Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 642 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 642 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Wei stopped when she heard the sound of waves. She looked out of the window and saw the familiar palm trees, the bright sun, the clean beaches, and familiar trees that spanned against the horizon.

It was actually the island! She was back!

This was the first place she became familiar with after she lost her memory. When Eleven met with a mishap later on, the Mo brothers, afraid of the Top Terrorist Organization finding her, relocated. She did not expect to return here.

They were home!

She did not know that this was the ‘home’ that Mo Jue was referring to.

She only thought this was some island where they temporarily rested.

“You like this place, no?” If Eleven’s affair did not crop up, she guessed that she would indeed take a liking to the place.

Ye Wei remained silent and looked up at Mo Jue silently. His gaze seemed a tad solemn, afraid that Ye Wei was displeased. The two of them looked on silently for a long moment before Mo Jue suddenly hugged her and went down the place.

They returned to their mansion which had not been occupied for a long time. It remained very clean as there were specialized people who took care of its cleanliness. It still seemed bright as though they had never left it.

When they returned to this place, the warmth and satisfaction from this place came upon her, filling her mind. The kitchen, living room, and stairs seemed to ring with her laughter from before.

The memories revolved and loitered around here. She felt as though the people had changed despite nothing really physically changed.

Ye Wei, who was lying in Mo Jue’s warm embrace, felt a little disappointed.

Mo Jue carried her back to the room, which was still their master bedroom. “Wei Wei, if you’re tired, just rest first. I’ll have Claire check you up when you wake up. He might, for all you know, have a way of curing your feet.”

“Don’t worry too much about it. He won’t be able to cure it,” Ye Wei plainly said. Mo Jue’s gaze sank when he heard it. While he knew that hopes were not high, he wanted to give it a shot as long as there was the slightest hope.

He really hoped for Ye Wei to remain lame so that she would be unable to go anywhere. Thus, she, who was like a gust of wind, would remain by his side.

But he also knew that if Ye Wei’s leg did not recover, she would never smile for the rest of her life and her life would be filled with defeat and frustration. Mo Jue did not want that.

As long as she was able to stand, he was willing to exchange his leg for hers.

“Is Claire still researching the toxin in Meng Lianying?” Ye Wei asked. Big Boss Mo’s henchman, his chief medical officer, seemed to serve his woman, Meng Lianying.

She coldly laughed. That woman had better not let her see her.

“No, elder brother has him try to save Eleven,” Mo Jue said. As he mentioned it, he looked at Ye Wei worriedly. While they had many experts and researchers, Eleven had killed all of them and only kept Claire alive.

One could not tell whether it was a boon or bane.

Ye Wei laughed and said, “If one long knew how all would play out, why even caused it in the first place?”

Although she directed her statement at Mo Ye and Eleven, she was also talking about Mo Jue and herself, about how their forbidden romance caused so much hurt and regret that was indeed heart-wrenching and pitiful. The unresolved feelings in her heart became even deeper.

Mo Jue, seeing that she did not look the happiest, knew what she was referring to. He sat down and held her shoulders tightly as he looked at her with an incomparable determination. “Wei Wei, even if we getting together is a mistake, I want to make this mistake until the very end. I do not mind making this mistake for the rest of my life.”

He could not bother nor care who he had hurt. All that mattered to him was how Ye Wei must absolutely never leave him.

“Get some rest first then!” Mo Jue stood up, walked out of the room, and gently closed the door. Ye Wei looked at the decorations in the room which were still the same as when she left.

She smiled and seemed slightly emancipated. Although the room seemed a little dark, she really liked it. This room, which was Mo Jue’s initially, had his style, and it also aligned with her style.

She adjusted herself and leaned against the front of the bed before turning around to see the wedding photo on the bedside cabinet. She took the wedding photo and could not help but break into laughter. She did not feel too much different compared to when she saw the photo when she had lost her memory. It was just the two of them.

Looking at the photo after recovering her memory, she felt a few hints of elation and sadness. Mo Jue, to think he could think of deceiving her with an edited photo. Desperate times sure called for desperate measures.

He was indeed a computer expert. The photo was edited so well that there was no visible trace of it being edited. The posture in the photo was so natural that it was flawless. She was stifled. How did he manage to edit the photo?

He was indeed capable.

If they indeed took a wedding photo, she expected them to be extremely queasy instead of smiling this happily and blessedly.

Ye Wei put the photo frame back and lied down to rest.

Mo Jue went online and looked for Mo Ye to tell him he wanted a break and did not want to manage anything for the simplest reason: His wife was injured and he wanted to take care of his wife. Mo Ye was at a loss as to whether to cry or laugh but approved it anyway. He even promised him that he would not reveal the slightest information about him to Eleven.

He was in a coma for half a year, and Mo Jue worked hard then. It was hence his time to rest. Mo Ye always yielded to Mo Jue’s requests and would agree to whatever he said.

Mo Jue turned off the machine and ordered somebody to deliver the ingredients for dinner. Seeing that it was about time and how Ye Wei should have had enough rest, he called Claire over to check on Ye Wei’s injuries.

Although Claire’s medical skills were not as excellent as Bai Ye’s, he was still one of the top few medical experts in the world, whom Big Boss Mo had expended much effort to scout. Mo Jue hence pinned his hopes on him.

Ye Wei woke up and Mo Jue carried her down the floor. When she saw Claire again, she slightly frowned. He was the one who wiped her memories and Ye Wei had a strong dislike for him.

If she did not say a word, he would know that she had regained her memory.

The cast on her feet had yet to be removed, so one could not see anything from it. A comprehensive report would only follow a detailed analysis from X-rays taken of the leg. Mo Jue planned to take her to Claire’s clinic, but she turned it down.

“It’s somewhat late tonight. I understand.” The stars already lit up the night sky.

Claire nodded and said that he would take a look tomorrow. Mo Jue had actually told Claire her condition and showed Claire the report from the hospital in Muscat. He had some idea of what Claire would say.

Mo Jue sent him out of the mansion. Once they were out of the mansion, Claire said to him in a soft hush,” Second master, you must be mentally prepared. Her chances of a complete recovery are not high.”

“What do you mean?”

“What I’m saying is that her chances of a complete recovery are less than 1%.”

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