Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 659 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 659 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Eleven did not expect herself and Ye Wei to reach Su Man’s private airport at the same time. When her plane had just landed, she was informed of another plane landing. Dana smiled, knowing that it could be Ye Wei and Mo Jue reaching.

Before Ye Wei left, she had called Bai Ye to inform him that she was coming over.

As Eleven waited for Ye Wei, she asked Dana, “How’s Bai Ye’s body?”

After Bai Ye met with a mishap, she called Su Man who told her that Bai Ye was in a serious condition and would have to recuperate for several days. She was extremely worried. He changed his tone before telling her nothing would happen to Bai Ye as long as he was around. While Su Man sounded calm and did not seem to feel anything, it was on listening harder did she learn that he wasn’t in a good mood.

She was guessing that Bai Ye must have been seriously wounded enough to cause Su Man to lose control of his feelings.

Beauty Su was not the person who would flinch if somebody died before him, and she wanted to find an opportunity to visit Bai Ye but had to hurry around places because of Ye Wei. She hence missed the opportunity to visit him.

Dana covered her mouth and laughed. She then gently smiled and said, “Miss Eleven, please relax. Young Master Bai Ye has made great strides in his recovery and is fine now. Master Su just wants him to recuperate for a while more.”

As long as he was fine, all was good. She could not face up to Bai Ye as she was in Muscat but did not look him up.

Not too much longer later, Mo Jue and Ye Wei’s plane landed and they indeed came out of the plane. While Ye Wei was unwilling to be in a wheelchair, she was even more unwilling for Mo Jue to carry her around. Not every woman enjoyed the princess treatment.

She, at least, was not willing to be hugged by a man in such a caring manner. Being carried once or twice was fine, but she soon became unwilling once it became too frequent.

Eleven saw Ye Wei wheelchair-bound and felt terrible. Her eyes warmed at the sight. When Ye Wei saw Eleven, she was so shocked that she held her breath and almost fainted. She took a while to regain her senses and looked at Eleven again. “Wow… How did Big Boss Mo charm you off your feet?”

She actually wore a dress! F***, she was so feminine she almost couldn’t be recognized.

Eleven happened to be wearing that baby green long dress she bought that day. The skirt fluttered in the gentle Riyadh breeze like a wave, rippling incessantly. Her pale skin, like that of a sweet girl who stood amidst the lavender patch, had a gentle red flush underneath the sun. She had never seen Eleven in such a light. Her cold temperament seemed to have been subtly neutralized by the gentleness and youthfulness of the baby green dress she wore.

It was so magical!

A dress was all that was needed to completely upend her deep-seated impression of someone. Save banquets where she had to doll up, her efforts to convince her to wear a dress were futile.

‘Big Boss Mo, you’re a badass!’

Eleven was a little embarrassed. Initially, she was unwilling to get into the dress. She wanted to wear her original set of clothes, but they were left behind in Italy and Mo Ye forced her to wear the dress instead.

One wondered where he deliberately misplaced her clothes. That said, she could only wear what she bought that day.

Mo Jue raised his eyebrows and wondered to himself how beautiful Ye Wei would be if she were dressed in such a feminine dress and could not wait to look forward to it. Ye Wei had a knack for wearing vests and hot pants, or sports attire. While she would occasionally wear dresses, they were rare.

She had never seen her wear such a feminine dress before.

“It doesn’t look good?”

“It looks very good on you.” But it would have been cumbersome to fight in it.

Dana smiled and greeted Ye Wei, teasing her. “Miss Eleven has already ordered somebody to get new clothes for her.”

“Let’s skirt that for now. How’s your leg?” Eleven immediately ignored Mo Jue and walked behind her and pushed her along. Mo Jue unwillingly gave her said position.

“Just as it is,” Ye Wei casually said.

Eleven shook her head and said, “You’re sure…”

Never mind. There was no point in talking about her. She was way more anxious than anybody else. Ye Wei smiled and unintentionally dropped a bombshell, “Oh, yes, I regained my memories when Kahn was bashing the daylights out of me.”

“What?!” Eleven paused in her steps and suddenly stopped. Ye Wei was shocked. Eleven did not seem to respond in a happy way. Was she out of whack? Eleven’s eyes twitched.

Regained her memories?

If she told her that in Muscat, she would have been overjoyed. Mentioning it near Su Man’s mansion made her heart thump…

Did she know what happened to Bai Ye and Su Man?

Dana covered her mouth and smiled. She clearly knew why Eleven responded as such. Ye Wei hit her hands and asked, “Hey, what’s happened?”

Eleven smiled and raised her eyebrows. “All is fine! Nothing’s happened!”

“Are you taking me for a fool?” Ye Wei raised her eyebrows. Did she miss out on anything? Was it something that happened when she lost her memory? How could she not know? “Tell me. I can handle it.”

“I know!” Eleven said and looked at Mo Jue, who was clearly raising his eyebrows and listening in. Eleven wondered to herself. ‘If Second Boss Mo has such a possessive streak, saying it would help lest bloodshed ensue.’

She hence went up to Ye Wei’s ear and whispered into it before calmly wheeling Ye Wei away. Mo Jue saw Ye Wei in a daze before her face became utterly contorted.

“That’s really some boy-boy love going along… F***!” Ye Wei could not help but swear. “Bai Ye has taken advantage of my misery!”

Dana, who was aside, could not help laughing, and Eleven could not help laughing too. Ye Wei, who was thinking about Su Man and Bai Ye together, was twitching from the thought. They were actually… quite compatible!

“So Beauty Su likes people of Bai Ye’s type. It was little wonder that he took no interest in me. What poor taste he has!”

“Mo Jue is still here!” Eleven jabbed Ye Wei’s shoulder. Ye Wei looked to the side and indeed saw Mo Jue’s glum face. She waved her hand to show that she understood. “Being jealous is good for your health.”

As Mo Jue recalled how long Ye Wei had pursued Su Man, his face became even glummer, and he became even more uncomfortable. She clearly showed her interest in Su Man and patiently pursued him for a year. To a carefree Ye Wei, this was so difficult to come by!

Her heart had definitely taken an interest in Su Man. Mo Jue thought about it in jealousy and could not help but say, “I’ll chase after someone and make you jealous. Hmmph! What hogwash!”

“Go ahead. I’m not stopping you! Who else apart from me can stand you?” Ye Wei shook her head and smiled.

Mo Jue coldly harrumphed and said, “Many women, by virtue of my looks, will throw themselves at me!”

Ye Wei was at a loss for words.

Eleven was speechless.

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