Cover 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 662 - Just Can’t Go Along With The Flow
100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One Novel Chapter 662 - Just Can’t Go Along With The Flow
Author :An Zhixiao,Calm Understanding,安知晓

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Ye Wei was taken aback. She looked at Mo Jue with raised eyebrows. He was smiling in a somewhat weird manner. She could not help but hit his face and said, “Gorgeous Mo Jue, why did you suddenly ask this question?”

“If you did not truly like him, how could you remain here for over a year?” Mo Jue’s glum face became even more overcast as if a terrible storm was about to manifest itself.

Ye Wei propped herself up and looked down at her fingers. She could not help but say, “So what if I did really like him? So what if I did not? Aren’t you giving yourself additional misery by asking this question?”

“I just want to know!” Mo Jue immediately replied as though all Ye Wei had to do was admit it and he would immediately waste Su Man. He would not leave anybody who wanted his future wife alive.

Ye Wei looked at Mo Jue deeply as she thought about another question. Nobody had asked her whether she really liked Su Man. Eleven only asked her about it indirectly, whereas Chu Li, Bai Ye, and the others took her as though she were fooling around and had taken a liking to Su Man’s looks. That, along with how Su Man had always rejected Ye Wei, sent Ye Wei’s female pride into overdrive. She just had to conquer this man by hook or by crook. Whether she really liked him, they all assumed that she was not serious about liking him.

Did she like Su Man before?

Ye Wei did not say for certain that she did not because she initially teased Su Man for the kick of it. Ye Wei was haughty and prideful like a queen. She was capable, good-looking, and would be surrounded by men who went along with her whims whenever she was happy. She had been leading such a life ever since she became successful.

She was lusty and would take on a challenge to prove her charm if she came across an eye candy when she was bored. No men had never succumbed to her charm, and this was the carefree and casual life she had always led.

Chu Li, Bai Ye, and the others all needed Ye Wei to do many things, and they knew that she was strong and a capable fighter, almost omnipotent. They, however, treated her and Eleven as though they were princesses and doted on them differently from how girls were typically doted on. They would unconditionally provide everything, even to the point of plotting, whatever they liked and wanted to do.

To their understanding, it was understandable that the girls should have a special privilege.

Hence, Ye Wei’s queen-like attitude was not her fault. It was nurtured by her lifestyle, and she was worthy of being treated as such. This was until she met Su Man and tasted the unwillingness of being rejected.

Therefore, when it all began, she had the mindset of conquering him when she toyed with him. Eleven and she initially agreed on three months, and no more than that. She became weary after three months.

Beautiful women were vases while beautiful men were people who were unable to do jack. Neither was worth the time and effort, but this beautiful man was not just someone who was unable to do jack. He was exceedingly charismatic and capable. Ye Wei started to feel that it would be an achievement to be able to conquer this man.

Therefore, three months became half a year, and half a year became a year.

Su Man, from rejecting her, became unable to reject her, and eventually escaped. He played into Ye Wei’s hands. She was tired of remaining in the same place for a long time thereafter, and her pursuit of him revitalized her somewhat dejected self. She then prolonged the time she took to pursue Su Man.

She wondered if she, to a fair extent, did like Su Man…

She liked to actively seduce men but utterly hated men who actively pursued her. Even after seeing a really good-looking man for days, she would feel that said man was able to do jack.

However, Su Man was different. She did not dislike him touching her, and she did not feel that he was a dumbass despite looking at him. She even kissed Su Man back then and had no regrets. That being the case, she felt that she did like him a little back then.

Such feelings were not deep-lasting but instead slightly thrilling amidst the fun.

There were two emotions in the world which were the most precious, yet the most regrettable.

One was being unable to gain something, and the other was to lose something.

Since she was unable to win over Su Man, Ye Wei was unwilling to settle for less and really wanted to have him. Thankfully, she did not get her hands on Su Man back then and Su Man did not like her. She had a premonition that she would completely disappear a month after Su Man took a liking to her.

It was perhaps of this subconscious awareness in Ye Wei that she gave up after pursuing him for more than a year. She might have taken a slight liking to Su Man back then, but she knew that she would not be able to get this man, and she did not want this man to become a loathsome dumbass in her eyes.

She hence took the initiative and gave up.

Just as how she pursued Su Man in a cocky and domineering manner, she gave him up in a decisive and carefree manner; she did not look back on it. The two of them instead became good friends, and Ye Wei was thankful for that.

Su Man was willing to treat her as a friend but not as a romantic interest.

It was not because he was lusting after men.

Su Man was not the typical homosexual. More accurately speaking, he was a bisexual. He just never encountered somebody he liked, and the heavens gave him everything, including a haughty and lonely heart.

He would rather be single than be involved with much bad company, and his non-involvement with women gave rise to rumors of him lusting after men.

Besides, Su Man being in contact mostly with men and his stature as an international legendary figure naturally gave rise to such news.

He liked Bai Ye not because he liked men but because Bai Ye was Bai Ye.

She was willing to maintain a close friendship with Su Man and she definitely liked to tease him. To her, the teasing was a special fetish that came with habit. Like a couple who had broken up, they would still see the other’s shadow for quite a while.

This was one reason. Now that she was closer with Su Man, she had no other thoughts and merely teased him for the kick of it as she wanted to see Beauty Su’s calm face change.

“I’m not sure whether I liked him or not.” Ye Wei raised her eyebrows and smiled heartlessly. “It’s in the past, and it’s been too long for me to remember it.”

“Wei Wei!” Mo Jue was unsatisfied with the answer and looked at her with a glum and displeased look.

“Gorgeous Mo Jue, you can’t be this petty, right?” Ye Wei shrugged her shoulders. “If I really liked him, would you still take him out? Your immensely strong possessive streak is scaring the daylights out of me.”

“You…” Mo Jue gritted his teeth. “…F*** off!”

Ye Wei suddenly smiled and hugged Mo Jue, gently saying, “Mo Jue, I have encountered no less than a hundred excellent men. Until now, you are the only man who can’t go along with the flow!”

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