon.

“Wei Wei, why did you shoot me without saying a word?” Mo Jue held her hand tightly. This was not the first time he asked her the question. “Even if the Top Terrorist Organization is battered and you have lost your memory, your feelings for them are so much less than they were for me. You should have given me an opportunity to explain myself.”

Ye Wei smiled bitterly.

The loss of the child was the actual reason.

It was especially after she lost the child. Its cries, which rang around her ears, tortured her heart day and night.

She wanted that child…

But they were not fated to be.

“I did call you, but why didn’t you…”

“Wait. When did you call me? I did not receive your call.” Mo Jue hurriedly interrupted Ye Wei before she could finish her sentence.

Ye Wei was taken aback and looked at him deeply to be certain he was not lying. She felt her heart wrench as she said, “I called you right after I met with a mishap.”

“I swear I did not receive your call,” Mo Jue solemnly replied. If he had received her call, he would not have remained indifferent.

“I didn’t know who picked up the call then. It does not matter already. After all…” Ye Wei sounded even bitterer. Although who picked up the call no longer mattered, she knew that he had unintentionally neglected her and hence felt much better.

Those were the days she waited for him until she became despondent.

As she waited for him in Rome, they were all in Italy and it wouldn’t have been a challenge for them to come over to meet. He, however, never showed himself and her hope gradually turned into desperation as she thought he had silently admitted to what happened.

How could she not think in that way?

Little did she expect that he did not pick up the call…

“Wei Wei, were you always waiting for my explanation?” Mo Jue felt his heart suddenly ache. He guessed that she would assume he had silently admitted to being behind everything given the circumstances they were in.

She actually gave him time to explain everything, but he happened to be absent and missed the call and hence the window to explain everything, which led to her despondence and her shooting him without saying a word.

“I do not want to talk about it,” Ye Wei plainly replied and turned to look at the clouds outside. As she thought about the child she lost when she brought up the incident, she felt bad.

“Okay, let’s not talk about it. I will not ask about it either. Will that do?” Mo Jue hugged her despite his heartache. Whatever she said would be, and he would not have any second opinion about it. “This will not happen anymore. It will not happen. Also, even if you shoot me again, I will not bear a grudge against you as I deserve it.”

History would not repeat itself anymore.

Seeing Ye Wei look out of the window in a daze, Mo Jue suddenly turned her face around and asked, “Are you still hiding anything from me?”

She frowned with a slightly cold look. Mo Jue ran his slender fingers across her face, startling her. “Is there anything else you want to tell me?”

“No,” Ye Wei said. Her heart suddenly ached. “I really want to return to London.”

“No, and that is despite whatever you say. I can agree to anything else you say except that.” Mo Jue sounded a little hoarse. “If you leave and do not return, I will not let you off. When we were in Italy, I should not have let you leave with Eleven. If you did not leave, nothing would have happened.”

“Yes, you are correct. If I did not leave, nothing would have happened. The document would not have been leaked. The Top Terrorist Organization would not have embroiled itself in conflict with the Mafia and lost half its turf in the process.”

“I did not mean that.” Mo Jue could hear the self-mockery in her reply and covered her mouth. “I do not mean that.”

“I know,” Ye Wei replied. “I am, however, telling the truth.”

A henchman who was used to Mo Jue hugging Ye Wei intimately brought over some food and smartly placed the dishes on the table before quickly retreating. The aroma from the piping hot dishes revolved around their noses. Mo Jue, a little hungry, immediately pulled the dishes over and ate with Ye Wei.

“Sit over there!”

“No!” Mo Jue kept close to her.

“Are you bullying a cripple?” Ye Wei could not help but scold him as she laughed.

Mo Jue fell silent and Ye Wei shook her head. Whatever floats his boat then. “Why haven’t we reached Italy yet?”

‘Is this tortoise airline?’

Mo Jue suddenly looked up and said, “Who told you we’re going to Italy?”

“We’re not going to Italy?”

“Didn’t you say go home?”

Eleven shook off Kahn’s pursuit a few days later.

This guy was hard to shake off, and he did not know that Ye Wei was not in the car. As he was blinded in the eye by Ye Wei, he did not seek treatment for his eye but instead laid down a series of traps in Muscat to capture her.

In an emergency, she only had time to inform Chu Li to send men to search for Ye Wei. She only asked about Ye Wei one day later as she was worried about Ye Wei. Then, she learned that Mo Jue’s men had brought Ye Wei to the hospital and hence became less worried. When it came to Mo Ye and Mo Jue, she seemed to understand Mo Jue better.

