Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 649 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 649 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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After Eleven entered the fitting room, Mo Ye walked around and randomly picked some clothes for her. Since the major clothing brands were on this level, the two of them noticed it as they passed by. It also helped that Mo Ye found the clothes in this store more pleasing.

The clothes better complemented Eleven’s temperament and were bright. To Mo Ye, men and women were different. If they dressed simply in younger days, they would not look in better clothes as time passed.

When Mo Ye randomly picked up a purple dress, one of the storekeepers saw Mo Ye, who was in a shirt and jeans without accessories or valuable items on him, and said to him in a despising manner, “Sir, the clothes are not particularly cheap.”

Not everybody could afford a dress that came with a price tag of about a hundred thousand euros.

When Mo Ye heard him, he slightly frowned and looked at the storekeeper coldly. “Are you rich? If you were, you wouldn’t be doing this.” Mo Ye mocked him.

A deathly silence ensued.

There were two other teenage girls choosing clothes in the store who heard the commotion and broke into loud laughter. They looked at Mo Ye with a few hints of adoration. How armor-piercing… and how mocking! They did not like such storekeepers either!

While he was not decked in famous clothes, he looked relaxed, elegant, and well-off. Unlike people who were decked in branded clothes, his was subtle affluence. There were many hidden talents within the Italian fashion world, and some designers’ designs were even better than those from the famous design houses. Despite his simple outfit, he emanated a domineering streak along with resolve in his gaze. People who had seen much of the world could tell that he was a leader who was in command and no slouch. Those who did not know him would assume that he was poor. The two teenage girls were guessing that he had spare change even after buying a business tower.

The storekeeper, thanks to Mo Ye’s immense presence, was so embarrassed and did not dare to talk back. Eleven coincidentally came out of the fitting room. Since Mo Ye was tired of talking to such random passerby, he put the clothes down and went to look for his beloved Eleven.

The baby-green dress was a tight fit, and the slightly wider skirt was adorned with diamonds. A matching silk belt went around the middle of the dress and ended in a butterfly knot that beautifully adorned the dress. The dress very nicely complemented her somewhat tall figure, accentuating her curves and pale complexion. She, in the dress, felt as though she had transformed into a youthful and beautiful person.

Eleven, who was often in leisure outfits, suddenly transformed into a beautiful teenage girl.

Extremely few people looked this beautiful in a dress of color, and her pale skin gave her an advantage. Her colder temperament was neutralized by the temperament of the dress, and she looked especially beautiful.

The two teenage girls exclaimed at how beautiful she was.

There was a look of amazement on Mo Ye’s face. She was beautiful beyond belief! She looked absolutely different from the regular Eleven, and even Ye Wei might need a while to recognize her if she went out in this.

“Do I look good?” Eleven looked at her different self in the mirror. She was still not too used to wearing a dress.

When she accompanied Ye Wei to banquets in the past, she would wear a dress but for only those ten-over minutes before changing out of it. Apart from banquets, she rarely wore dresses.

“So gorgeous!” Mo Ye sincerely praised her. He only felt that the front area of her chest was too plain. But that could be fixed with a necklace, which would make her look much better.

“I told you it’s all about how you dress, and see how true it is! If you walk on the streets dressed like this, I will not be able to recognize you from afar,” Mo Ye honestly replied. She had transformed too much.

“Dressing nicely is just so inconvenient.” If she was ambushed while dressed like this, she would not be able to show off her skills.

“No, it’s really convenient!” Mo Ye laughed.

Although the teenage girls heard them speak in mandarin, which they did not quite understand, they still warmly gave her a suggestion. “You may look better in that white fur coat.”

When they looked in the direction the girls pointed at, Mo Ye raised his eyebrows and took the fur coat over for Eleven to wear. There was a pink buckle for a diamond on the white fur coat that would transform her once she wore it.

From youthful and fresh-looking, she turned elegant and grandiose.

Eleven liked it even more.

When they nodded in the direction of the teenage girl, the latter reciprocated with a sweet smile in her gaze before carrying on choosing clothes with her companion.

Eleven looked extremely pleased. Mo Ye passed another purple dress that he fancied to Eleven for her to try out. “We can just get one dress.” Eleven slightly frowned.

“Let’s buy a couple more. You aren’t going to wear my clothes whenever you visit me, right?” Mo Ye teased her. Eleven was lost for words.

They bought three more sets of clothes at this store, another two at the adjacent stores, as well as matching outfits.

Mo Ye carried all of the loot.

“Have we bought enough?”

“Let’s get a complete set. Shoes?”

He brought her to a lady’s shoe store and bought her a pair of green crystal high-heels, a pair of purple flats, and a pair of gray boots. Eleven was rather speechless. Was he planning to have her stay in Italy frequently?

She was a very big fan of running shoes as they were very much easier to fight in.

They almost bought every piece of clothing from top to bottom.

“What else are we missing?” Mo Ye counted almost ten bags in his hands. They had bought what they should buy.

Eleven touched her nose. There was actually something they had yet to buy, but she was too embarrassed to say.

It was so embarrassing. If she did not say it, she would not get to change out of it tonight.

The two of them shopped for almost three hours with bags and bags of loot. Eleven had been looking for an opportunity to send him away so that she could get a few sets of undergarments that she could change into after freshening up.

But she had never quite found a good opportunity to.

“All these clothes we’ve bought so far are mine, right? What about yourself?” She could not help but ask.

She was actually randomly asking, but Mo Ye’s eyes lit up with slight excitement. “Do you want to help me choose?”

“…Sure!” Eleven agreed.

Talk about returning the favor—she secretly thought to herself.

The two of them entered a men’s clothing store. Based on Mo Ye’s wardrobe, Eleven had a feel of his preferences. She felt a little naughty and took a red suit.

Mo Ye’s eyes twitched.

“Eleven, you can’t be serious.”

“Try it! For all you know, you may look good in it!” Eleven held back her smile. Talk about fairness!

Mo Ye looked at the red suit in shock and then took it into the fitting room.

Eleven broke into a smile and chose a random tie. When she saw the price tag, her eyes twitched.

F***! 150,000 euros for a tie!? What kind of daylight robbery was that?!

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