Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 655 - : Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 655 - : Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Mo Jue’s hands were getting uncontrolled. He was addicted to her body and had even unbuttoned her shirt. ‘Will he be hurt if I tell him that my memory is back now?’ Ye Wei thought.

Without her permission, Mo Jue dared not go too far.

He had become more cautious with her. Ever since she had injured her leg, he had been treating her like a fragile jade, always protecting her carefully as if he was scared that she might break. This feeling was most obvious at that moment. When did Mo Jue ever ask her for permission to have sex? He had always pounced on her without asking whenever he wanted her.

This change of Mo Jue had made her feel at a loss.

“Wei Wei…” Mo Jue called her name again, and the flames in his purple eyes looked as if they were about to shoot out. He looked like he would force it on her if she didn’t give him permission.

Ye Wei looked at him. “What if I say no?”

Mo Jue seemed to have anticipated Ye Wei’s reply and looked deeply into her eyes instead. His eyes glowed with passion and enthusiasm, but he managed to restrain himself. Slowly, he took his hands out from her clothes and helped her tidy them properly while still hugging her tightly.

He whispered something into Ye Wei’s ear in a deep voice, but it was so mumbled that she couldn’t understand what he had said. He was complaining like a child who wasn’t able to get the toy he wanted, and she found it funny.

Only the sound of his breath could be clearly heard in the quiet night. Suddenly, she felt a sense of peace and stability and thought that it might be a good idea to continue living like this forever…

She, who had originally wanted to leave him, began to reconsider her decision.

In fact, she had developed a strong desire to stay with him when he made her cry with those words he said in the afternoon.

Who else in her life could love her as much as Mo Jue did?

And who else other than Mo Jue could put her in a difficult situation and make it hard for her to control her feelings when she had already decided to leave?

No one else.

“Mo Jue, have you slept?” Ye Wei rubbed his head.

“How can I fall asleep?” Mo Jue replied. He had always slept later than Ye Wei as he would only feel rest assured after she slept. Mo Jue wanted to make love with her so much, but she didn’t allow it. Hence, he bit her ear unwillingly to vent his anger.

The numbness and ticklish feeling traveled down to her limbs from her earlobe. Her heart throbbed, but she endured it and pushed his head away. “Knock it off. My leg hurts, and I’m feeling a little warm.”

“I can cool you down.” Mo Jue’s purple eyes sparkled with expectations.

He was the best at helping someone to cool down.

“Go away!” Ye Wei chuckled. She knew that he was joking with her. It was obvious that his interpretation of ‘warm’ was quite different from hers. “Can’t you stop thinking about it?”

“How can you ask me to stop thinking about it when you are just lying next to me? Wei Wei, why are you making life hard for me?”

“Sleep next door then.”

“No!” Mo Jue refused decisively. “I feel comfortable hugging you.”

“But I don’t!”

“I’ll adjust my position if it’s uncomfortable for you.”

“…Forget it!” Ye Wei was completely speechless. She poked his shoulder and asked, “When will we go to Riyadh?”

When Mo Jue was reminded of her leg and how gloomy she had been, his expression darkened. He said softly, “We’ll set off tomorrow at noon. When we reach Riyadh, it will be almost noon.”

“Okay!” Ye Wei nodded. She sat up and asked Mo Jue to help her lean against the head of the bed. She loosened the belt of her nightgown and went deep in thought. How should she break it to him that her memory had recovered?

Would he change his mind if she told him?

Would he stop her from going to Riyadh? After all, Mo Jue didn’t know that her memory was back. He had assumed that Ye Wei would regard him as someone she was the closest to. If he knew that her memories are back, would he…

Maybe she should give it a try.

Mo Jue would also feel it sooner or later when they reached Riyadh, given his sensitivity. It was better for her to say it first, in case he would imagine things afterward. Wasn’t there a saying called ‘honesty begets mercy’?

Mo Jue saw her solemn expression and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“I want to talk to you about something.” Ye Wei looked deeply into Mo Jue’s eyes and couldn’t help but hold his hand. She fidgeted with his hand in her palms. His fingers were long and pretty…

Typical nice-looking fingers…

“My memory…” As soon as she spoke, Ye Wei could obviously feel his body stiffened up. She changed her words suddenly and said, “What would you do if I regain my memory?”

Mo Jue had a solemn look and went silent. Ye Wei’s heart turned bitter. Unless she regained her memory and forgot about what had happened during this period of time, Mo Jue would always be an important person in her heart.

Although she was reluctant to admit it, it was the truth.

He had erased her memory but gave her more love instead. Was that the price she had to pay in order to love him? Everything comes at a price, and so does love.

“I don’t know!” Mo Jue said in a deep voice. Ye Wei had never mentioned anything about her memory loss, and Mo Jue had almost forgotten about it too. In fact, the Ye Wei who had lost her memory was no different from the Ye Wei before.

Except that Mo Jue had become more important to her.

If her memory had recovered, she would know that it was him who had erased it. Given her personality, she would definitely settle him with one shot. Her pride would not allow her to be treated like that.

She would never have spoken to him so calmly.

“You don’t know?” Ye Wei raised her eyebrows and asked with a smile. “Do you like the current me or the me before I have lost my memories?”

Mo Jue remained silent and his brain worked rapidly. Why was Wei Wei mentioning her memory loss now? She had never asked about it, just like how determined she was to never cling onto the past. To her, things that happened in the past were the past.

At least, that was how he felt.

What did she mean by that?

Mo Jue pondered over it, but he could not see through her.

“I love both,” Mo Jue said honestly. “They are both you.”

Ye Wei continued to fidget with his fingers. Suddenly, she looked up and said, “I thought you would ask Claire to erase my memory again if my memory is back.”

Mo Jue looked at her in shock. His gaze was full of surprise. Unbelievable…

How could this happen?

Ye Wei leaned to one side and kissed his lips. With a smile, she said, “Mo Jue, my memory is back.”

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