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100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 658 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Mo Ye called Eleven in the dead at night when she was sleeping in the room adjacent to Mo Ye. As she had her cell phone with her, she wanted to tell Mo Jue to show Ye Wei the photo before calling back, but there was no news. She instead received a call from an unfamiliar number in the dead of night.

She remembered Mo Ye saying that only he and Mo Jue knew the said number, but what was displayed was not Mo Jue’s number. Eleven hesitated for a moment before picking up the call. It was indeed Mo Jue who called her with another number.

To get her to go to Riyadh.

Eleven was concerned about Ye Wei’s condition, and Mo Jue also honestly told her that they were headed to Riyadh to look for Bai Ye to patch her up and that he was afraid that Kahn, knowing where Ye Wei was, would come after Ye Wei and harm her. He hence had Eleven go to Riyadh just in case things went south.

Without thinking, she immediately agreed.

When she came to Italy, she wanted to hear about Ye Wei from Mo Ye. She was also worried about Kahn finding and hurting Ye Wei. Ye Wei would be safer if she were around her.

However, Mo Ye said no word and merely told her that Ye Wei was very safe and not in any danger. She took him for his word and pondered whether she was able to fish Cloud for information since she was unable to get any information out of Mo Ye. Mo Jue’s Knights of the Apocalypse, who reported directly to Mo Jue, should know where they were.

Mo Jue telling her personally was the best possible.

But how should she break the news to Mo Ye?

He was very unwilling for her to go to Riyadh, thinking that Ye Wei would be safer by Mo Jue’s side. Since nothing cropped up as of now, she would accompany him for a few days before returning to London to help Chu Li out.

There was a change in plans, and he would clearly be unhappy.

Did he really have to follow her to Riyadh?

When she imagined Su Man and company, along with the Mo brothers and the two of them in the same picture, Eleven felt goose bumps crawl up her elbows. Why did things have to be so convoluted? She really was not used to it.

Those people should not gather together.

He was just next door, and she would just take that few steps over if she wanted to tell him anything. But she guessed that she wouldn’t get to return if she told him it, so… saved it for tomorrow. A guy and girl in the dead of night, along with how she carried the virus, meant that keeping a distance from each other was better.

He wanted to keep her in his bedroom for her to sleep at night and even promised her thrice that he knew his place. She did not agree as such promises were not worth anything and could not be believed. Woe be upon them if their passions were stoked.

The next morning, she told Mo Ye she wanted to go to Riyadh and his face indeed changed. He looked at her solemnly, and Eleven said, “Mo Jue is bringing Wei Wei to Riyadh, and Kahn is still in Oman. It won’t take him too long to get to Saudi Arabia. I am afraid that he will be out for Wei Wei in full force.”

If Kahn had his hands on Ye Wei, even Ye Wei dying from a thousand cuts would not ease his hatred for her.

“Little Jue told you that?” Mo Ye fell silent, secretly cursing Mo Jue. This idiot wanted to find somebody else to be his wife’s bodyguard for the want of his wife’s safety. Did it add up?

Given how skilled Kahn was, Eleven was barely able to fight him to a draw and had no absolute confidence of winning against him. What if something went south?

“Even if he did not let me go, I would still go,” Eleven gently said. “The thought of Wei Wei being this near to Kahn puts me on edge. I won’t be able to eat or sleep well if I remain in Italy.”

“You were never this uptight about me.” Mo Ye rumbled with an exceptionally aggrieved look in his eyes. Why were things just so unfair?!

Eleven was speechless.

“When would you be going?” Mo Ye asked unwillingly. He would not stop Eleven, and he knew well he could not stop her nevertheless. She would certainly go once she had made up her mind. And Ye Wei currently needed somebody to protect her.

If he held Eleven back and something did happen to Ye Wei, Eleven would ignore him for the rest of her life.

Mo Ye would naturally not do something this stupid.

“I’m about to leave. If I leave in the afternoon, I’ll reach Riyadh slightly before them,” Eleven said and hesitated. “Once I’m done, I’ll return to Italy.”

Mo Ye smiled and asked, “Why didn’t you think of inviting me along?”

“You?” Eleven raised her eyebrows. There was something she found exceptionally stifling that she did not ask him. “Mo Ye, do you know if your mother has any living kin?”

“My mother? She never said a word, and we did not dare to ask her either,” Mo Ye honestly replied. “However, I did hear my father say that my mother had a younger sister when I was younger. My father, he… Well, she seemed to have died, and my father would live days accompanying her.”

This, in Mo Ye’s memories, was extremely clear. His parents were like sworn enemies, and the person who mattered the most to his father seemed to be his mother’s sister. When they were young, Mo Jue and he often felt that it was their father who let their mother down, or to put it differently, there might have been some misunderstanding between them. However, nobody said that the Mo brothers loved and hated Su Ruhua and that they feared Mo Shitian.

They would naturally not dare to ask about the feuds and grudges of their seniors.

Eleven, who was about to speak, stopped. Save some ailments, her master had yet to die and was all fine. She would have no problems living for a few more decades, but the age gap between Su Man and the Mo brothers were so close. Even if Su Ruhua did make mention when they were young, they would have forgotten about it.

Su Ruhua later met them once a few years and made no mention of the Su family. She wondered if Mo Ye actually knew his mother’s name.

“Do you know something?” Mo Ye suddenly asked.

Eleven shook her head. Since Su Ruhua was not saying a word, she did not want to say too much. His mother should be the one telling him about this matter rather than her. It just seemed…”I feel that you have a very interesting relationship…”

She stroked her nose as she did not know how to explain this feeling. A typical family should not be like this. They were orphans with no other way out. Did her master and the Mo brothers’ parents really have such an unresolvable past?

It was afraid that such an upbringing would bring out the exceptional streak of the Mo brothers.

“Why did you suddenly ask about my mother?”

“Nothing. I just asked.” Eleven calmly lied and changed the topic. “I’ll head to Riyadh then.”

“Eleven…” Mo Ye suddenly held her tightly. He wished that she would not leave so soon and thus asked, “When would we be like typical lovers who would be with each other daily?”

At this moment, he envied Mo Jue to the skies as Mo Jue was able to accompany Ye Wei so brazenly while he…

Eleven did not know how to answer his question and could only remain silent. Mo Ye knew there would be no answer to the question and was not too disappointed. He kissed her on the lips deeply and reminded her to be more careful.

“When I’m done, I’ll look for you if you are not back yet.”

“Okay!” Eleven smiled as cheerfully as a flower.

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