Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 653 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 653 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Mo Jue dried her long hair patiently with a towel until it was half dry after he was done washing it. Unlike herself, Ye Wei was gentle and quiet, allowing him to dry her hair.

She felt so much more comfortable and relaxed after washing her hair, and her mood inevitably turned better. She was falling asleep due to the sea breeze when Mo Jue called to her. Ye Wei sobered up a little but fell back to sleep again.

Her injury was not healed yet, and she was always feeling lethargic and sleepy.

“What is it?”

“Are you tired?” Mo Jue asked softly, stroking her face with his long and slender fingers. Looking at the dark circles under her eyes, his heart ached a little. Why did she look like she did not have enough sleep when she clearly had long hours of sleep every day?

For how long did she really sleep? Was she worried about her leg injury? Mo Jue felt bad, but he couldn’t tell her how much his heart ached for her. He could only feel sorry for her in silence.

“Just a little sleepy,” Ye Wei said dazedly. “Days like these are quiet and peaceful, but… I’m so bored. I’m only twenty-one years old, but I feel like I’m going to sit on this island forever and wait for death to come.”

She was in a daze, maybe even a little confused too. However, those were her true feelings. Mo Jue was shocked. He didn’t know how to describe his mood otherwise.

She felt that life had no meaning since she was just waiting for death. Was that really so?

How sad would her life be if she had to live like this? ‘Wei Wei, what can I do for you to live a beautiful life again? Can I give you my legs?’

Ye Wei had never been a quiet person. She liked exciting challenges, was energetic, lively. She didn’t want her life to be too peaceful. Hence, she had been constantly pursuing the life she preferred and lived as her true self.

Now, she had become like a bird with broken wings and could only stay on this island. To be exact, she was forced to stay there because she wasn’t able to fly anymore. Her wings were broken…

There was no excitement or adventures, only calm and peaceful days. She lived from day to day calmly. No matter how beautiful the island was or how well she was being taken care of there, the island was just a gorgeous cage in her eyes.

She couldn’t feel the passion of life anymore.

She had loved life so much in the past.

Her words pierced Mo Jue’s heart like needles. Because Ye Wei would not say such demoralizing words if she was sober, Mo Jue realized that what she said was really from the bottom of her heart.

Indeed, she had lost the enthusiasm to live. How hard would it be for a person who had no passion for life to smile sincerely again? He knew that she wanted to leave him.

But he would not allow it. Never. Without Ye Wei, he would lose his passion for life too.

If she had never existed in his life, she would not become someone precious to him, and neither would he see the beauty of the world. However, she had appeared in his life and had even stayed with him through thick and thin. His world would become black and white if he lost her.

He didn’t want to go back to the darkest time of his life. He wanted Ye Wei to stay by his side forever, even if she didn’t wish to.

Mo Jue’s heart tightened. Looking at her how peacefully she was sleeping, there seemed to be a tumor corroding his heart slowly. ‘If… If I take her to Bai Ye in Riyadh…’

‘Will she be happier if her legs are healed? Will her world be a lot better? Will she rekindle her passion for life? She is right. She is only twenty-one years old, but here she is, feeling like she is waiting for death. She must be really bored and discouraged.’

He didn’t want her to become like that. She should have continued to shine like the dazzling Ye Wei did in the past.

If it meant that he would need to put in more effort to make her stay once her leg recovered, he was willing to do so. It was better than seeing her feel down.

Mo Jue squatted down and woke Ye Wei up. “Shall we go to Riyadh?”

Ye Wei was still half asleep, even a little confused. She didn’t know what he was talking about. It took her a while to focus her gaze. She asked, “What did you say?”

Wasn’t she hallucinating?

Mo Jue actually asked her if she wanted to go to Riyadh, which was Su Man’s territory. ‘What’s going on? Riyadh?’ She immediately associated it with her leg injury. ‘Did he want Bai Ye to treat me?’ Ye Wei’s gaze slowly fell on her legs and she frowned.

A strange thought came to her mind. ‘Is Mo Jue so confident that he could make her stay once her leg is cured?’

She had originally thought that that was the best situation for them. Since her leg was broken, there would be no need for Mo Jue to put in any effort to make her stay on the island. She couldn’t go anywhere either. The peacefulness between them was rare as it was hard for them to not fight or quarrel.

She had been trying to find out when she would be bored with such a life.

But she didn’t expect that he would want to bring her to Riyadh.

“Why Riyadh?” Ye Wei asked the obvious. It was logical for her to do so since she had not told Mo Jue that her memory had recovered. Otherwise, she would be suspicious.

“To look for Bai Ye!” Mo Jue said flatly. “I want you to be able to stand up!”

Ye Wei frowned and laughed suddenly. “Gorgeous Mo Jue, are you sure about this?”

Mo Jue’s purple eyes were full of calmness and determination. Nothing was more important than helping her stand up again. That was his first priority.

“Mo Jue, I really don’t understand you. You have once said that you would keep me by your side even if you had to break my legs. Now that my leg is really useless, you are doing everything to heal me. Are you pitying me?” Ye Wei asked while smiling.

“No!” Mo Jue held her hand tightly. “Why should I pity you? You are so arrogant, cruel, and heartless. Why should I pity you? I don’t even have time to pity myself. I just want you to get back your smile, your confidence, and the real you.”

Ye Wei teared up. She turned her face around and took in a deep breath. It seemed as if only doing so could she stop her tears from flowing out of her eyes.

She was Ye Wei, who had never cried.

But why could this damn man make her feel touched after she had made up her mind to leave him, and after she thought that she could be indifferent to whatever that happened?

Was she really destined to be in the hands of Mo Jue?

Tears flowed out of Ye Wei’s eyes…

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