Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 651 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 651 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Wei enjoyed the breeze in the garden downstairs. Her feet were still plastered, and Mo Jue had to carry her to wherever she wanted to go since she couldn’t stand or walk properly. He was always busy when they were on the island then, but it was quite the opposite now.

He now had more time to accompany her. After Claire examined her injury, she talked to Mo Jue about her condition outside. Ye Wei’s mood seemed to be affected because of her foot injury.

She stretched her legs. In fact, she had prepared herself for the worst. Somehow, she knew that her legs weren’t going to heal. Hence, she tried to enlighten herself when she was in a low mood.

Although it didn’t work, she tried.

Ye Wei was a girl who could adjust herself very well. No matter what problems she encountered, except for her relationship problems, her mentality was usually great. She could always adjust her mood very well if it was affected.

Each season on the island seemed like spring. The weather was sunny, and the sea breeze could make people feel comfortable. She had lost the ability to experience many wonderful things because of her legs. She couldn’t ride her chopper around the island, and neither could she walk nor swim like the islanders as and when she wanted.

She would love to go swimming.

Living without a leg made everything seem lifeless. Ye Wei laughed at herself and couldn’t help hitting her leg. She could still feel pain. Moreover, the wound on the back of her hand had not healed yet. She was not used to living without her leg and went out of control due to frustration that day. She broke the glass and accidentally hurt herself. In the past two days, Mo Jue had been taking care of her closely, afraid that she would hurt herself again. He had gotten used to it as well.

It was inevitable for a disabled person to feel uncomfortable sitting in a wheelchair at first. Actually, anyone healthy would not be able to accept the fact that they had lost a leg easily, but they would get used to it gradually.

Ye Wei could only think so too. She wasn’t able to persuade Mo Jue to leave the island.

Perhaps, she would find the time and tell him about the recovery of her memory later. Every time she thought about it, she couldn’t help but worry that Mo Jue would ask Claire to take away her memory again, given his twisted mind.

It was absolutely possible that he would do that.

The breeze blew through her long hair, and parts of it landed on her chest. Ye Wei suddenly remembered that she hadn’t washed her hair for a long time. It had turned greasy. However, it was inconvenient for her to wash it with her injured hand. She wanted to wash it the previous night, but she didn’t because she was upset that both her hand and leg were injured. Furthermore, she didn’t like to be in such a mess.

Looking at her dry hair, Ye Wei pouted in disgust. She untangled her hair with her hands and thought, ‘Is Mo Jue blind? How did he not realize the terrible state of my hair?’

Mo Jue and Claire discussed Ye Wei’s injury, and Claire told him that there might not be a good chance for her leg to be cured. Ye Wei’s bones were crushed by Kahn.

Her hamstring was broken, and there was no way to recover. He could only apply medicine to reduce Ye Wei’s pain. The pain would be relieved after a month or so, after which she should be able to walk without pain, but…

Because of the broken bone, her walking posture would not be the same again. She might have to limp around, and she wouldn’t be able to walk fast, run, and jump like she used to.

When Mo Jue heard that, he felt as if someone had punched him hard on his chest. He knew that Ye Wei’s leg injury was very serious, but he had believed in Claire’s medical skills. Other than trying to hide from the outside world, he also brought Ye Wei back for Claire to treat her injury.

He had placed all his hopes on Claire.

Mo Ye told him that Eleven had spoken the truth. It was indeed Kahn who had injured Ye Wei. She also told him about the hatred and resentment between Kahn and Ye Wei. They were already enemies from the start. Ever since Ye Wei shot Kahn’s eyes, he chased her everywhere.

Kahn was so good at fighting that he would definitely attack Ye Wei no matter where she was. Mo Jue knew that he wouldn’t be able to save her when that happened, so he decided to take her away.

He would be notified once anything happened on the island, and it was hard for Kahn to locate the island. Of course, it would be another matter if it crossed Meng Lianying’s mind that they might be on the island.

As long as it didn’t cross Meng Lianying’s mind that they were there, he would never find them.

One reason for not letting her go back to London was that he didn’t want to lose her. If they go back to London, Chu Li and the others would definitely reject him and not let them see each other again. He hated that idea. Secondly, Kahn was too strong. He might not even be his match, not to mention Chu Li and the others. It would be too dangerous for Ye Wei.

She was much safer on the island than in London or Italy.

Firstly, they could hide from Kahn. Secondly, they could treat her leg in peace. However, Claire broke it to him that her leg would not recover, making him extremely upset.

Saying that he would force Ye Wei to stay by his side even if she would be lame all her life was all his ramblings. How could he bear to watch Ye Wei limp all her life? Ye Wei would not be able to accept it, and neither could he.

Over time, she would lose all her happiness and smile, and never find them back.

“Is there really no way?” Mo Jue asked. “Nothing is possible? How about giving her other people’s bones? Is that okay?”

Claire laughed. Did he lose his mind? Give her other people’s bones? How could he say that? “Second master, you can’t change human body parts like machine components. We can’t just replace it if it’s broken. Moreover, where can I find a bone that matches Miss Ye Wei?”

Mo Jue covered his eyes and felt stabbing pains on his heart. He said, “I don’t want her to walk lamely all her life. I don’t want…”

“Will you dislike Miss Ye just because she lost a leg?”

“Of course not!” Mo Jue did not hesitate at all. How could he dislike Ye Wei? He wanted her no matter what she was, but…”She will be unhappy. I don’t want her to be unhappy.”

Claire was shocked. He wanted to say something, but words got in his way. Everybody knew that Mo Jue really loved Ye Wei. As long as Ye Wei didn’t leave him, everything he did would be for her.

How lucky must that woman be to receive Mo Jue’s sincere love.

Claire hoped that Mo Jue would be happy, but he also didn’t want a dazzling woman like Ye Wei to lose her glamor. He was afraid that the second master would be unwilling to accept his suggestion.

“Second master, if you are willing, there may still be a glimmer of hope.”

Mo Jue’s eyes brightened.

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