Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 648 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 648 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Mo Ye brought Eleven to have lunch at his favorite restaurant and they had the most authentic Italian food. Eleven was not picky with food and Mo Ye loved Italian food the most. She did not have any cravings in particular, so Mo Ye helped her order the food.

The restaurant was not big and did not look like a restaurant from the exterior. It was not open to the public and only served some special customers. They blocked out ninety percent of the consumers.

The interior design of the restaurant was very elegant and it was a pleasant environment to dine at. Eleven met a middle-aged man at the walkway and recognized him as the secretary of Palermo’s General Office. Therefore, she figured out which group of people this restaurant was serving.

“Are you a frequent customer here?” Eleven asked Mo Ye curiously. The boss here was an Italian beauty and took good care of him. She addressed him as big master and treated him with respect.

Mo Ye nodded. “The food here is good and Little Jue likes it too.”

Eleven listened to him. She had tried all the delicacies in the world. “I used to fly around the world with Wei Wei in the past and would find out about a place’s most famous food and restaurant when we were there regardless of whether we had any missions to complete. I have tried almost everything. Moreover, Rong Yan’s cooking skill is rare. Anyone who has tried her food before would not think that there is any other food in the world that could be compared to her cooking.”

Rong Yan’s cooking skill was approved by all of them. She would cook a table full of food whenever they gathered and they were willing to eat until they puke as the food was simply too delicious.

“Is it really that good?”

“Of course!” Eleven smiled faintly, becoming gentle when she talked about them. She could not help but tell Mo Ye more about the interesting things that happened between them. He realized that Eleven could not be separated from the Top Terrorist Organization. He had to pass that stage if he wanted to be with Eleven.

If not, once Eleven had to choose between him and the Top Terrorist Organization, Eleven would definitely choose them over him. The same applied to Ye Wei.

He smiled faintly and looked at her. The warm afternoon sun shone in and made people warm. Looking at her under the warm sunlight made her look even more beautiful.

The food was served very quickly.

Eleven could not help but try it, and it was indeed delicious. The chef had good cooking skills. The food was delicate, delicious, and looked appetizing. It was a rare delicacy.

Even though she was used to Rong Yan’s food, she could not help but praise this.

“I didn’t lie to you, right?” Mo Ye smiled slowly and Eleven nodded. “It’s delicious! But it’s still not as good as Rong Yan’s food.”

Mo Ye laughed. Looking at how proud she was, he felt even more doting of her.

After they had lunch, he held her hands and left under the bewildered stare of the boss. They drove to Palermo’s biggest mall. Italy was one of the most fashionable countries in the world, leading the fashion world.

Most of the famous international brands were concentrated here. Eleven was not used to shopping in a mall. It might be a habit but, both she and Ye Wei did not like to shop. They did not like most of the things that women liked such as cosmetics, clothes, and dressing up. Most of the time, they would just buy their clothes randomly.

Both beauties had good figures and charisma, so they looked good in anything. Other than choosing their gowns, they would usually wear clothes made by the Top Terrorist Organization. Besides, they would be wandering around most of the time, and it was not convenient if they had to bring too many clothes around. More often than not, they only had two sets of clothes and would rarely go and shop for clothes.

Mo Ye was like this as well. Cloud was the one in charge of the two brothers’ clothes. He did not know about the brands either and brought Eleven to shop around casually.

“Mo Ye, the clothes here don’t suit me,” Eleven said. Her clothes were either black, white, or grey, and she rarely wore clothes of other colors. The designs were simple too. Fashionable clothes did not seem to match her.

“You will definitely look good in dresses,” Mo Ye said as he smiled. He dragged her into a branded shop and Eleven frowned, albeit letting him drag her along. Two attendants wanted to serve them, but Mo Ye asked them to go away.

The attendants looked at them strangely. They were the typical handsome guy and pretty lady and would definitely be eye-catching on the streets. But their outfits were too simple.

The attendants could not help but wonder if they were able to afford the clothes in the shop.

This was a big brand, and one set of clothes might cost them a year of their salary. The attendants started to gossip about them, but Mo Ye and Eleven did not care. Mo Ye was focused on helping her choose some clothes.

He took up a pink dress and Eleven shook her head profusely. She did not want to wear such a ladylike dress.

“Try it.”

“No!” Eleven rejected him promptly. Mo Ye looked at her and coaxed her. “Wear it and show it to me.”


The attendants saw them quarreling and thought that it was because of how expensive it was. Therefore, they looked at the two of them in disdain. Mo Ye suddenly looked up and stared at them coldly. Suddenly, the atmosphere in the whole room became cold.

The attendants did not dare to be too arrogant.

This man had a strong aura.

“I’m a killer. It’s not suitable for me to wear this,” Eleven held his arms and said. “Let’s choose others.”

“Who said that a killer can’t wear pretty clothes? Moreover, you don’t have to kill anyone when you’re with me. You just need to let me know.” Mo Ye blinked.

Eleven laughed. He then quickly took another long green dress that he saw earlier on. “Try one of them.”

“Ah…” Eleven was put on a spot as both dresses looked pretty, but she had never worn any before… She was not used to wearing such bright clothes.

“Choose one. Trust my taste,” Mo Ye said. He could already imagine how she would look in the dress. His Eleven was pretty and had a good figure, but she always wore a shirt and pants and did not look like a lady. He wanted to dress her up.

Didn’t the book say that girls liked to be pretty?

Eleven really liked the two dresses. Although they were bright, the designs were good, especially the green one. She hesitated for a while before taking the green one.

She did not like the pink one.

Mo Ye sent her into the dressing room happily. Eleven said, “Let’s not get it if it doesn’t look good.”

“Don’t worry. It won’t happen. The model looks so good after all. It’s the clothes problem if you don’t look good.” Mo Ye smiled. Eleven blushed and went into the dressing room.

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