He loved Ye Wei to the point he almost declared his love for her to the world as though he were afraid that nobody else knew. Although Ye Wei indeed shot him and he seemed to hate her, she believed that his heart would ache and feel bad for Ye Wei who was this scorned.

With Mo Jue by Ye Wei’s side, Eleven was also at peace as he would go all out and try to save Ye Wei. Kahn immensely hated Ye Wei but not her. Eleven was afraid that Kahn could see through that and took Kahn on a joyride out of Oman and into the Middle East in a bid to buy time for Ye Wei and Mo Jue.

As Kahn and Meng Lianying chased her like crazy, Kahn, who was actually extremely intelligent, had lost all semblance of reasoning out of rage. He chased her without seeing through it all long ago.

Given how seriously Ye Wei was wounded, how could she have the life to travel this far? Since he took it out on her personally and viciously, how could he not know how severely wounded she was? How she was able to escape this far did not add up.

Eleven, in collaboration with another killer in the vicinity of the Middle East, played along with Kahn and confused him. Since he was out to kill Ye Wei for revenge, she would definitely not be spared.

Eleven strung Kahn along for days, and one could guess that Kahn’s eye was unable to take it anymore. If he did not seek treatment, chances were he would lose sight in his other eye and had to stop pursuing her out of helplessness. Eleven then returned to Muscat.

She returned only to learn that Mo Jue had brought Ye Wei away before she had recovered.

Was it because he received news of her returning and thus left with Ye Wei in a hurry? Eleven frowned. From how the doctors and nurses described it, Mo Jue really doted on Ye Wei and would not do anything to her. She, however, also knew that Ye Wei’s leg was in very bad shape and she was effectively crippled in a leg. She was unable to walk properly, let alone globetrot freely like she used to.

To Ye Wei, this was a torture. She wanted to look for them. She then called Big Boss Mo who gave her the scolding of her life when the call just went through.

As there was nary any news about her for days, he was panicking to the point he wanted to personally search for her but did not know where to start. Given how Ye Wei the tough nut was beaten to half-death, one wondered if Eleven would be fine.

He had seen Kahn at work.

“Where’s Mo Jue? Where did he go? I want to see Wei Wei.” Eleven held the phone at a distance as Big Boss Mo bellowed at her before calmly answering his question after he was done.

Mo Ye, however, urgently asked her whether she was wounded and where she was. Eleven answered all the questions and asked where Mo Jue was. Mo Ye said he had no idea. Eleven knew inside that he was lying and flew into a rage.

“How could you not know where he is? Mo Ye, please honestly tell me as I’m very worried about Wei Wei,” Eleven seriously replied. She was tired after being on the run for days and was lazy to unnecessarily convince Mo Ye. She sounded displeased.

With his younger brother on a side and his wife on the other, Big Boss Mo felt conflicted. He hesitated for a moment and would rather offend his wife as his younger brother’s plight was a tad too tragic this time. As the elder brother, his heart naturally ached for his younger brother.

Mo Ye hence remained tight-lipped about Mo Jue and Wei Wei and instead said, “Eleven, stop bothering about Ye Wei and Little Jue. Even if she shot Little Jue a few more times, Little Jue would not do anything toward her, let alone her in her half-dead state now. His heart must be utterly aching. You can’t do anything except accompanying them. How about you let her live with Little Jue? If they are able to resolve their deep-seated conflicts, everything will end well.”

“Everything ends well for you, you mean?” Eleven coldly replied. She knew clearly what was on Mo Ye’s mind. As long as Mo Jue was able to keep Ye Wei in check, she could not run. Wasn’t that his endgame?

Big Boss Mo chuckled and suddenly said in a low voice, “Come over. I miss you.”

Eleven felt her face turn red and warm. While she was far apart from him, she felt as though he were next to her, whispering those words into her ear. Eleven’s heart could not help but beat faster. They were lovers who really did not look the part.

“If I do come over, you have to tell me news about them.”

“Okay!” Big Boss Mo promised. He could con her to come over first before deciding whether to tell her. It could be another topic for another time. Eleven, being the honest person she was, really thought he had agreed and promised him to go to Palermo.

“Kahn is ultimately a danger to you. Quickly hurry over and don’t hang around outside anymore. I am worried. He is seriously wounded this time and must be stark mad. The earlier you get out of there, the earlier I am at peace.” Mo Ye instructed her. He was extremely uneasy with the fact that Kahn was not too far from her.

“Mo Ye, there is something I must clarify with you. If I see Meng Lianying in Italy, I will not show her mercy. Please do not get in my way, or I will wallop you too.”

“Whatever works for you, my dear Eleven!” Mo Ye slowly replied.

He had nothing to do with Meng Lianying.

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