Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 646 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 646 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Mo Ye’s dark and red eyes had an exceptional calm to them. He then gently brushed her sweaty hair aside and gently rubbed his warm lips on hers, which had become swollen from his kissing, extremely passionately. Eleven held his hand nervously.

“I know.” Mo Ye gently said as he pecked her cheeks. “I always know.”

Eleven was taken aback. Her long hair fell onto his chest, making her a few hints more adorable. She was in the mood to appreciate this and was slightly surprised at some things Mo Ye had long known. How did he know?

“How did you know what I didn’t say?” Eleven asked him, seeming quite at a loss.

“Is this why you turned me down previously?” Mo Ye slowly asked. “I didn’t recall that then, but after some thought, I realized that something was amiss. Meng Lianying had the toxin in her. Since the toxins in you came from her, I’m guessing it should be the same case.”

Eleven opened her eyes in shock. Ah, yes, Meng Lianying was like her. How could she have forgotten? That said, he did not even touch Meng Lianying in the past five years? How could this be? It had been a full five years…

He was deeply in love with a person but could endure not touching her. That did not add up.

At a loss, Eleven did not know what to say. Mo Ye looked at her and suddenly smiled. “You don’t believe me?”

“No, it just feels too sudden. I thought…” As Eleven spoke, her face became redder. Okay, she had to admit that she was happy down inside when she heard Mo Ye imply he did not touch Meng Lianying to the point she even heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed as though her approval of Mo Ye was further bumped up. She wondered if she was behaving like a little woman.

“I do not have that intention toward her, and I have been having this weird feeling. While I really wished I could have you since five years ago, it was her who ended up by my side. But I did not entertain that thought. As it so turns out, it was the wrong person and I only want you.”

The passion in Mo Ye’s eyes rose instead of fading away. He did not quite care if he could solve Meng Lianying’s problem once and for all despite catching the virus in the process. Eleven suddenly thought about it. She pushed his face away slightly and drew in a sharp breath. “So you didn’t… do that these five years?”

Her face became red.

To somebody like her, being able to ask such a question was already a miracle as she was not like Ye Wei, who would ask such questions so righteously. The moment she asked, she regretted it. She should not have asked.

It seemed somewhat embarrassing.

Mo Ye indeed broke into laughter and could not help but pinch her reddened cheeks. Eleven became even redder as he laughed. He hugged her tightly just as she was about to get up. “What does that… refer to?” Mo Ye smiled.

“…You’re clearly asking the obvious.” Eleven said.

Mo Ye once again laughed cheerfully. He held her face and said, “Yes, I did not do ‘that’ in the last five years, so you will have to really make it up to me and repay everything you owe me in the past five years, which works out to about twice or thrice a day.”

Eleven was speechless at what he said and then said in slight indignation, “It’s not me who owes you anything.”

It was indeed unbelievable that a grown man had not done the deed in five years, especially in the age range where he was the most hot-blooded, impulsive, and… most easily excited.

But Mo Ye wouldn’t lie to her. They were all adults. There was nothing abnormal with him, given his position, to have been involved with women. While he had loved the wrong person for five years and did not harbor such intentions toward Meng Lianying, he still maintained his chastity for her, which left her very touched. Looking at it differently, Mo Ye, however he was in other areas, was at least faithful and loyal.

For a man like him who had power and influence, it was not easy for him to achieve that.

“Can I return to you what I owe you then?”

Eleven quickly pulled his hand away and said, “Mo Ye, you can’t. I don’t dare to do… that.

“I don’t care!”

“I care!” Eleven insisted and looked at him steely. Once she said that, she felt her face suddenly become warmer, especially when she noticed Mo Ye’s gaze flit across her and increasingly focus on her.

She crawled up from under Mo Ye in some embarrassment and turned herself around before sitting up at a side. She pulled the shirt to cover her body. It was slightly less embarrassing that way.

Eleven almost buried her head in her knees as she bit her lip for dear life. However Mo Ye hugged her and coaxed her, she would not say anything despite him feeling that he had the world in his embrace and how he was the luckiest man.

At least, he mattered to her.

Even if he knew that she was deeply in love with him, she never heard him say a word about it. The surprise seemed to outweigh the surprise of getting together with her.

“Eleven, I will find a cure to the toxins in you. Meng Lianying definitely has it, and as Claire said, she should be bedridden, waiting to meet her maker. However, she looks fine. She must have the antidote. I will tolerate her because I hope to get the antidote from her.” Mo Ye whispered into her ear. “I will do all it takes to save you.”

“I do not need her antidote,” Eleven plainly said. “Bai Ye and my master will work something out for me.”

She would not want something that Meng Lianying gave, especially if it were from Mo Ye begging Meng Lianying for it. She turned to Mo Ye and said, “Even if you get it from her, you will have to pay a price for it. I do not want it. I will throw it away even if you place it before me.”

Mo Ye looked at her deeply and sighed in his heart. “Very well, then. I will follow you through life and into death, come what may.”

Eleven was shocked and looked at him, aghast. Through life and into death? This was the most solemn promise a man could give a woman, and she knew that Mo Ye was a person who walked the talk. She did not wish…

“I don’t want you…”

“Hush. If you don’t want that, then live well,” Mo Ye said with a gentle gaze.

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