Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 660 - Untitled
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 660 - Untitled
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Wei and Eleven did not expect Bai Ye to not have recovered from his injuries. Although he was able to get off the bed, move around, and ramble, he seemed extremely weak and was much skinnier than before. While he still seemed handsome, his features became even more pronounced and seemed a bit sicker. His already slim figure became even more shriveled even though he was still in relatively good spirits. His face was pale and had a slightly yellow pallor.

Dana said that he was mostly fine and not in any life-threatening danger despite him taking quite a while more to recover. Like Ye Wei, he also sustained severe internal injuries but was not spared from Su Man’s virus when the virus seeped into his skin from his wounds. The body would still take quite a while to purge the virus and he was not in any life-threatening danger, although it meant properly recuperating for quite a while.

When he saw Ye Wei and Eleven, he was extremely happy as he had not seen them for a while. He had heard from Chu Li they met with a little mishap in Oman and he was extremely worried because they could not be contacted for a while. He was planning to look for him once his body was fit for travel.

Beauty Su, like before, had changed little. He still had his killer looks and coldness as though he, as the master, was merely a figurehead. Although he said little, his presence could be very keenly felt.

Mo Jue sat aside and looked jealously at Bai Ye and Ye Wei hugging each other. His possessiveness toward Ye Wei had become so immense he did not wish for anyone to touch Ye Wei.

And it was even so for men!

“How were you so seriously wounded?” Ye Wei saw him stand before her like a bamboo pole and could not help but jab his hipbone and hold that very little remaining flab of his that almost showed bone. He seemed to be even more seriously injured than her.

‘Waah… Bai Ye, you have the standard small figure! It’s so lovable!!’ One look at his body, and she knew it was absolutely lovable!

“It’s nothing.” Bai Ye knelt down and looked at her leg. As her leg was in a dressing, he could not feel her bones. However, Bai Ye had heard Eleven’s description and he had some idea of what was going on. Whether her leg could be treated had to depend on the results from the examination.

Bai Ye was joking, and Eleven heaved a sigh of relief. This meant that he had some measure of what had to be done and Ye Wei’s leg could be healed. Since they had spent a long time together, they were able to tease out information from every slightest facial expression they gave.

If he had frowned, that meant that the situation was extremely serious. If he was able to joke and smile when Chu Li’s life hung in the balance, it meant that Ye Wei had a huge chance of being treated.

“Did it still hurt in the past few days?” Bai Ye asked.

“It used to hurt quite a bit, but it’s much less already. Claire gave me some medical patches after I was aching like crazy in the past few days, and the pain has been alleviated today to the point it feels like a new wound,” Ye Wei honestly replied. While it was still hurting today, it did not hurt as much compared to the past few days.

On sniffing, Bai Ye could tell which medical patches Claire used. He nodded. Claire had done a good job!

This would save him a lot of effort. Mo Jue seemed to have a very capable doctor, who despite not knowing how to cure Ye Wei, was able to alleviate her pain.

“It’s okay. Just bear with it for a few more days.” Bai Ye smiled. His face became solemn and said, “Kahn sure was vicious.”

“I also blinded him in an eye. We’re not too different.” Ye Wei shrugged and moved her feet a little. “What are the odds?”

“70-80%, but that may take a while more,” Bai Ye solemnly said. “You will have to be wheelchair-bound for quite some time.”

“As long as I am able to stand, I’ve no qualms being in a wheelchair for years.”

“Are you insulting my medical skills? You won’t be wheelchair-bound for years.” Bai Ye broke into laughter.

Beauty Su, who was aside, plainly said, “Your body is still not in good enough shape. You can’t operate on her for now.”

If he collapsed on the operating table, Ye Wei would be harmed instead.

Bai Ye laughed whereas Eleven raised her eyebrows. This was the benefit of having a legitimate partner! She had known Su Man for quite a while. When was the last time he showed concern for others? If he could not even be concerned about Su Ruhua, everybody could infer from his seeming concern for Ye Wei that he was concerned about Bai Ye overexerting himself.

“Beauty Su, did you poorly take care of my Bai Ye when he was in your hands?” Ye Wei smiled gorgeously as she teased Beauty Su in a stifling manner. It was still too inconvenient. Beauty Su avoided her before she could scoot up to him.

Bai Ye and Su Man raised their eyebrows. The latter seemed rather bewildered. “Have you regained your memories?”

“Duh! I long have!” Ye Wei had an accusing look on her face and said, “Bai Ye, how dare you take advantage of my mishap!”

Bai Ye laughed and kneaded her small face. “Your little pretty boy is staring at you.”

“Just ignore him.” Ye Wei laughed with a teasing look in her eyes. Just as she was about to speak, Su Man, knowing her temperament well, could not help but say, “You’ve been on the plane for long, so why don’t you all go get some rest?”

“I’m not tired!” Ye Wei and Eleven answered almost simultaneously.

Mo Jue’s eyes twitched. ‘Hmmph! Women sure are gossipy!’

Su Man coldly harrumphed and took a quick glance at Mo Jue, seemingly accused him of not keeping a leash on his woman. Mo Jue reciprocated with an even colder and harsh glance. If glances could kill, he would have long dismembered Bai Ye.

There was an extremely cold current of air moving in the room that Ye Wei and Eleven did not seem to feel. Ye Wei looked at them and said, “You all are natural air-conditioners, aren’t you? Keep the cold coming! This damn weather in Riyadh is just too hot.”

Bai Ye broke into laughter when he saw the uncle and nephew duo look away coldly. They had some uncannily similar resemblances and were undoubtedly related by blood.

“Bai Ye, have you finally bedded Beauty Su?” Ye Wei directly cut to the case. Beauty Su coldly harrumphed as it was not a given who had the other. Mo Jue, on the other hand, looked at Ye Wei with immense indignation.

Why did she still thirst after Su Man? He knew that she was lusty, but did he lose out to Su Man in terms of looks? The only thing he lacked was the out-of-the-world temperament that Su Man had.

Hmmph! When it came to looks, he was much better than Su Man. Wei Wei clearly had bad taste.

Eleven chipped in and said, “Wei Wei, your choice of words is too vulgar! How could you use such uncouth terms like ‘bedded him’?”

“I’m illiterate!” Ye Wei smiled gorgeously and blinked her huge eyes. “Very well. Since we’re so hard up on being safe for work, let’s talk in a safe for work manner then. Bai Ye, did you really knock Beauty Su up?”

Eleven was speechless.

How was this safe for work? The illiterate just became a ruffian.

Bai Ye did not know whether to cry or laugh.

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