Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 650 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 650 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Big Boss Mo tried on the red suit, and Eleven was stunned. It looked good on him, but it didn’t quite match his temperament. She was reminded of how enchanting Third Young Master Ye looked with the red suit. Only a few men could look good and stylish in red suits, and the look just didn’t fit Mo Ye…

Not all men can look good in red. Eleven knew that it wouldn’t fit him as well, but she wanted to play a joke on him. She was amused by him.

Mo Ye looked in the mirror. He had put on such a color for the first time, and it was really…

He actually looked okay. Any material could be turned into a masterpiece when processed if the material was already good on its own.

He would look good in anything since he was handsome and well built. However, it was true that the color did not fit him at all. He spotted Eleven’s smiling face from the reflection in the mirror and raised his eyebrows. “Happy?”

Eleven smiled cheekily. He knew that she was playing a prank on him. Eleven swiped out her phone excitedly and took a photo before letting Mo Ye change into a gray suit. Seeing how much fun she was having, Mo Ye let her have her way.

“Hey, you can’t leak this photo. My image…” Mo Ye pretended to threaten her with a bitter expression. He was afraid that his prestige would be reduced by half if anyone saw his new look.

‘How can men have clothes of that color? There aren’t many men that could look good in them.’

“Okay, okay,” Eleven replied. She saved the photo before Mo Ye went to change in the fitting room.

Before she put her phone away, she raised her eyebrows and sent the photo to Mo Jue. She knew how to pay lip service too. She thought that it should be alright for her to show Ye Wei since they shared everything with each other.

She only had Mo Jue’s contact number as Wei Wei had long left her phone in London. She just assumed that Mo Jue would know that she sent him that and show the photo to Ye Wei.

To make Ye Wei laugh.

Eleven put her phone away before Mo Ye came out and put on a cold expression. Nobody could tell what mischief she was up to.

At last, they bought a black suit and a striped tie before leaving the men’s clothing store. Mo Ye wanted to buy something for her, but Eleven shook her head. “Two sets of clothes are enough for me. Besides, do you have empty hands to carry them?”

Both of them had bags on their hands.

A smile filled Mo Ye’s dark eyes. He asked, “Is there anything else you need to buy?”

“No more!” Eleven said. She would never tell him that she hadn’t bought any undergarment. She planned to ask Cloud if she had new ones, or ask her to help buy them for her.


“Really!” Eleven replied firmly. She felt a strong sense of mockery in Mo Ye’s dark eyes, and her cheeks turned red and hot, as if she was on fire.

“In fact, I think there’s something we need to buy.” Mo Ye raised his eyebrows, carried all the bags with one hand, and wrapped his other arm around her waist.

Eleven had never dreamed that she would come shopping in a lingerie shop with a man. She noticed his gaze and was immediately frozen on the spot. She refused to go in, while Mo Ye pushed her from behind with a smile of expectation. Eleven was so embarrassed that she wanted to hide in a hole.

However, Mo Ye liked her rare charming attitude. He put the bags aside and helped pick her undergarment more carefully than when he was picking out a dress for her. He even held her hand firmly and wouldn’t let go.

In the meantime, he asked her for her opinions excitedly. “How about this? Or this?”

“It’s all good. Just pick whatever.” Eleven whispered. She knew that the shop assistants did not understand the language that they were conversing in, but she still felt embarrassed and didn’t dare to speak too loudly.

For the first time, she found that it was hard to maintain a cold expression. Her face felt warm.

“How can we just pick randomly? We should choose carefully,” Mo Ye said. He even said that she would look good in anything since she had fair skin. At the thought of the beautiful scenery he had just seen, Mo Ye couldn’t help imagining how these undergarments would look on her.

His throat tightened at the thought of it.

“No one will see it since I’m wearing them inside. Let’s just buy anything and leave quickly,” Eleven said. She felt that she had truly made a mistake when she saw the shop assistants look and laugh at them.

She shouldn’t have followed him inside.

Looking at how serious and careful he was at picking them out, people who didn’t know might think that he had a special fetish.

“Who says no one will see?” Mo Ye whispered in her ear “Show me.”

Eleven’s cheeks turned so red that it looked like her ears were going to bleed. Mo Ye’s sexy voice was constantly lingering in her mind. He pointed to a set of black lace undergarment and asked, “How about this?”

It suited her skin color, and… it was very sexy.

The scene where Eleven stood in front of him shyly in the sexy lingerie popped out in Big Boss Mo’s mind automatically.

She was just like a sexy little white rabbit, a feast for the eyes.

Eleven shook her head immediately. She had always worn simple clothes. This set… It was impossible for her to wear that.

“I think it’s good.” Big Boss Mo didn’t allow her to refuse. “You are wearing it for me anyway. I have the authority to choose and the right to speak.”

Big Boss Mo asked one of the shop assistants to bring her the right size for her to try on.

34C? The shop assistant looked at Eleven, who seemed to be a little flat-chested, and raised her eyebrows doubtfully. ‘She looks so thin and flat. Shouldn’t she be a 32A?’

Eleven’s figure was actually as hot as Ye Wei’s, but it was all covered up because she was wearing Mo Ye’s shirt, which was extremely loose. Moreover, she was very thin, so she appeared to be flat-chested.

In fact, she was curvy. Not flat at all.

“How did you know my size?” She regretted as soon as she asked. Why did she have to ask that? How embarrassing.

“I can be quite accurate with my hands as a measurement.” Mo Ye raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, while his eyes swept past her chest. His smile was hot and ambiguous.

The shop assistant didn’t ask him for another size. She asked Eleven to try it on, but Eleven shook her head. She could not beat Mo Ye anyway, so she told the shop assistant to wrap it up instead. There was no need for her to try. It was her size indeed.

Mo Ye raised his eyebrows and smiled. “Buy more.”

Before Eleven could reject, Mo Ye took her around the shop and chose four or five sets more for her. All of them had different colors: yellow, purple, and red. She was embarrassed.

Now, she had more undergarments than clothes…

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